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Men! Oh! Night! Quiz


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A playful quiz about (some of) the history of Mennonites/Anabaptists in Europe - played at the Global Youth Summit in Pennsylvania 2015. Take time to discuss the questions asked - within the group?

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Men! Oh! Night! Quiz

  1. 1. No, it’s just an apple Undecided (Adam and Eve are still fighting over it) Yes, this tree is very Mennonite!
  2. 2. From the Canadian Mennonite, Volume 19 Issue 11, May 2015
  3. 3. It’s universal… It’s highly overrated It stays with you forever It’s complicated… (I can’t sing… ) Or….
  4. 4. Our love for peace? Our love for food? Our love for music? Tell us? Or???
  5. 5. Thanks for taking part!