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Fashion through the decades


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Fashion through the decades

  1. 1. O ne H und red Years of Wom en’s Fashion gh hrou By Shannon Perry Tr T ends cades e ) the D – 2010 0 (191
  2. 2. 1910 - 1919 • Trend: Feminine; hemlines were floor- length to above the ankle • Silhouette: Softer, fluid lines; straighter H is t o r ic a l skirts, easy movement; corsets were no longer in fashion e ve nts o f • Fabrics: Gossamer, silk t h e t im e • Colors: Pastels; vivid, bright, and bold colors made by new dyeing techniques1910 – Ballets Russes perform in Paris, • Designers: Paul Poiret, Jeanne Paquininspiring Asian-influenced harem pants,kimonos, and turbans (black and whitephoto)1912 – Sinking of the Titanic (typicalfashion worn by women at that time isshown above right)1914-1918 – World War I; skirts rise tomid-calf, colors get darker andmonochromatic, and clothes becomepractical for women to work in (bottomleft picture)1916 – First issue of Vogue
  3. 3. 1920’s• Trend: Sporty, athletic; short, bob hairstyle; sleeveless dresses; knee- length hemlines; high heels; cloche hats; costume jewelry• Silhouette: Straight lines; waist is H is t o r ic a l lowered to hip on dresses; no defined waistline; diagonal hems e ve nts o f• Fabrics: Cotton, knits, jersey, tweeds, fringe, beading t h e t im e• Colors: Bold color combinations; 1920 – Women are granted the right solid shades; geometric patterns to vote, leading to more independence• Designers: Coco Chanel, Jean Patou 1923 – Flapper style becomes popular when short skirts are necessary for dancing the Charleston 1926 – Coco Chanel creates the “little black dress” which becomes one of the most essential pieces in fashion 1929 – Stock market crashes, leading to the Great Depression
  4. 4. 1930’s • Trend: Feminine; menswear-inspired; mid- calf hemlines; sportswear; pant suits; backless gowns; wedge heels • Silhouette: Clean lines; cinched in waist; narrow hips; broad shoulders; triangular shapeH is t o r ic a l • Fabrics: Bias-cut; silk,e ve nts o f gabardine, chiffon; pleats and draping t h e t im e • Colors: Muted colors and refined, elegant shades1930 – the Great Depression begins a • Designers: Elsa Schiaparelli,time of hardship, bad economy, and Charles Jamesunemployment1931 – Empire State Building iscompleted, showcasing the trend ofArt Deco design1937 – Amelia Earhart vanishes(masculine style clothes are inspiredby her)1939 – World War II begins
  5. 5. • Trend: Fabric shortage caused shorter hemlines; shirtdresses; thick heels; mix and match styles; 1940’s military-look • Silhouette: A-line skirts; straight skirts; feminine shapes; square shoulders • Fabrics: Gingham, denim, mix and match patterns; using older clothes to make new clothes • Colors: Patriotic colors, navy, gray, and brown • Designers: Claire McCardell, Christian DiorH is t o r ic a l e v e n t s o f t h e t im e1940 – 1945 – Women work outside the home while men arefighting war; practical clothes are in style1942 – T-shirt is introduced1945 – World War II ends; women go back to beinghomemakers; housework-inspired clothes are in style1946 – Bikinis are introduced
  6. 6. 1950’s • Trend: Retro fashion of the early 1900s; feminine; cocktail dresses; bolero jackets; pencil skirts; petticoat skirts; Capri pants; ballerina flats; stiletto heels; gloves • Silhouette: Hour glass shape; cinched in waist, flared skirt, soft shoulders • Fabrics: Taffeta, wools, gazar silk • Colors: Pastels, grays, muted shades and jewel tones H is t o r ic a l • Designers: Valentino, Cristobal Balenciaga e ve nts o f t h e t im e1951 – Color TV is introduced1954 – Chanel introduces her famous blackcollarless suit jacket and skirt with gold chaintrim1955 – Disneyland opens1959 – Barbie is introduced
