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Kabisig Profile


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Kabisig Profile

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Kabisig Profile

  1. 1. KABISIG PEOPLE’s MOVEMENTKabisig Mindanao Foundation, Inc. DANIEL C. GUILLEN Chairman / President “Magtulungan Tayo”
  2. 2. KABISIGIT IS NOT A PARTY-LIST. It is a non-partisan,multi sectoral voluntary movement of concernedcitizens who seek only the best interest of theircountry and its people. KABISIG is a way of life thatwhich asserts the Filipino’s active involvement inparticipatory democracy and rejects apathy andmendicant mentality. KABISIG is a people’smovement, the bonding together of Filipinos to formcollective strength which can be harnessed forpoverty alleviation efforts and to speed up theimplementation of development program andprojects.
  3. 3. Presidential Proclamation 650 ========================== President Corazon C. Aquino October 5, 1990 The creation of the Kabisig People’s Movement … to facilitate, coordinate and monitor theimplementation of government programs and projects, and providing linkages between and amongthe private sector groups and the government agencies and instrumentalities for the purpose.
  4. 4. NOW, THEREFORE, I, CORAZON C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, dohereby institutionalize the Kabisig People’s Movement (Kabisig) Program to facilitate, coordinate, and monitor the implementationof projects and programs of the government, and to provide linkages between the private and government sectors.All government offices, agencies, instrumentalities including government owned and controlled corporations, are hereby directedto coordinate with, and assist, the Kabisig People’s Movement National Operations Center (KPMNOC), through its DirectorGeneral Roberto Pagdanganan, which shall, in undertaking the various activities for the program.
  5. 5. 1996 ========================== Kabisig Mindanao Foundation, Inc. was organized on June 4, 1996,as an affiliate of the Kabisig People’s Movement, to serve as its secretariat to handle the operations of the movement in Mindanao.Daniel C. Guillen represented the foundation in the Kabisig National Steering Committee meeting on July 29, 1996, during which he was instructed by President Fidel V. Ramos to organize Kabisig in the entire Mindanao.
  6. 6. Memorandum Order 419 ========================== President Fidel V. Ramos thru Exec. Secretary Ruben D. Torres February 28, 1997 The creation of the Kabisig Mindanao Council… launching of the 1st Kabisig Mindanao Congressand official inauguration of the Kabisig Mindanao on March 14-15, 1997
  7. 7. In pursuit of the above mandate, KABISIG, through its regional affiliate, the Kabisig Mindanao Foundation, Inc.,is spearheading the conduct of the 1st Mindanao Kabisig Congress on March 14-15, 1997 at the Davao Convention andTrade Center, Davao City, in order to strengthen the KABISIG Movement in Mindanao and consolidate its programs,projects and activities in the region to ensure that they gear up in support of the government’s Social Reform Agendaand its vision of Philippines2000.
  8. 8. KABISIG PEOPLE’s MOVEMENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1997 1st Kabisig Mindanao Congress and Inauguration of Kabisig Mindanao March 14-15, 1997
  9. 9. DAVAO CITYDavao Convention and Trade Center March 14-15, 1997
  10. 10. 1998 1st Kabisig Service Information Fair with various government agencies January 23-30, 1998Launching of Kabisig Ugnayan sa Himpapawid via DXRP Radyo ng Bayan January 24, 1998Kabisig Agro-Industrial Trade Fair for MCSEs and 2nd Anniversary of Kabisig Mindanao March 13-20, 1998
  11. 11. DAVAO CITYGaisano Mall of Davao January 23-30, 1998
  12. 12. 1999 Kabisig Service Information Exhibits for Region XI, JS Gaisano Citimall, Davao City March 11-23, 1999 for Region XIII (Caraga), Urios Gym, Butuan City May 3-11, 1999 for Region XII, MSU-IIT, Iligan City August 6-14, 1999for Region X, Lim Ket Kai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City September 6-11, 1999for Region IX, Ateneo de Zamboanga, Zamboanga City October 4-9, 1999
  14. 14. DAVAO CITYJS Gaisano Citimall March 11-23, 1999
  15. 15. BUTUAN CITY Urios GymMay 3-11, 1999
  16. 16. ILIGAN CITY MSU-IITAugust 6-14, 1999
  17. 17. CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY Lim Ket Kai Center September 6-11, 1999
  19. 19. 2000Kabisig Service & Investment Information Exhibits for NCR, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City February 24-28, 2000 for CAR, Saint Louis University, Baguio City April 3-7, 2000 for Region XI, Sangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City June 12-19, 2000 for Region VII, SM City (Cebu), Cebu City August 10-15, 2000 for Region X, UCCP Complex, Cagayan de Oro City August 30 - September 4, 2000
  21. 21. MANDALUYONG CITY SM Megamall February 24-28, 2000
  22. 22. BAGUIO CITYSaint Louis University April 3-7, 2000
  23. 23. CEBU CITY SM City (Cebu)August 10-15, 2000
  24. 24. 2001103rd Philippine Independence Celebration Rizal Park, Davao City June 12-15, 2001 Kabisig Information Fair Sangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City August 13-19, 2001
