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Testimonials for Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly


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Real comments from real students and parents about the experience of working with Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly.

Published in: Education
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Testimonials for Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly

  1. 1. Testimonials for Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly
  2. 2. “Naoisé became exactly what I needed at a very difficult juncture in my academic career.” Final Year Dissertation Student, Australia
  3. 3. “Understanding me as though shining a torch around the inner recesses of my mind. If, like me, you’ve always felt a misfit, you’ll appreciate how being understood is such a relief.” UK Adult
  4. 4. “Within 6 days of following Naoisé's practical and mostly very simple steps, he was voluntarily writing words phonetically and his desire to read was re-ignited.” Irish Mother
  5. 5. “Naoisé spent an hour with my daughter over Skype and I knew instantly that she understood her and her unique way of learning that did not fit into mainstream learning. This was the biggest relief.” New Zealand Parent
  6. 6. “The building blocks Naoisé had been providing connected and my daughter took an enormous leap forward in her reading and spelling.” New Zealand Parent
  7. 7. “Naoisé, who not only understands and can see through her eyes, but can provide the tools to navigate the way to a full and rich life of learning and discovery for her.” New Zealand Parent
  8. 8. "for 1st time in my life someone has shown me another way for me to learn" - "to learn & develop without a sense of panic" Irish Adult
  9. 9. “Naoise clearly has a very special talent for engaging young people in their own development.” UK Parent
  10. 10. “I had the good fortune to meet Naoisé in 2014. Initially it was a relief for my children to meet someone who ‘got them’ and didn’t think of them as ‘stupid’ but recognised them for the smart wonderful people they are.” Irish Parent
  11. 11. “I know as we head into Leaving Cert  next year the support of Naoisé will be invaluable and without that the damage that some teachers do would be irreversible.” Irish Parent
  12. 12. 'I was really impressed from the outset, when after a 45 minute conversation with me Naoise really seemed to have a good understanding of my son and what his issues were. It was the first time I felt that anyone had really 'got' him. UK Parent
  13. 13. “Without a doubt this programme has changed our Son’s life.” Irish Family
  14. 14. “Having him educated in a way that he thrives in, is all you want as a parent and we have found a way to give him that, with the help of Dr Naoisé and Her team." Irish Family
  15. 15. “She understand with a person with Dyslexia, like knows where I coming from.” Irish School Student
  16. 16. “Her unending optimism, insightful observations, and tailor-made recommendations gave me just the support I was looking for.” Final Year Dissertation Student, Australia
  17. 17. “She continues to help and plot a course for their future happiness and education.” Irish Family
  18. 18. “Now, he's not only back to the curious, funny, creative little guy he was but he is happier in himself which means our home, in general, is peaceful." Irish Family
  19. 19. “I now have a way of moving forward to achieve what I am capable of in life and doing what will make me happier" Irish Adult Client
  20. 20. “Naoisé has helped to bring together feelings, thoughts and plans that have been floating around in my head for some time" Irish Adult Client