Senior research final paper


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Senior research final paper

  1. 1. Gonzalez 1Mariela GonzalezSusan LesterAdvance Composition26 September 2011 Females in the Police Officer Work Force Law enforcement is a field where people don’t see many females working due to the factthat it is a male dominant career. Not only is the case like that in America, but it is a worldwideepidemic problem. Females have always been criticized about how men are better at everythingthan women. Although time has passed, that problem is declining due to the fact that females arestarting to realize where they stand. Females are now not only joining law enforcement, butspecializing in being a police officer as well. Females have gotten far, but have gone through somuch criticism to get to the position that they are now seen as; how will females be seen in thefuture? Criticizing females is a big issue because females have many advantages to work in thiswork force that men do not. In Afghanistan, women have many advantages to investigate peopleor places that a man cannot due to the conservative culture they have. Since males cannot go intoanother woman’s bedroom, females have the advantage to go search or talk to them alone in aroom. Also, domestic violence is an example of a case that a person would feel more comfortabletalking to a female rather than a male. The issue could also have to do to the fact that a woman isnot to be seen protecting and serving for our safety. A female has always been seen as the stay athome mom and/or wife. In Afghanistan many women are not in the police officer work force
  2. 2. Gonzalez 2since in their culture that is a man’s job, not a women’s. Her job is to take care of the male in thehousehold providing for her and the family. Many women may not have the support from theirfamilies in Afghanistan, but now that times are different, females go achieve their career, and ifinterested in law enforcement and being a police officer, so they will follow that dream! In SouthAfrica the female representation in law enforcement is the biggest worldwide with 28.6 % in theforce. Many females do not want to be part of the law enforcement work force since they havelate and unspecified hours, continuous exposure to danger, and failing as an ideal homemaker.However, it is the Government’s responsibility to attract more females in this career. Femalesmake a better connection with the victim. Knowing that females do bring more to the table thanthought of, armed forces must be reformed and decision making made more gender-friendly. The problem is impacted in many ways since females do play a large role in lawenforcement. Females are a big help as to getting close to the victim and/or the community.Females joining the police officer career in Afghanistan have impacted their families since awoman’s job is to be at home, not on the streets with a gun protecting the country’s citizens.Ignoring the fact that they are moms and wives, they also have a choice to join this branch.Mostly not having the encouragement from family, they still play both sides of the spectrumwell. Many family members will not agree with the female’s choice at first, but once they seethat a she is as passionate about the career as a male is, they will then understand that a female ispossible to work in that field and do all that a man does. In America, a female police officer maybe having issues since aggressiveness is a good trait to have and many use aggressiveenforcement right away. In that issue, males are agreeing to the fact that females should use theirforce with victims instead, and then trying to talk about it even in a situation where someone elsecould get hurt. Studies done in Taiwan showed that, compared to American female police
  3. 3. Gonzalez 3officers, Taiwanese female police officers are less likely to favor aggressive enforcement.Furthermore, policing these days is not only about physical strength, but also communicationskills to maintain peace, law and order. Women have a great advantage in that area sinceeveryone feels more comfortable talking about sexual harassment, domestic violence, or anyother strong case like that to women rather than a man. As females, women need to follow theirgoal, and if policing it is, use the skills in communications skills and all to achieve it as a female.We now know our capacity to do all we can and achieve all we want. With the strength femaleshave, they will find the solutions to make the issue of females in law enforcement expand. The career has been male dominant, but with the research and the study females do, thenumbers of women joining will definitely increase. Departments are now trying to find betterways to recruit women. Whether putting up a stand at job fairs or flyers letting women knowabout the opportunities in law enforcement, female numbers will increase. If a person’sbackground is evaluated and she qualifies, she will then go take a written exam and a physicalexam. In the written exam, professional police officers make sure she understands the materialwith laws, handbooks, and have good communication skills. The higher her score is, the moreshe will be considered for the job. After that, she will then take a physical exam to show themher strengths and abilities. She may also be sent to a police academy. There she will be trainedfor arresting people, seizure procedures, using firearms, and many other tactics needed for thejob. Many career opportunities are available in law enforcement, one just has to do as much aseducation as possible, and have a good background. With that, women can do so much betterthan males in this work force. Female police officers are also very well since they can be role-models to little girls and inspire them to join the work force in the future as well. That way thenumbers will increase and discrimination against females in law enforcement won’t be so high.
  4. 4. Gonzalez 4A good idea to get ready if interested is to go to a detention center or get someone within thefield to receive information, learn the equipment, and meet female police officers already in thefield. This will help a rookie to make sure that that job is really what they are wanting. Femalesshould go receive more information and to see what kind of advantages she could receive fromthis field. Recruiting females could also depend on where the center is at and who runs it. Goodimage women are the ones more eligible for the job since a police officer is one to show a goodimage on others. Women can be spectacular leaders not only being police officers, but also inspecial operations. Many may not want to be part because if promoted, that could mean movingto another state or even countries. That would mean leaving behind the normal life style a femalehas been used too. That may be the case, but many benefits come with the promotion, so why nottake the opportunity given to you. Lady like women is one-of-a-kind, but one who can be apolice officer and protect their community is worth twice as much. For many years women have tried to be seen and respected as men are, but neveraccomplished it due to the discrimination they get from many people. This could give them theidea that they are not meant to work as a police officers, but as a stay at home mom and wife. Inthe article, Let Women Protect Afghanistan, the author informed that in June of 2010, 1,100 of107,000 police officers were women. That lets us know that the number right now are kind oflow in the law enforcement field, but it will grow constantly since women are now getting thechance and being convinced to join the work force. Their culture is used to seeing women athome taking care of the men providing, but now people are amazed that they are even taking thechance to chase a career in law enforcement, especially policing. Women are now starting to seethe bigger opportunities that are offered for them and the benefits from it. Women should beenjoying all the opportunities and changes that she could take and the benefits from all of them.
  5. 5. Gonzalez 5She will now help provide for the family more, yet still be the loving mom she was expected tobe in the first place. She does no longer have to stay at home and be that woman that’s onlyexpected to clean, cook dinner, wash clothes, etc. She will now have the ability to reach her goaland also be what she wants to be in life. Afghan women have a decision to make based on theculture and religion they have always been raised by. However, as times go by, females are nowexpected to do more than the stay-at-home mom. These ladies have to take the comments bytheir friend, family, and even parents that do not always support the decision of joining thepolicing work-force. Their culture has only taught them to be the women to do all the chores athome when instead should be taking all those opportunities in policing since crime is increasingand they will be a big help to the law enforcement field. In the end, females in the policing fieldare growing since they are now willing to take the chance and follow their dream job. As to the results that have been determined by the studies taken world-wide, femalesshould be convinced to join the force. They have many advantages being a female in the forcethan males do. Some cultures in some countries could have many more benefits, but in all awomen enjoys the job. All a female needs is the encouragement and the self-esteem that she cando it. Even if the parents do not accept the choice made at first, later they will realize the benefitsand the good decision making that has been mad. A woman has to stand what she believes in nomatter if a male or other relative tries to let her down. Stand up for what you are wanting!