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This is an hypothtical school guidance plan. It has been created to allow people to have a better understanding of school guidance and counselling.

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Our school guidance plan

  1. 1. LANSDOWNE BILINGUAL PUBLIC SCHOOL Cardiff SCHOOL GUIDANCE PLAN(Approved by the Counseling Department in June of 2012) Almudena Bellot Maria hermosilla Gemma O‟hanlon Athina Papadopoulou Azahara Sanz
  2. 2. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School INDEXINTRODUCTION School‟s context………………………………………………………………….4 School‟s personal counseling action point of view……………………………...5 Technical vision of the orientation principles……………………………………5AIMS School‟s general aims………………………………………………………….8TARGET GROUPS Family…………………………………………………………………………..10 Students………………………………………………………………………...10 Students with academic difficulties……………………………………10 Students with psychosocial problems………………………………..…10 Immigrants‟ students…………………………………………………...11OBJECTIVES FOR EACH TARGET GROUP Family………………………………………………………………….………12 Students…………………………………………………………………..……12 Students with academic difficulties…………………………………….12 Students with psychosocial problems………………………………..…13 Immigrants‟ students……………………………………………………13 2
  3. 3. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolACTIVITIES TO REACH THE TARGET GROUPS‟S OBJECTIVES Tutorial action…………………………………………………………………..15 Family ………………………………………………………………….16 Students…………………………………………………………………17 Students with academic difficulties …………………………….17 Students with psychosocial problems…………………………..18 Immigrants‟ students……………………………………………20 -Wider approach to both languages learning (trilingualism) of immigrants…………………………………………21RESOURCES ………………………………………………………………………….24 Human resources…………………………………………………………..……24 Material resources………………………………………………………………24MONITORING AND EVALUATION……………………………………………...…26 Questionnaire…………………………………………………………………...27 3
  4. 4. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School INTRODUCTIONOUR CONTEXTLansdowne bilingual public school is situated in the South of Cardiff, in “NorfolkStreet”People of this neighbourhood are middle ages. Their cultural level is middle studies andthe most common job is qualified workers. There are not a lot of unemployed parents.Parents belong to middle-lower class.Communications within the city are good. There is a bus connecting all the parts of thecity.Neighbourhood is provided with good services; specially stores and banks. Besides,there is a neighbours‟ association which organizes travels, celebrations and works toovercome neighbourhood problems.Families come from different districts of the city because school is considered as „aunique zone‟ in order to allow people to have the same conditions of points.The majority of the parents have an age between 28 and 45 years old. They are usuallyemployed in the sector service, and others as qualify workers or autonomous.They usually have a medium level of studies or an “FP”. Nevertheless, almost every family are stable population, and the arrival of immigrants, especially from South America and Maghreb countries, is increasing.The cooperation with the school, in general, is very good. The PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) cooperates in general activities developed in the school such as the Christmas Festival, the Book´s Day or the Final Course Festival.Moreover, the PTA organizes and sorts out after the agreement with the School Board the voluntary extracurricular activities developed out of the school´s timetable.Almost every family, have her own home which fulfils all the accommodation´s requirements.The involvement of the parents in school life is really important. Not son much for the choice of the School Board, but it is important in the organization of the activities planned by the school, the assistance to the formative talks, etc.The familiar environment where almost every student comes from is characterized by themedium socioeconomic level, also by the parent´s interest in how the student´sperformance of his/her child is going, so the parents maintain a relationship with the tutorthrough personal or guiding meetings. 4
  5. 5. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolAlmost all the students attend to class properly washed and well fed.The scholar absenteeism is not significant. The students just do not go to class due to illness or parent´s travels.The admission system is concrete respecting the normative without exceptions.It is an inclusive school so we provide schooling for student´s with psychic disabilities.SCHOOL’S PERSONAL COUNSELING ACTION POINT OF VIEWSchool guidance and counselling is a science of psycho-pedagogical intervention whoseaim is to promote students‟ personal, social and professional development.The school guidance and counselling model pretended is bearing on collaboration. Allthe members of school must work together in order to promote students‟ development.Besides, we pretend to reinforce teacher‟s skills. We try to achieve a model of reflexiveteacher who is both educator and tutor but not instructor.PRINCIPLES OF THE ORIENTATIONDuring the latest years, a change has been produced in the way of perceiving thecounseling. The therapeutic nature has been lost and changed by a model in which thecounseling action is orientated to social, cultural and economic changes and that is whythe new characters of this situations have to take part of it.Following this line, we are going to remember the Hervás Avilés explanation about thecounseling principles.Prevention principleIt is based in the necessity of getting ready the overcoming of their different developingcrisis. Its objective is to promote wealthy behaviors and personal competences, like theones related to the interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence and which aim is thedisappearance of problems. 5
