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Italy renaissance


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Italy renaissance

  1. 1. Italy Renaissance<br />0-63500<br />Sculpture 1:<br />This sculpture was made by Donatello and the sculpture is called St George. Also it was made out of Marble and it’s about 214 cm of height. The sculpture was made in Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence at 1416. expressing in the head of this saint the beauty of youth, courage and valour in arms, and a terrible ardour. Life itself seems to be stirring vigorously within the stone.                                                         <br />-4705353492500<br />Sculpture 2:<br />This sculpture was made by Donatello and the sculpture is called Virgin and Child. Also it was made out of sandstone and the sculpture was made in Santa Croce, Florence at 1430. The sculpture is about religious and god also they show information about god, heaven and the religious. <br />-539115-6159500<br />Sculpture 3:<br />This sculpture was made by Lorenzo Ghiberti and this sculpture is called Saint Matthew. The sculpture was made at (1419-1421) and it was installed before conservation at Orsanmichele, Florence, Italy. This sculpture looks religious and have message in the sculpture of the Italy Renaissance and it was very popular in the 1419 at Italy.<br />