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Building your brand and brand story


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Building your brand and brand story

  1. Building Your Brand & Brand Story<br />Marie Still | Marketing & Communications Director | MRIS<br />
  2. Size doesn’t matter<br />Big or small, developing a strong brand & brand story is important.<br />
  3. Why brand?<br />
  4. differentiation<br />
  5. clarity<br />
  6. loyalty<br />
  7. who<br />What is a brand?<br />
  8. a good brand elicits thoughts…<br />a great brand elicits feelings.<br />
  9. Emotional relationships are stronger than logical relationships. Customers grant more loyalty and leniency to brands that they hold a personal relationship with. <br />
  10. ?<br />Ask yourself:<br />who are we?<br />what do we stand for?<br />what do we do for our customers?<br />Who do our customers see our brand as?<br />
  11. What is your brand personality?<br />
  12. Using brand archetypes gives your brand a personality and story that everyone can understand and relate to, externally & internally.<br />The Innocent<br />The Everyday Man/Woman<br />The Explorer<br />The Hero<br />The Outlaw<br />The Creator<br />The Ruler<br />The Magician<br />The Lover<br />The Caregiver<br />The Sage<br />The Jester<br />
  13. Write your brand story.<br />Consistency is key, your customers & consumers are the main character, tell the story of your brand using the archetype, what role does your brand play in your consumer’s lives.<br />[Your Brand]<br />
  14. Now here comes the fun…MARKETING<br />
  15. Each time you touch the market with your marketing tactics, your brand should play the same role. There will be different layers, but the core will be the same.<br />
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