H36382 a principal learning creative and media cm106 june 2009


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H36382 a principal learning creative and media cm106 june 2009

  1. 1. Centre 13116 Surname Marie McCauley No. Candidat Initial(s) e No. Paper Reference(s) CM106/01 Edexcel Principal Learning Creative and Media Level 1 Unit 6 – Skills Report Time: Up to 2 hoursInstructions to CandidatesYou have up to two hours to write your response to this paper.Following the instructions given in Sections A, B and C below, you must write about thework you presented to an audience in Unit 5: Presentation. You will have created that work inone of the following units:Unit 2: Visual ArtsUnit 3: PerformanceUnit 4: Media Production.You will also be asked to write about your presentation of the work, and the kind of jobs thatmight use the skills you developed by creating the work.Write your responses, using correct, formal English, in the boxes below the prompts.The response areas beneath each prompt will automatically expand as you type.You can check how many words you have typed by using the Word Count facility on theTools drop-down menu.
  2. 2. Section A This section is about how you created the work which you presented for Unit 5. 1 Describe as clearly as you can how you created the work which you presented for Unit 5. • You should describe what you did, the materials or technology you used, and the techniques and skills you used. • You should describe what you did in the order in which you did things. If you worked in a group you should describe first what the group as a whole did, and then what you yourself did. [You should aim to write around 200 words for this section] [Maximum marks 12]Response We started off by planning the sculpture and how we are going to make it. We did many researches about the sculptures like Rome sculpture, inlay sculptures and many more. Also we looked at many different sculptures what many people did I think I learned lot because many artist work on their art work to inspired people and to send message around to everyone. When Mr bray said that we are going to make a sculpture so I was very happy and I know that I am going to learn a lot from this unit. Mr bray put us into 3 group’s one group doing energy, one group is doing rubbish and we are doing food waste. I am working with in my group is Amar, Ryan and Irabazz and we worked very hard on this project and the sculpture but the first thing that we did was we made many different designs and some design was very creative and very eye-catching for the audience and some designs was good but needed to be better. Then we think of what design to do and we pick a man made out of tins so we called the sculpture the tin man. We had many different cans but most of them were diet coco-cola cans I think we worked very hard on the design and we had about 100 or 60 cans. The can were diet coco cola, coco cola and many more. We made the tin man with a glue gun and cans that how we create the sculpture. When we made the arms, head, body I think we did very well and it was very fun to do. 2
  3. 3. 2 Describe some of the things you looked at when you were creating this work and explain how they helped you to create your work. • These could have been: live or recorded performances of theatre, dance or music; films or TV programmes; paintings, drawings, prints or photographs; sculptures; advertisements; costumes or clothes; computer games; DVDs etc. • They might have helped you by giving you ideas, or by showing you how something was done. • They might have changed your ideas about what you wanted to do. [You should aim to write around 150 words for this section] [Maximum marks 8]Response The sculpture that was very creative and good to see because you can make sculptures out of anything and this lady called Sarah Kaufmann but people call her the cheese lady because she makes her sculpture out of cheese. Sarah Kaufmann is very inspired by cheese because her farm was made out of cheese and she very like cheese very much. Sarah makes her sculpture with a knife by carve the sculpture. Also she use different colour of cheese to make it more eye-catching for people and she uses lot of cheese in her sculpture that might cost lot of cheese by making it. Cheese is very easy to make things out of because cheese is very soft and it’s not that hard. Also you can make many things out of cheese. The cheese lady works very hard on her sculpture and she loves cheese very much and she trying to send message around the world about cheese. 3
  4. 4. Section B This section is about how you presented the work. 1 Describe your preparations for the presentation of your work. • You should set out your planning process, and show how closely you followed those plans. • Your response could include flowcharts and diagrams. If you worked in a group you must describe what the group did and your own contribution to the process. [You should aim to write around 150 words for this section] [Maximum marks 8]Response I think we worked very hard on the final project that is the sculpture and I think that I worked hard on this project also i used glue gun to be together the cans and I used many different cans for the final project. We all worked together and we thinking what to do. we think we should not make a head because people can take pictures of it with their head benign on the sculpture. I think I worked hard with my group too we were keeping the sculpture together so it would not break. Also we was glue the sculpture very strong so it would not break and we try to do the arms, body and legs together so it would not break. The sculpture was very big when the two another sculpture it was different, very eye-catching and it was creative very well. 2 Describe the type of audience your presentation was aimed at. [You should aim to write around 100 words for this section] [Maximum marks 4]Response I think we are aiming at teenagers because they don`t care about the environment and they put rubbish everywhere. Teenagers don`t care that much about environment but they do learn about it but they just do it. In high schools there is many rubbish on the floor and they waste many food and they just put it on the floor or don`t eat it that is food waste. We made this sculpture to show teenagers and many ages to not food waste because there are poor cities with no food and that’s bad also it’s wasting many money. 4
  5. 5. 3 Describe how the audience responded to your presentation – for example, did they respond as you expected, or were you surprised by their responses? [You should aim to write around 150 words for this section] [Maximum marks 8]Response On the presentation audiences was watching the presentation people talking about the presentation I think everyone learned lot of this and I think they listened very well. The audiences were asking question about the presentation and the sculpture also I think they liked the sculpture. The presentation was very long so some people were listening and some people were not but they did like the sculptures. I think we worked hard because the sculpture was creative well and great work. Also the presentation was very great and many people learned a lot about food waste, energy, and rubbish. 4 Describe one hazard you had to deal with in preparing your presentation and describe how you dealt with this hazard. [You should aim to write around 150 words for this section] [Maximum marks 8]Response I think that went wrong was the video in the presentation because the video was very long and some people wanted to see the video so I think that was bad because they can show the video but on the other hand they did not put long because the time was running out and some parts of the video is not important just pictures about Cranford. Also the another video that went wrong was the video for the Tin man because the Tin man break and we wanted to show everyone what we designed so I think we did well on the sculpture but the video was good but can`t be showing because it was not working. 5
  6. 6. Section C This section is about jobs that would use the skills you have started to develop by creating the work you presented in Unit 5: Presentation. 1 Name and describe two jobs that would require the sort of skills you have started to develop by doing the work you presented in Unit 5. You do not have to restrict your choices to jobs that you could apply for at the beginning of a career. One – or both – of them could be the type of job which you might hope to be doing later in your career. You are advised, however, to make realistic choices. [You should aim to write around 200 words for this section] [Maximum marks 12]Response In graphic design the skills that you need is drawing and sketching skills to draw what idea you want and need to do drawing on the computer. You need to be creativity because you need to try and to design on computer and be work hard on it. Team working skills is important. Fashion design skills are important because you need to be good at creative clothing and benign very stylish. But you need a fashion machine and fashion body so that you can do your design there. Also you need many different fabrics and many colours pens to draw your design on paper. Video maker skills are important for movies because you need video camera and you need to careful with the camera and you need to video it very well. You need to be good at ICT and be very creative with the camera. Artiest skills are you need to be good at art and you need to be very creative that’s very important. But you need paper, colour pens, paints and pencils. You need to be eye-catching, great at art. END 6