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Hotel Services change


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Published in: Business, Education
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Hotel Services change

  1. 1. HOTEL SERVICES IN THE FUTURE Delivering high quality service: a new key battle to conquer What are the key drivers of service change? How does the Hospitality Industry need to position itself to overcome such changing environment?
  2. 2. As companies look towards the future, they can see the vision of a swinging balance of power, the focus of which is the man-power lying in each and every individual at an organization’s disposal….. the era of Human Capital is upon us!
  3. 3. Introduction - The Human Capital used to be seen as an underused value in the heart of a company and is now considered today as a truly performance driver and are by far the only advantage to shape the customer experience and add some more value to the stay - Hoteliers now face a more demanding application on the part of customers seeking now a service delivery excellence - The guest expect to live a unique experience which will be worth remembering where the human touch in the service delivery is at the fore (guest recognition, its feeling to be treated as a special guest) What are the key factors of such a new service equilibrium where the words excellence, personnalization, customer focus are the key for success?
  4. 4. Towards a new customer service expectations revival - an customer changing habits highly influenced by our ever changing environment - customers are more and more eager to pay a premium quality service and receive the best in class quality service - guest expects a successful service delivery provided with an added value - customers always expect more from what he gets
  5. 5. An unstable economic and social context - key factors of service changes - a new dawn of hyper competition each hotel need to stand out from the crowd in order to distinguish themselves and get a real competitive advantage - the era of service and emergent technologies the digital revolution and its massive invasion on the Hospitality market has profundly changed positively the host guest relationship
  6. 6. - a volcanic financial environment due to the weakness and failures of our current financial market, a new equilibrium need to be reach towards Human Capital; relying on such asset will today make the service difference - information systems; the true precursor of the revolution the lack of attribution of responsibility to employees from the managers allowed redefining a new balance by assigning a new managerial role.
  7. 7. - the era of a service focused economy is upon us…. human quality is seen as the main driver of this industry success, helping hotels all over the world to engage and thrives in one of the most competitive global marketplaces - a step forward toward innovation Hoteliers must deal today with a customer becoming more and more demanding , this it is now necessary to create value not only through material capital but also through intangible assets such as fully maximising human innovation
  8. 8. Towards a new customer service equilibrium in the Luxury Hospitality - customer focus orientation (high guest service providers commitment to make the guest bliss) - a host guest relationship highly personalized (playing with guest touchpoints through guest preferences, desideratas…) - a permanent customer experience development (reach out the guest beyond hotel borders is a key success to win the customer loyalty) - a quality service delivered with added value (deliver a quality service through a wow factor - going above guest expectations)
  9. 9. Conclusion Hotel Services in the Future - New challenges are today facing the Luxury Hospitality Industry making every hotel managers more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd - Satisfy the customer is definitively not sufficient enough to gain the customer loyalty, seen today as the most successful key factor for a business survival - Managing to reach customer entire devotion is what will make today the difference
  10. 10. The era of customer service excellence… Personnalization, Exclusivity, Customer focus are now defined as the new key factor for success!