  6. 6. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolThe objective of the prevention would be developing the functional and socialcompetence of the individual person, his capacity to face situations and his innerstrengthening. Some characteristics of this action can be-Proactive: it acts before the apparition of the problem-For groups-Approach having into account the context-It‟s objective is to reduce the risk factors and improving the elements that improves thedefense and protection in a crisis.-It assumes the multiculturalism-It is directed to a personal strengthening- It includes the conceptual and procedural collaboration in the intervention, in a modethat the receivers are active agents of the change.- It mitigates the unfavorable conditions of the context.Development principleThe intervention of this principle involves a process in which you go with the individualduring his development with the purpose of achieve the maximum growth of hispotentialities.From the mature point of view the development is understood like a personal growthprocess that helps the individual to become a complex being. This complicity is beenforming by diverse qualitative changes that favor an interpretation of the world thateach time is more comprehensive and the experience integration each time wider andmore complex.From a wider perspective which has into account the “vita cycle” contributions, thedevelopment depend on biological and environment factors in interaction and ofmultiple relationships due to chronologic, historical and son on patterns. It is near to adevelopment of the personality idea. It has a double objective: firstly it tries to give theneeded competences to the person so that he can face the demand of the evolutionarystages (mature focus) and secondly, it has to provide learning situations that make easierthe rebuilding and progress of the conceptual diagram (constructivist focus).Social intervention principle 6
  7. 7. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolIt is focused since a perspective in which it must be included in all intervention thecontextual and environmental conditions of the individual because these are theconditions which infer in his decision taking and personal development. The context isconsiderer like a reference element essential of the counseling action.The assumption this principle involves that:-the counseling intervention must lead to modify aspects related to the organization andworking of the school like the social context of the student. -the person who receives the counseling has to be aware of the necessity of act againstthe environmental factors that are blocking the achievement of his personal objectives.Been aware of is essential to get in this person an active attitude that helps to changethese factors.The empowerment like intervention principleEmpowerment is the process in which the people, the organization or the groups get theself-control about their own interest issues. The ones that have not fortitude, that do notbelieve them competent or that are marginalized get to know the dynamics of power thatact in their vital context, develop the abilities and capacities to take the control of theirown lives without infer in other‟s rights and support and reinforce the personal strengthof the others members of the group. We can consider five conditions to favor thepersonal strength:-Collaboration to insulate the problems the problems and make an actuation plan.-Context, the recognition of the context elements that stop the personal fortitude thatmake difficult the overcome of the problems.-Critic knowledge that allows differ the problem, organize and classify the relevantinformation for the solution.-Competence, the necessary for the resolution of the problems.-Community, referring to the join of the people who share the same objectives and areparticiple of a common identity leaning on the personal strength of everyone and eachcommunity member.Only the counseling for the personal strength will be successful when the counsellormakes a personal commitment to change the structures and systems that are stopping thedevelopment of the disadvantaged. 7
