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Top Five Ways and Tools to Become Game Developer


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Without any knowledge of game programming you are able to develop creative games and upload on iTunes, here I mentioned some helpful ways and tools by using you can easily built customized games without wasting time.

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Top Five Ways and Tools to Become Game Developer

  1. 1. Author:Marie WeaverMobile game is the most popular and booming market. Mobile game users areincreasing daily and demand of creative game also increasing on daily basis. Sogame development is very safe and bright field for beginner of any game developers.To develop any mobile game, game development skills are not mandatory, withoutany development knowledge you can also create iOS games and upload on iTunes.There are lots of tools available which helps you to develop custom gameapplications. So, lets talk about some easy and fast way and tools which helps youto develop custom games.If you want to become game developer or looking to develop your own customgames, game development degree or knowledge is not required. Here I providesome tips, that helps you to develop custom game without any programmingknowledge. Infect lots of independent game developers use this way to developmobile games. Top Five Ways and Tools to Become Game Developer Page no. 1
  2. 2. Author:Marie WeaverSmart Ways to Become Game Developer...Pick Up a Fresh IdeaFresh Idea is the must required part for any gamedevelopment process. Fresh idea and creativity helpsyou to develop popular and addictive games. A freshidea is always best as you can build different levelsalong with various and unique versions. You can getidea from routine lifestyle or your work. Ones you getunique and creative idea then you can easily startdeveloping game.Right Tools UsageIt is not necessary that you need to be expert and experienced online gamedeveloper. After getting fresh idea you can use drag and drop game developmentlibrary such as GameSalad. This types of tools allows you to create excellent gameswithout any programming knowledge. Its very easy job to writing games in flash.Avail Advantage of Free TutorialsWhen you are developing any game for firsttime, you need to learn lot on your own. Thereare many free online game developmenttutorials available for beginner about how todevelop game without any skill. Someindependent game developers also availablewho offers free sessions on YouTube todevelop mobile game. You can also find then Top Five Ways and Tools to Become Game Developer Page no. 2
  3. 3. Author:Marie WeaverMake Your Game Challenging It is vital whenever you think to have an idea that how challenging the game would be and how long will each stage of game should take. It needs to get more difficult, but at the same time its got to be fair so that the gamer doesnt lose interest from the game. You need to create a sense of progression, so the players feel like they are achieving something as they keep on playing. You can keep high scores or rewards as a fame of their achievement.Gain Free Sound EffectsGet all the sound effects for your game forfree at This is somewhat atiresome process but will surely not burnyour pockets. You can even use a freesound editing program called Audacity toedit sounds in order to fit for your games.Moreover, if your friend is a computergame developer, you can ask for a favor tohelp you integrate sound in your game.Lets talk about top 5 mobile gamedevelopment tools... Now if you are mobile game developer or beginner then you need to be proficient in using various game development tools. This type of game development tools helps you to speed up your game development process with latest features. There are lots of mobile game development tools or software available in market to boost your 2D, 3D game development programming. Top Five Ways and Tools to Become Game Developer Page no. 3
  4. 4. Author:Marie WeaverLets start small tour to introduce top 5 game development tools. Using these tools,you can surely develop high-end games along with integrating extraordinaryfeatures, graphics, background, interactive environment, sound and other mostamazing features.CoCos2D:It is an open source 2D game framework being widely usedin mobile game development. There are 2 versions of theseframework, one is written in Python and one written inObjective C targeting iOS. The API comes integrated withBox2D and Chipmunk – mobile game engines.Blender Game Engine:This production suite is an open source platform. It is highly used in making real-time interactive content. This comprehensive framework is written from scratch inC++ as the most independent component. Further, it includes support for featuressuch as Python scripting and Open AL 3D sound. It is widely helpful in creatingpuzzle games.UNITY: Top Five Ways and Tools to Become Game Developer Page no. 4
  5. 5. Author:Marie WeaverUnity is an integrated authoring tool for developing high-end games. This tool isuseful in developing 3D video games and other interactive content such asarchitectural visualizations or real-time 3D animations. The specialty of thisplatform is that it can used for iPhone game development as well as other platformssuch as Google Android.Maya:Maya is a favorite mobile game developmentsoftware among the developers around the world. Itwas originally used for television, films and PCgames. But, with the emerging new market trends,it has made the way into the mobile gamingindustry. This mobile game development platformis well known for creating awesome 3D assets forgames.Flash Lite: Flash Lite helps users to have a view of multimedia content. It is most specifically a lighter version of Flash, which mainly targets mobile devices with heavy graphic processing capabilities. Flash games can be made compatible for the mobile platform using Flash Lite.I hope this information helps you to develop your dream games without anyprogramming skills.If you want to know more about game development tools or want todevelop customized game then GDI helps you in every way... Thanks For Reading... Top Five Ways and Tools to Become Game Developer Page no. 5