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Mobile game development


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Mobile game development

  1. 1. Mobile Game DevelopmentMobile Game Development is very popular and growing sector in now time. Specially, iPhonemake mobile game development very popular with its good graphics and sound features whichmakes gaming experience as reality. Android game development is also in full swing. Androidbased smart phones also have lot of demand in the market. Mobile games developed on belowplatforms.Here are Some Mobile game development platforms and tools to develop iPhone and Androidand other mobile games. Which used by Mobile Game Developers  Popular Mobile Game Development Tools  UNITY  Cocos2D  Maya  Blender Game Engine  Flash Lite  Mobile Game Platforms 1. Apple iOS 2. Google Android 3. Windows Mobile 4. Palm OS 5. Symbian 6. Adobe Flash Lite 7. Suns Java ME 8. Qualcomms BREW 9. WIPI 10. Windows Phone 7  Apple App Store iTunes: Apple site proving App store to download many apps and games for iPhone. There are many free and paid game applications to download on Apple App store.
  2. 2.  Google Play Store: Android Mobile Google provide "Google Play" Online App store. Google Play application is also available for Mobile devices to download music, movie, books, Applications, and Games for Android mobiles. Google have included "Google Play Store" In Google search bar mail menu.Find More Information at