  8. 8. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School AIMSSCHOOL’S GENERAL AIMSBUILT-IN STUDENT‟S EDUCATIONWe expect the harmonic formation of our students in every aspect of the person(affective, motor, social and cognitive) which allows the acquisition of the adequateautonomy of his age and are eligible for the next educative levels.ACTIVE AND COLLABORATIVE PARTICIPATION OF ALL THEEDUCATIONAL COMMUNITYWe understand that the educative process is based in the maximum collaborationbetween the children, the parents and the teachers. This triangle must maintain apermanent collaboration to reach the marked objectives.VALUES EDUCATIONWe consider very important the values education and we pretend to get that the childunderstands and acts in values like: acceptation of himself, tolerance, responsibility,respect for the differences, autonomy, justice, solidarity, wealth, consume, and criticview.DEMOCRATIC MANAGEMENT AND COEXISTENCEWe have like our priority the formation in democratic values that is why the educationand coexistence will be develop in a frame of tolerance and respect to the liberty of eachone, his personality and his convictions. Our School is a democratic school, whatimplies the necessity of a real and effective participation of all the groups whichcompose it in its management by the chosen people by each of them. 8
  9. 9. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolRESPECT TO THE DIFFERENCES: DIVERSITY, NO-RELIGION,COEDUCATIONWe have into account the student‟s diversity and we do not do differences because ofreason of sex, religion, believes, nationality, social disparities, special educative needs,etc. We favor the attitudes development which gives us to a situation of solidarity,tolerant and respect to the rest.OPEN TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND SITUATIONS AND INNOVATIONS THATHELPS THE IMPROVEMENT. AKWARDED SCHOOL WITH THEENVIRONMENT AND THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.Our school has to be an open institution, being participle in the daily life of theneighborhood, opening the educative place of the school, and placing the child in thephysic and social environment which is around him.We have our interest focused in the permanent formation of our teachers and in thedevelopment of innovative programs for a constant improvement of our educativeaction.METHODOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS: ACTIVE, PARTICIPATIVE,GLOBALIZING, SCIENTIFIC AND CRITIC.We try to assure the constructions of significant learning, that is why the curricularactivity will be develop in an active, participative, globalizing, scientific and critic way.BILINGUAL EDUCATIONThe school considers a Project which is about the knowledge and control of the Greek,which objective is that the students are able to express themselves at the end of theirschooling process in two languages: English and Greek, in a natural mode. The willhave acquired the basic ideas about the Greek culture to be able to access to the majorityof cultural and universal wealth.The bilingual education taught in the school is done in an integrated curriculum to theintention of having the knowledge of the Greek and also apply to the doublequalification. The development of the curricular integrated projects that gets to theachievement of the academics certificates of both countries: United Kingdom andGreece. 9
  10. 10. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School TARGET GROUPSFamilyThe counseling program includes also the involvement of the parents or guardians of thestudents in order to be more effective regarding to its goals, which all lead to children‟sdevelopment. By the term involvement we mean their participation in student‟sacademic course and planning, choices and decisions concerning the educationalprocess and finally their participation in the whole learning and educational planning.Particularly, the parents‟ opinion is very important and this is the reason for which it istaken into account during the planning process of the support system. Parents most ofthe times, are aware of the problems, special needs or difficulties that may their childrenhave, but also aware of their preferences and their potentials. So they can provide thecounselors useful information in order to help at the preparation of the most suitablecounseling and guide program for their children.Students with academic difficultiesOur whole purpose is to provide intensive individualized instruction in order to get thebest of every student and develop his or her maximum potential.The problem, however, is that in classrooms can wind up with students who have a widerange of skill levels. How can teachers provide intensive instruction to all students whenthey are each trying to learn different things at the same time? Along with teachingbasic skills such as study skills and organization tools, there are strategies to use toindividualize and still not give up instruction time for any student. Students havedifferent styles of learning and there are some aspects that are not homogeneous toevery student and that should be taken into account as the capacity of learning anddevelopmental level, schooling and previous learning, rhythms, expectances, interestsand motivation.Students with psychosocial problemsWe can talk about different types of psychosocial problems in students as internalizingdisorders which could be turned inward; emotional and cognitive symptoms and someexamples of them are depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders or externalizingdisorders as turned outward; behavioral problems or acting out. In this case we wouldbe talking about delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse, truancy 10
  11. 11. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolImmigrants’ studentsEverybody have the right of receiving an education which respect their personal andcultural identity. For this reason and because of the great increase of foreigner students,school has needed to carry out some measures in order to adapt schools to culturaldiversity.All these measures are based upon the principle of intercultural. Understanding byintercultural the favorable disposition within members of one Society to interact, shareexperiences and cooperate with members of other cultures. 11
  12. 12. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School OBJETIVES FOR EACH TARGET GROUPFAMILYSome situations that do not go well in school with the student can be duty of thefamilies and we have to take them in account as school attendance.The counseling and guidance is also intended to parents in order to detect any of theproblems that may the family has, (they can be personal, financial…) which affect theacademic achievement of the students. These problems for example may be:-Financial problems like unemployment or low income.-Problems regarding the relationships among the members of the family as could befamily abuse, harassment issues, a new born baby, divorce or death of a family member.-Health problems like depression, alcoholism and substance abuse, serious or incurablediseases.STUDENTS WITH ACADEMIC DIFFICULTIESThe diversity plan is in charge of adapting the education system to the differentcharacteristics, necessities and capacities of each student. It requires specific dedicationof the department of guidance and counseling, in order to achieve these goals:-To promote the inclusion of all the students in general (not all have the samenecessities)-To draw up an appropriate answer to the especial necessities.-Make invidualized advice.-Assessstudents´competences.-Develop preventive programs of learning difficulties.-Evaluate and develop programs to improve students „motivation.-Evaluate and develop programs to improve abilities for the daily life.-Diagnose cases, apply the relevant measures and evaluate the process 12
  13. 13. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School-Make the psychopedagogic assessments and start if necessary the correspondingcurricular adjustment.STUDENTS WITH PSYCHOSOCIAL PROBLEMSDue to the types of psychosocial problems the students would need different objectivesdepending on the specific case, some of them are: -Become self-disciplined. -Make decisions. -Help them overcome personal, financial, family or other problems. -Get life satisfaction. -Improve their school attitudes and behavior. -Improve their social skills and their interpersonal relationship. -Develop their self-confidence. -Control and manage their feelings. -Set goals and find ways to achieve them. -Improve their skills about resolving problems and finding solutions on their own. -Develop their critical thinking. -Improve their leadership skills. -Learn to cooperate with others efficiently.IMMIGRANT’S STUDENTSBecause of the great increase of foreigner students, school has needed to carry out somemeasures in order to adapt schools to cultural diversity.The basic aims beyond our measures are the following ones: - To make school community be aware of the cultural diversity positive value. - To respect each student‟s cultural identity and learn to cooperate with others students from different cultures efficiently. 13
  14. 14. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School - To help foreigner students to have access to the receiving society. Develop a critical thinking in all our students since young about multiculturalism. - To avoid immigrant exclusion by improving students social skills and their interpersonal relationships. - Believe and make real a truly equal possibility of opportunities focusing in the bilingual education in Spain for foreign students. 14
  15. 15. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School ACTIVITIES TO REACH OUR OBJECTIVESTUTORIAL ACTIONTutorial action is the joint of interventions which are developed with students, familiesand educative team of each group. It is aimed to:-Favor and improve the coexistence within the group, the personal development and theintegration and participation of all the students in the school‟s life.-Diminish scholar‟s conflicts and to promote respect towards others.-Carry out a personalized monitoring for the learning process of each student, puttingspecial attention to scholar failure.-Facilitate decisions taking regarding academic and professional future.Objectives of tutorial actionTowards students:-To facilitate students‟ integration within the group/class and in the scholar dimension,favoring team work…-To facilitate change from primary education to secondary education.-To develop values and attitudes of democratic participation, where respect and peaceand no violence are values to take into account in any aspect of life.-To mediate those conflicts among students or other members of the educativecommunity.-To inform and release right and obligations of students and the school‟s coexistencerules.-To communicate students the decisions taken within reunions made by the docent teamand to make students, as a group, assume their own commitments.-To promote processes of vocational maturation and scholar and professionalorientation in order to help students to make their own decisions.-To collaborate with teachers in the detection of students‟ learning difficulties and tocommunicate them to the orientation department, in order to solve it among everyone. 15
  16. 16. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School-To achieve a good knowledge about students as people and as a group.Towards families-To establish fluid relations with parents.-To release parents about coexistence rules.-To involve parents in their children‟s support activities, learning and orientation.-To release parents about all the aspects related with their children‟s education.Towards teachers-To facilitate to all the teachers who ask for it, all the information and availablematerials as in the tutorials as in the orientation department.- To make possible to establish a cooperative action among teachers.ACORDING TO OUR TARGET GROUPSFamily In order to avoid as much as possible family problems, some activities which could be carried out for parents could be activities in order to inform parents about the school running and about its features, in order to make their election adequate and responsible. Information activities like general reunions with all the parents of the group, in order to make them know since the beginning of the course, the group features, school rules, pedagogic commitment and as well to promote a good relation between parents and teachers. Activities for making parents participate in their children‟s studies and in the scholar centre‟s organization. Activities of individual meetings with parents in order to keep the relation among teachers and families growing. Parents and family involvement in education is essential to the intellectual growth and academic achievement of their children. Reunions with parents where there are commented aspects about the scholar period, the collaboration of parents in the educative process and the most meaningful aspects about the running and organization of the course. 16
  17. 17. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School Parents of new students should do an initial informative questionnaire before registering their children in the school. Then an analysis of the dates obtained in the questionnaire should be done by educative teams in order to search for relevant information. OBJECTIVES ACTIVITIESTo know if parents‟ expectances - To do an initial informative questionnaire before registeringcoincide with schools‟ features. their children in the school. - To do an analysis of the dates obtained in the questionnaire should be done by educative teams in order to search for relevant information.-To avoid parents‟ lack of - Parents have access to preview guidance program andknowledge about children‟s materials that may be used with their childrenperformance. - Interviews with teachers. - Activities for making parents participate in their children‟s studies and in the scholar centre‟s organization.Academic Among the children who can show academic problems, we can found those with deficient intelligence and those who are high gifted. Curricular interventions and adaptations are necessary when a child with academic problems is detected. These changes are not for the particular child, but for all the class. Quarterly reunions in order to value the program done are also necessary. In order to carry out the tutorial action, a great quantity of information should be collected from all students. This is going to be academic and professional information, necessary to orientate the teaching and learning process. For achieving this, it could be created a personal record of each student. 17
  18. 18. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School OBJETIVES ACTIVITIESTo promote organization and - Work planning activities, to elaborate a study schedule, orresponsibilities within the group controls.groupTo be aware of problems and - Reunions between courses and cycles in order to transmitto establish the better way to information to the future teachers of a group.face them -An initial evaluation of students to detect difficulties or necessities. - Quarterly reunions in order to value the program done are also necessary. - To reserve within students schedule enough time for carrying out the tutorial activities. - To do a personal record of each student.To promote help between - The group of 4 approaches.peers for diminishingintellectual differencesPsychosocialThis kind of people need motivation, so he or she could propose develop someeducative games time to time and always congratulate these children when they dosomething well or do a progress, even though if the progress is not very significant. 18
  19. 19. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolTo avoid peer problems - Activities in order to facilitate student‟s integration withinbetween students and their group or class and to improve their communicationpromote integration skills: course presentation, welcoming activities, elaboration together of the basic rules within the group… - Group dynamics with activities like the round table, the ideas‟ twister, role playing, Phillips 66…To promote team work and - Theatre representations within a topic of a subject.social abilities. -To create quizzes in groups.To avoid children‟s academic -To elaborate an academic plan based on formativeanxiety because of academic performance rather than in a summative one.competence betweenstudents. - To always congratulate these children when they do something well or do a progress, even though if the progress is not very significant.To avoid conducts that can be - Alcohol talks or adolescence talks.dangerous for healthTo detect as soon as possible - To start the course with a couple of games or works inpsychosocial problems in group.order to avoid extremesituationsTo get the more information -Regular talks with parents.as possible about familiarcontext of those children with -Questionnaires for parents about their expectances on theirpsychosocial problems children and familiar atmosphere. 19
  20. 20. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolImmigrant’s studentsIn order to help the students and their families face all of the problems mentionedabove, measures can be applied such as financial aid and psychological support,depending on the problem of each case.But in order to detect and then make efforts to overcome these problems, as mentionedalso above, the parental involvement is essential. For this reason, it is proposed toorganize counseling meetings for parents and guardians. The meetings will take place ata time and in places convenient for the parents, even out of the school hours forexample. The meetings could also be organized for all of the parents together or inseparated groups with members that have to face similar problems or even individually,if it is necessary. Furthermore, the parents have the opportunity to discuss on their ownabout their concerns and worries as regard to their children, and also benefit themselvesby participating in the counseling as regard to their personal problems.Finally, the parents will be able to have access to previous counseling program in whichtheir children participated and to the material used for their children‟s developmentaland comprehensive guidance.OBJECTIVE ACTIVITIES - Search for information about other cultures.To make school community be aware of - Make an exposition with photos of differentthe cultural diversity positive value cultural traditions. - Promote meetings. Families and teachers should participate. They have to share experiences and know themselves.We pretend to get the child respect for the - Talk in class about likeness and hobbies indifferences, solidarity and justice. order to know that all children have the same likeness.To respect each student‟s cultural identity - Not try to impose our culture but try to learn about other ones.To help foreigner students to have access - Heterogenic disposition on class. All students 20
  21. 21. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public Schoolto the receiving society. must be sit together; foreigner children and national ones.To avoid immigrant exclusion - Promote cooperative learning creating mixed working groups. (Foreigner and Spanish) - Avoid prejudices and stereotypes by discussing language use in papers referring to immigrant people WIDER APPROACH TO LAGUAGES LEARNING (TRILINGUILISM) OF IMMIGRANTSIn an increasingly global society, the ability to speak and write in several languages isbecoming necessary to effectively compete in the job market. Apart from the basiceffectiveness that bilingual fluency has, since it widens the communication betweenpeople, it also preserves childrens sense of pride in the language of their parents andprotects their sense of identity, which is also strongly linked to the language and cultureof their family and heritage. There are also economic advantages in bilingual fluencyand literacy, since many jobs pay higher salaries to their bilingual employees.According to psychological and educational research children learn more effectively theforeign language, if they learn it through the use of their native language, whichprovides a contextual basis for learning and allows them to keep pace with their peergroup. But this is a problem for the immigrant students, since the native language is alsoforeign for them. In addition, immigrant students have the same rights regarding to theeducational opportunities and this is the reason for which the bilingual schools have toapply measures to help not only these disadvantaged students, but also their parents,whose role is significant at the learning process.Such measures could be: - Teaching using also visual material, gestures, imitating methods of learning etc in order to help all students to perceive the new concepts. 21
  22. 22. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School - Give the opportunity to children to learn and work in collaborative groups in order to help each other, ensuring that the immigrant students are members of different groups. - Provide extra help to immigrant children by giving them the chance to attend more specific lessons by special educated teachers, in order to acquire the native language more efficiently and more quickly. Such lessons can also be provided to the parents of these students in order to help them get involved in the learning process. - Give the chance to the immigrant students to get involved with extra-curricular activities depending on their personal interests such as music lessons, dancing class, sports, painting courses etc. By this way it is easier for them to pick up the native language, without actually realizing it.ORGANIZATION IN COOPERATIVE LEARNING 1. Create a sense of group.The students should feel that they belong to a group 2. Observe the different styles of learning, levels of knowledge and autonomy.We consider that teach does not mean to apply exceptional measures with theproblematic students not all the students have the same style of learning and ourobjective is to favor everyone‟s´ learning. 3. Get a cooperative view about teaching and learning.Once we know this diversity, the teacher can organize the work in groups according tothis diversity. By this way, the students will have the chance to develop theircompetences learning from each other. The sense of group will help here to the wish ofhelping the one who knows less.A PARTNER-TUTORThis consists in assigning a partner-tutor to the new student. The partner will helphim/her during the first period with all the possible difficulties and avoiding his/herexclusion. We consider that this practice can is beneficial for both. While we avoid the newstudents sense of isolation, the partner- tutor will increase his/her sense of competenceand self-esteem. We consider that it could be especially useful in our program, for thosestudents who do not know the language. 22
  23. 23. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolWELCOME PROGRAMIt pretends to facilitate the introduction of the new student in the school. - We first do an initial evaluation to decide in which course should be incorporate and see if he/she will need special support or any curricular adaptations. - It is also convenient to have a conference with the family. First of all, to introduce them in the school context and how it is organized but also to find out information about the family and the students that could affect his/her school performance (causes of migration, socio-economic situation, previous schooling, difficulties in learning, behavior problems…). - Announce the arrival of the new student to the school community. To promote positive attitudes towards the students and avoid uncomfortable situations with the surprise if it arrives for example a child with a physical disability. - Preparing welcoming activities to make the student feel accepted.A factor to take into account is that nowadays the arrival of new students, speciallyimmigrants, can occur at any moment of the course, so the school is always ready forthis welcoming. 23
  24. 24. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School RESOURCES HUMAN RESOURCESThe staff of the educational centre is forms by 30 teachers, most of them permanent- 7 teachers of Infants Education, 6 tutors and a Learning Support Teacher- 4 specialists in Primary Education- 9 English teachers.- 2 gym‟s teachers- 1 music teacher- “Guidance Counselor”- 1 “PT”- 1 “AL”- 4 English teachers coming from the agreement “MEC – British Council”- 1 religion teacher and another one shared with other school for to 3-4 year old students.Staff not teachingThe educational center has a canteen service which a company from this sector is incharge of making a menu in the schools kitchen.The company employs the kitchen staff as well as the career in charge of the student‟svigilance during the meals.We also have a custodian who is in charge of activity such as the opening of theeducational centre.The cleaning staff depends on the company employed by the city council. MATERIAL RESOURCES School installations:Lansdowne Bilingual Public School has two buildings: -One placed in Norfolk Street. It is focussed on infant education (5 years old children) and Primary. -Another one „Games‟ placed in Layna Street. It is directed to infant education (3-4 years old). This building has four classes with its services: tutorials, wide places where corners activities are developed, and a park. 24
  25. 25. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolNorfolk building has two floors: Ground floor: - 7 classes for pre-school ( 5 years old) and Primary (1º,2º,3º). - Music class. - Library. - Staff room. - Audition and Language class. - Therapeutic Pedagogy class - Parents of the students Association Office Counseling Department Office - Canteen. - Toilets. - 2 sport courts. - Gym. - A porch in the courtyard downstairs with bathrooms - First floor: - 7 classrooms: ( 4º, 5º, 6º) - English class. - Class for different things. - Informatics class. - Laboratory. - Toilets. - Secretary‟s office and headmaster‟s office. - Tutorial classrooms.Lansdowne Bilingual Public school also has some installations out of school place. - A community centre where cultural activities and recreational activities are developed. - Municipal Park „Friendship‟, with skate rolling court and Sports facilities, meeting places for children and their families. - Private school. 25
  26. 26. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School MONITORING AND EVALUATIONThese are the areas that we should evaluate: Measures the progress of a guidance project/action plan. Examines the impact of a guidance project or action plan. Identifies areas of success or areas that require further attention. Keeps the focus on ongoing guidance planning. Prevents a guidance plan from sitting untouched on a shelf. Helps to keep guidance planning to the forefront of planning in a school.In order to get it, evaluation is carried out as follows: - Assess the preventive and supportive measures that the tutors carried out (interchange session) - Fill a questionnaire after the observation of teachers „practices. - Collect students´ opinion about this measures (interchange session between students and tutors) and also about the information given through tutorial action. - Collectparents´opinion.We provide here and example of a questionnaire that we use for collecting students´ andparents opinion as well as their suggestions. They are asked for their views, so the datacollated and analyzed, and the findings communicated are used to inform futureplanning. 26
  27. 27. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public SchoolQUESTIONNAIRE TO EVALUATE OUR GUIDANCE PLANRespond to the next items with Yes/ No /Not sure according to your opinion.1. Students in my school need help in the following areas - Interpersonal and social skills (getting along with peers, parents and authority figures) - Self-awareness (understanding and appreciating the self) - Conflictresolution - Understanding the emotional and physical dangers of abuses e.g. substance, sexual, physical - Coping with peer pressure and managing life‟s events - Overcoming trauma - HIV/AIDS/Sex education/ Sexual issues - Time management - Studyskillstechniques - Careerexploration and planning - Relationship between personal qualities and work - Relationshipbetweeneducation and work - Investigating the world of work in relation to the knowledge of self - Subjectchoice - Dating/relationshipissues - School adjustment (making friends, getting along with teachers) - Copingwith stress - Handling crisis situations - Copingwithemotion - Peer counseling/helping - Test takingskills - Problemsolvingskills - Multicultural/diversityawareness - Acquiring skill, attitudes and knowledge to learn effectively - Academicpersistence - Job seeking and job keeping skills - Academic/Educationalplanningskills - Decisionmakingskills2. List any areas not included in the list above you feel students in your school wouldneed help in.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 27
  28. 28. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3.Below is a list of the major service areas of a guidance and counseling program. Afterreading the list, circle the number that shows what priority that service area shouldreceive in your school guidance and counseling program.Top Priority (1) Moderate Priority (2) Fairly Low Priority (3)Very Low Priority (4) - Counseling Services (Designed to offer individuals an opportunity for self- knowledge and self-development through individual & group counseling, support services, referral services) 4 3 2 1 - Appraisal Services (Provides essential facts about the learner through career interests inventories, achievement tests, personality inventories, special needs assessment)4 3 2 1 - Information Services (student records, post secondary catalogs, handbooks) 4 3 21 - Placement Services (Designed to enhance student development by assisting them to select and use opportunities inside and out side the school through career advising, attachment, referral to agencies, course selection, college/university admission) 4 3 2 1 - Consultation Services (Getting the opinion of people who can contribute and have an interest in the student‟s welfare e.g. other teachers, parents, administrators) 4 3 2 1 - Curricular Services (Organization of materials for classroom teacher adoption, group and classroom presentation of guidance topics) 4 3 2 14. School guidance counselors/teachers in my school need assistance/training in thefollowing areas and answer. Answer according to your opinion: Yes/ No/Not Sure. - Ways in which the school guidance and counseling is delivered (e.g. classroom activities, group activities, parent education). - Guidance and counseling resource identification. - Developing a school guidance and counseling calendar. - Responsive services to students‟ needs (counseling, referral, consultation, appraisal, placement and follow up, research and evaluation services) - Identifying and understanding students‟ abilities, problem solving abilities, aptitudes and goal setting strategies. 28
  29. 29. School guidance planLansdowne Bilingual Public School - Program administration (planning, designing, implementing and evaluating school guidance and counseling program. - Specific guidance and counseling skills (relationship building, asking questions, listening, information provision, confrontation). http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/averroes/cppfelipe/docus/POyAT.pdf 29