  25. 25. DAVAO CITYSangguniang Panglungsod August 13-19, 2001
  26. 26. 2002104th Philippine Independence Celebration Rizal Park, Davao City June 12, 2002 Koro Kantahanay Performed by UP Mindanao Kombuyahan CAP Theater, Davao City September 20, 2002 Modern KabukiPerformed by Manjushaka Japanese Theater Artists CAP Theater, Davao City December 6-8, 2002
  27. 27. DAVAO CITY CAP TheaterSeptember 20, 2002 December 6-8, 2002
  28. 28. 2003105th Philippine Independence Celebration Rizal Park, Davao City June 12, 2003 Kabisig-Agraryo Gov’t & NGO Information Exhibits SM City (Davao), Davao City June 9-13, 2003
  29. 29. 2004Kabisig People’s Movement Congress in Mindanao Grand Menseng Hotel, Davao City March 15, 2004 Kabisig Information Exhibit & Trade Fair NCCC Mall, Matina, Davao City March 11-17, 2004 106th Philippine Independence Celebration Centennial Monument, Davao City June 12, 2004 1st Davao Farmers and SMEs Paskuhan NCCC Mall, Matina, Davao City December 06-10, 2004
  30. 30. DAVAO CITYNCCC Mall of DavaoDecember 6-10, 2004
  31. 31. 2005Kabisig Gov’t. Information Exhibit & Trade Fair Sangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City March 14-18, 2005 Kidapawan City Gym, Kidapawan City June 7-12, 2005 Digos City Almendras Gym, Digos City June 13-17, 2005 Tagum City Cultural & Trade Pavilion, Tagum City July 04-08, 2005 Fort Del Pilar Pavilion, Zamboanga City October 09-12, 2005
  32. 32. 2006 Kabisig Government & NGO Info Exhibit and Trade FairSangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City March 14-18, 2006Sangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City June 8-13, 2006 NCCC Mall, Matina, Davao City September 18-21, 2006
  33. 33. 2007 EDSA People Power Commemoration Exhibit, Trade and Jobs FairSangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City February 21-26, 2007Kabisig National Government ExpoSangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City March 19-23, 2007
  34. 34. 2007Kabisig Government Expo 2007 Sangguniang Panglungsod, Davao City June 12-15, 2007 SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City September 17-21, 2007
  35. 35. KABISIG GOVERNMENT EXPO (A Series of Information Exhibits, Trade and Jobs Fair Nationwide)PROPONENT: KABISIG MINDANAO FOUNDATION, INC.RATIONALE:Philippine government agencies and instrumentalities have many projects and programs aimed at uplifting thewelfare of society. However, their accomplishments hardly reach the public because information about them isnot disseminated adequately and effectively. Thus, there is a need to spread the good news about governmentthrough a dynamic and consistent campaign to inform the public about it, so it can become aware of howgovernment addresses its concerns.Kabisig Mindanao Foundation is an NGO whose main objective is to create public awareness of governmentaccomplishments through information exhibits. Since its first one-stop information fair in 1998 conducted inDavao City and the last conducted in the same city in 2007, it was observed that many viewers did not have ordid not have enough knowledge of government profiles, service facilities, programs and accomplishments. Thus,there is a need to bridge the gap between what government does and what the people know.The inadequacy of knowledge or the lack of it can easily lead the public to become misinformed and formnegative impressions of government. Kabisig, then, has taken upon itself the task of helping government spreadthe good news about it and President Benigno S. Aquino III program of good governance through another one-stop information exhibit, the Kabisig Government Expo (A Series of Information Exhibits, Trade and Jobs Fair),which will be held nationwide in various regional capitals. The theme of the exhibit is “ Kapit-bisig sa Matuwidna Daan: Gabay sa Kaunlaran”. For the National Capital Region this will be held in various SM Supermalls.
  36. 36. VISION:Kabisig as a committed partner in information dissemination on government profiles, service facilities, projects,programs and accomplishments.MISSION:To help bring and promote government closer to the people and make the public aware of and appreciative ofgovernment.OTHER OBJECTIVES:1.) To showcase government office profiles, service facilities, policies, programs, projects, products and accomplishments2.) To promote the President Aquino’s program of good governance through the Kabisig spirit of partnership and cooperation3.) To provide opportunities for local government units to promote their investment and tourism potentials for development4.) To conduct seminars/fora and provide brochures on different services and programs5.) To provide opportunities for job seekersTARGET PARTICIPANTS:1.) All government line departments and attached agencies2.) Government-owned and controlled corporations and state universities3.) Government foreign-assisted programs4.) Local government units (towns, cities and provinces)EXPECTED OUTPUTS:1.) More Filipinos will be informed and appreciative of government programs and accomplishments2.) Local government units will be able to promote and market their respective areas as investment and tourism destinations3.) Job seekers will find jobs through the cooperation of DoLEAUTHORITY: Presidential Memorandum Circular No. 12 .
