Designing for maximization


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Design for Maximization is a basic guide to designing corporate profile. The guide aims to pin point key points that is important from the readers perspective. The guide aims to support the designers and developers in developing attractive and promising corporate profile.

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Designing for maximization

  1. 1. Designing for Maximization A basic guide to developing corporate company profile Prepared by: Mohammad Arif Shariati
  2. 2. Introduction In today’s fast moving era, company profiles are thought to be one of the efficient and effective ways of generating leads. Despite the advancement in technology, human behavior suggests that being physical creates more trust and value than being virtual. Amongst the other marketing materials, prospectus clients and customer always want to know and understand about the company offering them services. Most of the consumers and prospectus customers are interested in knowing about the company structure, working, services and offices etc. The more you provide information to your readers, the more you are thought to be consumer friendly. There are different kind and types of company profiles in the market. Despite the market, the nature of data and information to be delivered to the readers also matters with respect to the norms and beliefs of the company. This guide aims to provide a basic structure and concept of company profile for general market. What to include? Most of the time business developers are confused on which data and information to include in the company profile and which not to. It is not hard and fast rule to provide information in a specific pattern and method however, following certain pattern to catch readers’ interest and maximize readability of company profile is needed in developing the contents of company profile. Readers love to see figures instead of large paragraph descriptions. Giving readers’ time for calculation and thinking through figures information is one the ways to engage readers in the company profile ultimately generating a silent lead. If the reader of your company profile thinks positive about your company and begins to trust you, you have designed and developed lead generating company profile. Readers usually like to read sentences in common English rather than confusing and phrasal English however, to draw attention towards special offerings phrasal sentences are the only arrow which might hit the target. In this guide you will find contents which readers are searching for to understand about you. Here is the list of contents with respective pattern;  About the company  Vision  Mission  Core business and services  Company business partners  Company clientele  Customer testimonials  Company structure
  3. 3.  Company association and membership  Company office locations
  4. 4. About the company This is the part where your readers tend to read first while holding your company profile for the first time. Short and figures information gets the reader to the ultimate knowledge about the company and it’s potential. Long and descriptive information presentation will bore the reader and compels to turn the page and choose some random page of interest to read. Vision Every company has some vision and believe based on which they perform to prove that they are right. A company without vision is a soldier without enemy. It is the company vision that boosts the employees’ energy towards reaching their goal. Readers love to read about the beliefs on which the company is being founded. The shorter with powerful and balanced phrases the stronger the message is conveyed to the readers. Mission Mission is the goal which the company wants to achieve in order to prove the company vision. There is slight difference between the company vision and mission. Company vision is the company belief on a larger scale which is not measureable however; company mission is tangible and is on smaller scale relative to the company vision. The company mission should be one sentence with strong and appealing promises. Core businesses and services Your company is fantastic and doing all well but what exactly you are doing in your company and what you have for your readers matters a lot for your reader. It is not possible to cater and care for every domain of customer but you should care about your target customers who are reading your company profile. Your promises and beliefs in offering the best services are the red roses of yours to your readers. Pictorial and short descriptive notes about your services will give an insight of your efforts to your readers. Company business partners What you say, your readers believe in it. But with whom you have affiliation and partnership will increase and decrease your company’s caliber. Partnering with Microsoft’s certain programs are much more valued by readers instead of partnering with some ABC company whom you have never heard. Try to present your business partners with their logos and company name with their correct branding. Company clientele Your clients list presents your market value to your readers. Providing services for companies with gigantic brands will leave your brand in your readers mind. Do present your company clientele with their respective nature of services.
  5. 5. Customer’s testimonials What your customers or clients think of your company and services will create the same impact on your readers’ imagination about your company. Testimonials with satisfactory comments will drive your readers towards service satisfaction even if they did not have a deal with your company. Company structure Company structure and number of employees with their respective qualifications will get your readers in confidence about the quality of services you provide to your customers. Professional and quality employees will show that how you are committed in providing quality services to your customers. Three tier organization structures are better than ten tier organization structure according to the readers’ perspective. It is not necessary for large organizations to possess relatively higher level of organization structure. The lesser the level of organizational structure the better the quality of decisions taken and quality services provided. Company associations and memberships It is all about creating soft image of your company to your readers that you are capable of providing the promised services to your clients. The higher number of associations and memberships to your field related international agencies, communities and groups the greater your company’s identification as professional company. If you do not have official association or membership to any group or community, do not include raw data. Company office locations Presenting your offices/office location to your readers will bring your readers one step further towards you. Present the company’s contact information such as phone number (mentioning the department), email address, website and physical address with clear and bigger fonts.
  6. 6. About the Author Mohammad Arif Shariati is Tech entrepreneur and is associated with Education Program in Afghanistan. He believes in Bringing about social, economical, behavioral and environmental changes through introduction of technology in education. Afghanistan is amongst the lowest literacy rate in the world. He is also associated with human capacity development initiative and delivers web and mobile technology technical training to university students in Kabul, Afghanistan. Phone: 0093(0)78 545 2372 Email: