Winter holidays


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Winter holidays

  1. 1. GREETINGS FROM CROATIA!! • HELLO!!• WE ARE Gabriel, Lana, Laura,Ema, Inas, Marina, Mladen, Ana, Fran and Helena FROM CROATIA• This is our story of winter holidays in Croatia
  2. 2. A story of st. Nicholas• We celebrate st. Nicholas Day on the 6th of December.• The night before, children and adults clean their boots and put them on the window sills• They do that because st. Nicholas brings them presents and puts them in the boots
  3. 3. St. Nicholas at our school• We celebrate st. Nicholas day at our school every year• We go to church where he brings us candies and tells us to be good at school and at home
  4. 4. Advent• Advent begins four weeks before Christmas• People usually buy or make wreaths with four candles• People light a candle and pray• We light the candles on Sunday
  5. 5. Christmas Eve• Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas• People in Croatia usually eat fish on that day• On Christmas Eve children and parents decorate the Christmas tree and go to Midnight Mass
  6. 6. Christmas• We celebrate Christmas on 25th of December• Children get presents under the Christmas tree• People usually eat soup, turkey, pork, salad and potatoes• We sing Christmas songs at home and in the church
  7. 7. Happy New Year!!• This is the last day of the year• People prepare to welcome the new year that begins at midnight• Some people celebrate this evening with family and some with friends• People bake cakes and other meals• They want to be better than last year
  8. 8. Happy New Year!!• At midnight people open champagne and congratulate each other• On New Year’s day everything is quiet because people are tired of celebration
  9. 9. Epihpany• We celebrate Epiphany on 6th of January• The Magi followed the falling star and found baby Jesus in Betlehem and gave him three presents• On this day, people take decoration off the christmas tree and go to church
  10. 10. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Dashing through the snow Dolove i brijeg zabjelio je snijeg In a one horse open sleigh sa saona kroz noc Oer the fields we go nas se cuje smijeh Laughing all the way okicen i plah Bells on bob tails ring nas vranac juri svud Making spirits bright a zvona dalek zvuk pokazuje nam putWhat fun it is to laugh and sing Ej, zvoncici, zvoncici A sleighing song tonight zvone cijelu noc Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells i ostaju u sjecanju sto nikad nece proc Jingle all the way Zvoncici, zvoncici zvone na sav glas Oh, what fun it is to ride kroz tihu noc i citav kraj zvone za sve In a one horse open sleigh nas Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh