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Ing ed adjectives yo


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Ing ed adjectives yo

  1. 1. DescribingWhat does he look like?
  2. 2. Describing people’s feelings My holiday was relaxing. I felt really relaxed.‘ ´-ed´ adjectives Adjectives that end in -ed are used to describe how people feel: He was surprised to find that he had been upgraded to first class. I was confused by the findings of the report. She felt tired after working hard all day.
  3. 3. Describing things and places -ing adjectives Adjectives that end in -ing are used to describe things and situations. Compare these example sentences to the ones above: Being upgraded to first class is surprising. ‘The findings of this report are confusing. Working hard all day is tiring.
  4. 4. SummarizingThe dog barks It is a barking dogThe dog barked It was a barking dogThe dog frightens the cat. It is a frightening dog.The dog frightened the cat. It was a frightening dog.The problem confuses the It is a confusing problem.students.The students are confused by They are confused students.the problem.The story amused the children. It was an amusing story.The children were amused by the They were amused children.story.The class bores the students. It is a boring class.The students are bored by the They are bored students.class.
  5. 5. ed- adjectives / ing -adjectives bored  boring confused  confusing depressed  depressing excited  exciting frustrated  frustrating frightened  frightening satisfied  satisfying shocked  shocking
  6. 6. Choose the correct adjective  Dogs often feel ___ during fireworks. frightening frightened  The metro can be ___ the first time you use it. confusing confused  Satoru was ___ to hear about the earthquake. shocking shocked  I think that rainy days in winter are ___. depressed depressing  Shes ___ with doing the same thing every day. boring bored  I was the most ___ person watching that film. exciting excited  The meals at Immigrants Cafe are ___. satisfying satisfied
  7. 7. But also…! Ed adjectives can express: Completed actions and states A long haired cat The potted flowers
  8. 8. …and… ing adjectives can also express: ongoing actions/process and functions The smiling face The falling leaves
  9. 9. Practice exercises grammar/adjectiv/particip.htm blinged1.htm