Frederic M business opportunity


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Presentation of the Frederic M home business opportunity

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Frederic M business opportunity

  1. 1. Frederic Discover the best MLM’French business
  2. 2. Frederic M Frederic M, was set up and developed on the Mediterranean coast, on the glorious French Riviera, the source of dreams the world over. It is the source of its originality and its pride.The nearby town of Grasse continues the ancestral tradition which has made it the perfume capital of the world. Since the 80s, Frédéric M has managed to develop its products and enlarge its range, while at the same time retaining its originality, and thereby become a brand leader.
  3. 3. An international Frédéric M is an international name, representing a love of the authentic, the real product, a sense of shared contact and creation. At Frédéric M each country has its own network colour and its own qualities. The many trophies won and seminars held for distributors always provide opportunities for people from the various FM countries to meet and discuss. In September 2003, at the convention to celebrate 20 years of Frédéric M, there will be one of the most prestigious gatherings of the best Frédéric M distributors.
  4. 4. A natural The combination of plants and essential oils, skilfully used by Frédéric M in a whole range of listed products, works in a natural and effective way. There are few market equivalents for the products the brand offers customers and distributors. These products are unique both in design and their rich composition: vegetable oils including sunflower, sesame and olive, peach and apricot stone oil, cornflower, sage, mandarin, lemon, organic olive and many other invaluable ingredients.
  5. 5. It is in the Domaine de la Frayère, amagnificent property situated on theheights of Grasse, that Frédéric M still tothis day cultivates the May rose as it wasin olden times, and draws its inspirationfrom the treasures of Provence.
  6. 6. A cosmetic solution for all skin types The “nature and care” approach is designed accommodate all profile types by providing a cosmetology solution tailored to individual needs. One or several ingredients are involved, depending on skin sensitivity or type. The distributor is secure in the knowledge that she is offering a professional and specific solution for each customer. The customer has the pleasure of being offered an individually tailored service and finding a quality of professional care worthy of the Frédéric M name. To see our catalog
  7. 7. FRAGRANCES/ Frédéric M is one of the last remaining international luxury product companies that loves and cares about perfume enough to cultivate some of its most precious raw materials itself. The distribution method chosen by the company and Serge and Frédéric Munoz’s characteristic passion for freedom enabled the creation of perfumes in perfect bottles and fragrances, resulting in products that delight all the senses. To see our catalog
  8. 8. Alpha an innovative product In Alpha Omega, in two food supplement products, Frédéric M combines the essential active ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. Alpha, the antioxidant, includes grape marc, green tea, tomato lycopene, betacarotene, vitamin E, olive leaf and many other ingredients. Omega, the essential fatty acids, contains olive oils along with wheat germ, parsley and rosemary oils. To see our catalog
  9. 9. BECOME A This method of sales and of specialized distribution is appreciated more and by consumers, and attracts equally a great number of persons wishing to find a job or an income complement. Our flexible business model has been designed to incorporate the best practice ecommerce tools, direct sales, home shopping (party plan) and a variety of marketing options
  10. 10. Tools and training for direct sales : Many tools and training guides are downloadable from the site. Frederic M has produced effective sales aids to help you start up.
  11. 11. Free Information To receive the free information pack by mail, you can contact me English German/Deutsch Spanish Russia Facebook