  37. 37. DAVAO CITYSangguniang Panglungsod June 12-15, 2007
  38. 38. PASAY CITY SM Mall of Asia[ The Orientation – Ang Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman ]
  39. 39. PASAY CITY SM Mall of AsiaSeptember 17-21, 2007
  40. 40. PASAY CITY SM Mall of AsiaSeptember 17-21, 2007
  41. 41. PASAY CITY SM Mall of AsiaSeptember 17-21, 2007
  42. 42. KABISIG GOVERNMENT EXPO 2007 SM Mall of Asia THE EXHIBITORSOffice of the Solicitor General Department of AgricultureDepartment of National Defense Philippine Rice Research InstituteDepartment of the Interior and Local Government Open Academy for Philippine Agriculture Philippine National Police Fiber Industry Development Authority National Police Commission Philippine Coconut Authority Dangerous Drugs Board National Food Authority Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Bureau of Plant Industry Department of Labor and Employment Bureau of Postharvest Research and Extension Bureau of Local Employment Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Bureau of Rural Workers Department of Agrarian Reform Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Department of Foreign Affairs Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Department of Health Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care
  43. 43. KABISIG GOVERNMENT EXPO 2007 SM Mall of Asia THE EXHIBITORSDepartment of Environment and Natural Resources - NCR Department of Science and Technology DENR Region IV-A Technology Application and Promotion Institute DENR Region IV-B Philippine Council for Industry and Energy National Mapping and Resource Information Authority Research and Development Laguna Lake Development Authority Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Natural Resources Development Corporation Technology Research and Development National Water Resources Board Advanced Science and Technology Institute Manila Bay Environment Project Department of Energy Pasig River Rehabilitation Council Department of Trade and Industry CMMO RBCO Philippine International Trading Corporation Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau Philippine Export-Import Credit Agency Environmental Management Bureau Philippine Ports Authority Forest Management Bureau Philippine Postal Corporation Land Management Bureau Mines and Geosciences Bureau Philippine Retirement Authority Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau Philippine Mining Development Corporation
  44. 44. KABISIG GOVERNMENT EXPO 2007 SM Mall of Asia THE EXHIBITORSCivil Service Commission Local Government of Quezon CityProfessional Regulation Commission Local Government of Navotas CityCommission on Higher Education Cagayan Economic Zone AuthorityNational Commission for Culture and the Arts Duty Free PhilippinesKomisyon sa Wikang Filipino Pambansang Kalipunan ng mga Manggagawang Impormal sa PilipinasCommission on Filipino Overseas University of the Philippines in MindanaoParole and Probation AdministrationSocial Security System UP Los Banos Alumni Association in MindanaoHome Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund) UP Grand Order of the Eagles Alumni AssociationPhilippine Health Insurance Corporation Norlotin Food Enterprises(Philhealth)Social Housing Finance Corporation Food Entrepreneurs and Exporters of the PhilippinesPower Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation Portal Innovations CorporationPhilippine Health Insurance Corporation Rotary Club of Calinan-Davao
  45. 45. Kabisig Medical Mission
  46. 46. Kabisig Medical Mission
  47. 47. KABISIG PEOPLE’s MOVEMENT Office Addresses / Contact Nos.: (Main Office) # 3 Champaca St., Phase 2, Green Meadows Subd. Sto Niño, Tugbok District, Davao City Telefax No.: (082) 2930579 Mobile No.: (082-2861692/09228628171 (Manila Office) UPAA Ang Bahay ng Alumni UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City Tel. No.: 09228628171 WEB / E-Mail Addresses:
  48. 48. KABISIG PEOPLE’s MOVEMENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES President Daniel C. Guillen Vice President Luciano L. Puyod Secretary Prifilixa D. Banzon Treasurer Mirope R. LamsenAsst. Treasurer Alex Sarabillo
  49. 49. KABISIG PEOPLE’s MOVEMENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES Board Members Dahlia Nolasco Ismaelita Ap. Lopez Katharina Ajero Ruby Cadayona Rose Garcia Narciso Lozada Pepito Silvan Vonz Hijada Bernardo Wong
  50. 50. KABISIG ANTHEM KAPIT-BISIG, MAGTULUNGAN TAYO Kapit-bisig sa kaunlaran, isang bansa, isang diwaMagtulungan tayo’t magsumikap nang makamtan ang adhikain Kaya natin kung magkaisa sa hirap man o ginhawa Ang isa ay para sa lahat, ang lahat ay para sa isa. Kapit-bisig tayo, abutin ang mithing layon Maka-Diyos, maka-kalikasan, maka-tao’t maka-bansa Kapit-bisig tayo, abutin ang mithing layon Angkinin ang kinabukasan para sa inang bayan. Kapit-bisig, magtulungan, magmahalan tayo Kapit-bisig, Pilipino, magmahalan tayo.
  51. 51. Guillen reports to Col. Gringo Honasan 1986
  52. 52. Daniel Guillen with Former President Fidel Ramos
  53. 53. Daniel Guillen with President Noynoy Aquino
  54. 54. Daniel Guillen with Davao City Vice Mayor Rody Duterte
  55. 55. Maraming Salamat Po! C. Daniel Guillen