Four Seasons Hotels Digital universe


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Four Seasons Hotels Digital universe

  1. 1. THE FOUR SEASONS DIGITAL MEDIA UNIVERSE How well do they manage to create a special digital customer relationship with new dynamic tools? Tiffany Blais Laura Boglietti Marie-Sophie Claude MBA2B
  2. 2. THE SOCIAL NETWORKS THEY COMMUNICATE WITH  A dynamic presence on a Facebook network newly redesigned (arround 225000 fans)  Twitter use for specific campaign as the ‘Winter Spa Campaign’ – enhance customer engagement with real privileges touchpoints  Brand participation in luxury travel chat on twitter  Active presence on Weibo (China most popular social network) with the lauching of an online magazine
  3. 3. COLLABORATIVE PLATFORMS  Strong presence on Google + to leverage its unique capabilities and feature  Presence on Tumblr with aggregated hotel facilities related content
  4. 4. SOCIAL VIDEO PLATFORM  Some highly currated contents on youtube including world class surfing videos from its property in the Maldives (videos views 280000)
  5. 5. BLOG AND MICROSITES  Four Seasons online magazine ( which features unique content  The Have Family Will Travel Blog features real stories from customers travelling
  6. 6. MOBILE  Launching special applications on smartphone, android, Iphone
  7. 7. C U S T O M E R D I G I TA L A S S I S TA N C E W I T H P I N T E R E S T  An virtual conciergerie platform allowing users to share interest, passions, hobbies through albums  Pin-Pack-Go invite user of Pinterest to communicate directly with Four Season and benefits from proffesional assitance towards their hotel experience
  8. 8. CUSTOMER DECISION JOURNEY  A complex customer journey due to the many interactive digital tools  OTA’s presence are here on this customer decision journey only on a sale information purpose  Interesting hotel prices with the various OTA’s
  9. 9. FOUS SEASONS DIGITAL WORLD PROS:  A wide pannel of diversified strategic and dynamic tool (social networks, video and collaborative platforms, blog)  A tailored customer assistance on digital world (Pin-Pack-Go, Pinterest)  Greater visibility with some innovative tools (tumblr ) which make the brands stand out from basic digital tools
  10. 10. FOUR SEASONS DIGITAL WORLD CONS:  Lack of creativity and investment contrary to its competitors such as the W hotel ranked number 1 on digital level performance
  11. 11. CONCLUSION  strong digital strategy using a huge range of social community media  Real cohesion between the various digital tools which make a real competitive asset  However the brand lost three ranks of the best Hospitality brands, Four Seasons should think about being a bit more creative and not renew their innovative strategies most often