  7. 7. 1960’s 1960s • Trend: Early 60s – a-lines and pencil skirts, Jackie Kennedy style; Mid 60s – Mod, miniskirts; Late 60s – hippie, relaxed clothes • Silhouette: Straight line, waistless shift; trapeze dress; bell sleeves • Fabrics: Geometric patterns, cotton, jersey, wool, crochet • Colors: Pales, black, white, bright, bold, tie-dye, neon • Designers: Mary Quant, Pierre Cardin, Laura Ashley, Pucci H is t o r ic a l e ve nts o f t h e t im e1963 – John F. Kennedy is assassinatedending Camelot era and Jackie Kennedyfashion1964 – Beatles become popular in U.S.,starting London style and Mod fashion1969 – First man on moon; Woodstocksparks hippie fashion
  8. 8. 1970’s • Trend: Bell bottom pants; platform shoes; wrap dresses; gaucho pants; Annie Hall menswear look • Silhouette: A-line skirts; body- draping clothes; above-the-knee to mid-calf hemlines; softer shapes • Fabrics: Plaids, polyester, rayon, jersey, tweed, wool • Colors: Patriotic colors (honoring bicentennial); pastels; bright, shimmery satins; muted tweeds for work • Designers: Ralph Lauren, Halston, Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg H is t o r ic a l e ve nts o f t h e t im e1970 – Beatles break up1973 – DVF creates first wrap dress1975 – Microsoft founded1977 – Star Wars premieres
  9. 9. 1980’s • Trend: Preppie look; pop music styles; retro fashion of the 1950s; cocktail dresses; acid wash jeans, designer jeans; big hair; balloon skirts; crop tops; exercise wear (bicycle shorts, legwarmers); ballerina flats; leggings; tunics; big sweaters; pumps • Silhouette: Bulky top with skinny bottom; shoulder pads; tight jeans; shorter hemlines; feminine 1950s hour glass shape • Fabrics: Taffeta, tulle, lycra, rayon, denim, sequins, knits • Colors: Neons, brights, jewel tones, bold, black • Designers: Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson, Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein H is t o r ic a l e ve nts o f t h e t im e 1981 – Royal Wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles 1982 – Michael Jackson releases Thriller 1986 – Chernobyl nuclear accident 1987 – Stock Market crashes 1989 – Berlin wall comes down
  10. 10. 1990’s• Trend: crop tops; baggy jeans; tapered leg jeans; floral dresses; boyfriend blazers; palazzo pants; grunge style; lumberjack shirts; overalls; platform tennis shoes• Silhouette: Baggy top with small bottom or small top with baggy bottom; long, slender shapes; flowing lines H is t o r ic a l• Fabrics: Cotton, denim, knits, flannel, spandex e ve nts o f• Colors: dark, muted; floral patterns; plaid; color block; monochromatic; t h e t im e black• Designers: Giani Versace, Marc 1991 – Collapse of the Soviet Jacobs, Michael Kors, Tom Ford Union 1992 – Official end of the Cold War 1993 – Internet is widely used 1994 – Kurt Cobain dies, ending Grunge era 1997 – Princess Diana dies
  11. 11. • 2000’s Trend: Vintage and Retro fashion; long lines from the 1930s, nautical look from 1930s and 1940s, shirtdresses from 1940s and 1970s, bohemian skirts and tops from 1970s; skinny jeans and tunics from 1980s • Silhouette: long, lean; straight skirts; short skirts; tapered legs on pants; feminine and masculine shapes • Fabrics: Cotton, knits, jersey, khaki, linen, rayon; vintage clothes • Colors: All colors from muted and pale to bold and neon • Designers: Alexander McQueen, H is t o r ic a l Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, classic and vintage e ve nts o f t h e t im e2001 – Attacks on World Trade Center2003 – War in Iraq begins2005 – Hurricane Katrina2008 – Obama is elected first African AmericanPresident2010 – Alexander McQueen dies