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Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk Assessment Risk How to reduce or What do if dangers Level of risk prevent the risk occurs Putting paint in your Wear goggles in your Have to keep your eyes high eyes eyes and be careful with close and don`t open it. the paints. People have to help you and put you into a hospital quickly as you can. Slip on paint Be careful and not to Go to the hospital if it is Medium fall down. very bad and if it’s not bad when be careful next time. Cutting your hand Be careful and look at Put blanket over your high the way that you are hand to stop the blood cutting. coming out and go hospital. Glue in your hair Be careful and keep You need to cut your medium your hair away so put hand if there is glue your hair up not down. over your hair. Eating the glue Don`t eat the down and Need to go hospital. high be careful with the glue.By Marie McCauley