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Walk thisway 20120525_final


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Published in: Design, Technology, Real Estate
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Walk thisway 20120525_final

  1. 1. walk this way – toward sustainabilitywalkability is key to enhancing the triple bottom line – so now what?Insights and practical solutions for lenders, developers, investors, local andregional planning agencies, private foundations and government agenciesfunding sustainability practices
  2. 2. walkability = good for sustainabilityWalkability is linked to:Better public health and reduced rates of chronic illnessSocial well-being and mental and spiritual healthDecreased driving rates – tied to reduced CO2 emissions & GHGs
  3. 3. and walkability = economic valueNeighborhoods with environmentalfeatures that facilitate walkabilityand attract pedestrians havehigher office, residential, and retailrents, retail revenues, and highervalue residential for-sale properties.
  4. 4. walkable clusters nearby = betterWalkable neighborhood clusters that form walkable districts have higherrents and home values than stand-alone walkable places.
  5. 5. so, now what - is there a solution?State of Place is a powerful tool thatdiagnoses a neighborhood’swalkability. It enables you tocustomize strategic approaches inpolicy, design, development,investment and planning – that makecities better.It reveals a place’s strengths andweaknesses and lays out a roadmapto improve walkability – and movetoward sustainability.No other tool gives you the power toidentify the highest impact leveragepoints to improve a place’s triplebottom line.
  6. 6. Dr. Mariela Alfonzo www.urbanimprint.comPlease contact me to discuss how State of Place can be practically applied toyour planning, design, development, or social impact investment projects.These insights are detailed in a report published by the Metropolitan PolicyProgram at the Brookings Institute, May 2012 (with my co-author Chris Leinberger)Walk this Way: The Economic Promise of Walkable Places in MetropolitanWashington, D.C.