Weekly overview production_schedule


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Weekly overview production_schedule

  1. 1. Production Plan – Weekly overview• This is plan for the whole group. Which me and Amar did together, some things went very well and some things did not went well so I think we did very well. This table what we did for the whole weeks and we did making, planning and research. The things that I did was making the sculpture, research the work, planning the sculpture and when we are going to do it.Week Lesson Task/Outcome Responsibilities Other Info
  2. 2. Mon 3 Doing the presentation to JJO and AFR 1 Mon 4 Today we were introduced to sculptures and we were shown some examples on what were sculptures and wePlanning were sent to the computer room and we were told to research on some sculptures and make a presentation on them. we also had to show that presentation on the sculptures to Ms Saroyan and Mr bray, we also had to show some of our work to Ms Kroka. Wed 5 We researched Egyptian sculptures and how they were different to other sculpture and this was good because we learnt that we had so many different types of sculptures that we could make when we start making our own sculptures. Thurs 2 We also looked at some other sculptures that were different from the ones we have already seen. Thurs 3 We looked at a sculpture named renaissance sculpture it was a very small sculpture and the message was not told to us it would of been better if we were told the messages. Thurs 4 We all had to create a time line about sculptures and this helped us by showing us what kind of sculptures that people made in the olden days than after that we had to present it to the whole class. Thurs 5 Today we look at fashion in the1920 and 1970 and did our presentation on it we also looked at text tiles and what kind of text tiles were there made in the days before we were born. 2 Half Term Planning
  3. 3. Mon 3 After that we made this in to a PowerPoint and we Had to practice this for the next lesson because we had to present it Mr Frazer and Mrs Joyce. 3 Today we had to research one environmental Mon 4Planning issues than we had to put it in a PowerPoint than we had to research on some global issues and how they effected things and we also had to put this in to that same PowerPoint, we also had to get some kind of images to make the presentation more interesting than after that we had to research on 1 thing that effected the UK and what kinds of effect do they do or what kinds of things have happened to the UK in the past years. Wed 5 We went to see the sculptures around the school and we made notes on how good they were and how bad they were we also made a www and an EBI for each of the sculpture this helped me to make what kind of sculpture we could make. Thurs 2 Presentation for Mr Fraser and miss Josie decided on the roles we needed we made a weekly planner on what we had to do onwards and so that we could be show on what we had to do after we finished our work. Thurs 3 today we were making my questionnaire about our food waste project and our sculpture than i went to some teachers and asked them some questions about food waste in our school and were we could put our sculptures and what kind of materials and what kind of colours we could put in our sculpture. i also did 1 of my sculpture design in my sketch book. Thurs 4 today we all got together and we made a choice out of witch of the logos that we made was good and witch was bad, than we had to make a sketch of the sculpture that we will make, before we that we had to choose the
  4. 4. Mon 3 The 10 things that we thought of putting in the title were: 4 1. DONT HARM THE CRANEPlanning 2. DONT KILL THE ENVIRONMENT 3. ALL WAYS THINK BEFORE YOU LITTER 4. YOU DONT WANT HARM, NEITHER DO THE ANIMALS 5. DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN POLLUTED ENVIRONMENT 6. GET A HOLD OF YOUR LITTER 7. KEEP YOUR ENVIRONMENT SAFE 8.WHY HARM THE ANIMALS 9.IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN STOP THIS ALL 10.DONT KILL YOUR FOOD Mon 4 than we all came up with one and it was THINK BEFORE YOU WASTE, DONT KILL CRANE FORD we also made a PowerPoint to show to the governors, we all added pie charts and put them into the PowerPoint than i went off and edited the titles in the PowerPoints so that it made it look much better and it stands out. Wed 5 Week 10 we had to make 2 mini version sculptures and were not allowed to make any bit of the mini sculptures out of sell tape because we had to make a sculpture using recycled stuff. Thurs 2 when i made my sculpture i made it using sell tape Thurs 3 because it was a very long and difficult process making the sculpture so i decided to use sell tape but after i was finished i had to go and show it to me bray, when he saw the mini sculpture he said to me that i had to make the sculpture out of recycled stuff and sell tape is not a recycled or a waste thing and we also could not create rubbish just by misusing something and just chucking it away then sir had to take a photo with the sculpture and me than he took apart my sculpture and said to me that i had to make my sculpture again all out of rubbish and not things like sell tape and i had another idea of making a
  5. 5. Mon 3 We need some things to make the sculpture so we went to get some rubbish like paper, cans, tins 1 and many more things.Making Mon 4 We did diary entries for the making and to make own sculptures. Wed 5 We make own sculptures. Thurs 2 I finish my sculpture and when we did another sculpture that we are doing together and it’s called tin man. We are going to make it out of cans, glue and tins. Thurs 3 We are making the sculpture Thurs 4 We are making the sculpture Thurs 5 We are making the sculpture Mon 3 We are making the sculpture Mon 4 We are making the sculpture 2 Wed 5 We are making the sculptureMaking Thurs 2 We are making the sculpture Thurs 3 We are making the sculpture Thurs 4 We are making the sculpture Thurs 5 We are making the sculpture
  6. 6. Mon 3 When we did the sculpture. Mon 4 When we worked very doing diary entry`s and we 3 did take many pictures of the sculpture.Making Wed 5 When we made a video about the sculpture that we made and the pictures we put in the video. Thurs 2 Also we write about another sculpture what another team made. Thurs 3 Risk Assessment and List of materials required, quantities and any costs Thurs 4 Research into techniques to create sculpture Thurs 5 Minutes of every team meeting and doing Production Plan – Weekly overview