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Google I/O13- Key take outs for publishers


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My key learnings from Google I/O13
Summary of the main keynotes,G+ products and trends for publishers

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Google I/O13- Key take outs for publishers

  1. 1. My key take outs for publishersPrepared by Marie Sornin@mariesornin
  2. 2. No big announcement but….“Technology must get outof the way so we can dothe things we love!”SearchPredictive, human like solutions<Google now, Search>Research & Ventures<Self driving cars, Fibre, X>Services<Music, Maps, Education>Social< G+: Human dimension toGoogle products>Mobile & platforms<Android Play services,Chrome Pxl, Glass>
  3. 3. •Click to watch extract of the keynote speech (1h51)
  4. 4. Comments in notes + click on image for blog on
  5. 5. With G+, Google wants to know their users as people to make their web (I.e.Google) experience betterG+ is the social spine to Google products
  6. 6. New Look & Feel and toolsMore immersive/ visual & flexible browsingOffersAuto Awesome, photo experience
  7. 7. Multi platform experience• Standard G+ Sign on for web &apps: Connectivity from web tomobile and mobile to web– Cross platform sign on: whenusers sign in on web +automatically downloads &signed in on Android app• When signing in: 40% ofAndroid users download theapp over the air! (already signedin when wanting to use it!)
  8. 8. Content recommendations• Of course, social search annotation (CTR up to 5-10%)• Related #: used & related # for more in depthcontent discovery + helps build conversation &engagement• Interactive sharing (explicit sharing):• offers should help promote interactive post-Comment, watch, read…. Increases engagement by3X (compared to standard +1)• Surface the right content at the right time: Forbeshas implemented article recommendations onAndroid smart phone(like Google now cards):– Articles are recommended based on 4 segments:sharing ,popularity, authorship, search– Easy to integrate within Android app (just like+1button/ Tweet button)– Desktop version will come later (Google now forweb)
  9. 9. Chat with other pubishers
  10. 10. Other nuggets• An Engineers Pragmatic Guide to Design: Design& product build process• Gamestorming: brainstorming technics to get unstuck for finding theessence of a concept, envisioning the future, building consensus, thinking throughproblems