A Big Boom for Mobile Game Developers


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Mobile games have become a great industry and is expected to grow in future also. There is a great scope of opportunities for the businesses and mobile game developers who are in this industry.

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A Big Boom for Mobile Game Developers

  1. 1. Page No:- 1 A Big Boom for Mobile Game DevelopersThese days, we find smartphones include a vast array of games that can be enjoyed by every agegroup. It has one game or the other for every age group, due to this mobile game apps aregaining popularity.These mobile games help them to get refreshed after a long day work load. Looking at this, themobile game developers can very well take advantage of this expanding market of games to earngood revenue using their talents.Obtain Some Hottest GamesSmart phone is a common source of communication and activity center for people across theworld. Most common among all is the Apple iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and more. Inaddition Android based handheld devices are also on more demand.Moreover, today mobile market is flooded with mobile application development wherein numerousmobile apps are being developed and continuously being added to App stores. Apple iPhone iOSand Android are the 2 best platforms to enable various types of apps ranging from business,lifestyle, entertainment, social networking apps and more.But among all categories iPhone game development and Android games are most sort overcategories. Let us also have a look at other mobile gaming platforms. Most entertainment andtime pass is obtained only through these mobile games available in App Store iTunes and GooglePlay Store. A Big Boom for Mobile Game Developers Marie Weaver
  2. 2. Page No:- 2Various Mobile Gaming Platforms AreMobile games are developed using platforms and technologies such as Windows Mobile, Palm OS,Symbian, Adobe Flash Lite, Suns Java ME, Qualcomms BREW, WIPI, Apple iOS, Windows Phone7, Google Android and many more platforms are on their way.iPhone game apps in iTunes The iPhone is well-known by its millions of iPhone game applications currently existing on App Store iTunes on Apple site, millions of gaming apps are free to download and a number of apps are paid to download. You can extend functionalities of your iPhone via these third party gaming applications, which are being developed by thousands of offshore mobile development companies around the world. More than 500,000 apps are available in iTunes belonging to various categories like Business, Travel, Sports & Fitness, Social Networking, News, Lifestyle, Games apps, Entertainment, Education, Music, Family and Kids and more. A Big Boom for Mobile Game Developers Marie Weaver
  3. 3. Page No:- 3Android Apps in Google Play StoreGoogle Play is a digital multimedia service from Googlewhich includes an online store for music, movie, books,and Android apps and games as well as cloud mediaplayer. The service is available online and applicationscan be installed from the device or the Google Playwebsite. This Play store is today available in Google mainsearch site and more than 450,000 Android games andapps available for download.Need for Mobile Game DeveloperThere are millions of gaming apps that are free to download and a number of apps are paid todownload. But in order to obtain one game app you definitely need the services of iPhone gamedeveloper. Android and iPhone Mobile Game apps are being developed by thousands of offshoremobile application development companies around the world but it is preferable to choose mobilegame developer from India.Gaining this expertise will quickly secure a job with a game development company or mobile appdevelopment firms that are entitled in helping businesses to establish their smartphone presence.As usual, the interest of game players should be the first priority of a mobile game developerbecause without their interest, there is no point in building a game. A Big Boom for Mobile Game Developers Marie Weaver
  4. 4. Page No:- 4Mobile game development is a difficult profession requiring immense creativity from its gamedevelopers. If you require an advanced gaming experience, then GDI is the perfect solution.Related Mobile Game Development Information: • iPad Game Development • Flash Game Development • Facebook Game Development A Big Boom for Mobile Game Developers Marie Weaver