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Hot Spots is about a catching perspective on making innovative things happen. It is about collaboration, challenging objectives, exceeding boundaries and productive power. It is a co-creation of two friends who are thrilled by the Hot Spots in their lifes.

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  • Great presentation. There are companies who have either institutionalized this or have a culture that supports this kind of concept. Good examples are Google and Oracle. Within Google it is a normal way of working to start creative groups that develop ideas into realisitc business opportunities. Around 20% of the time of people is spent on this. Within Oracle the culture is around freedom, innovation, entrepreneurship. You have an idea and feel strong about it? Go out and do it.

    The thing that makes this sometimes difficult to succeed is the sharing/learning and embedding in the organization. Although there is great technology to support us, it largely remains up to the people to make an idea really work. Every single person in this world needs to be able to do a bit of marketing and personal selling.
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  • Hi Marieke and Marja,

    Interesting slideshare! I noticed that you was already very enthuasiastic about this book. And I can imagine that! As the matter in fact, I think that these theories align very well with Communities of Practice (not Hyves and Myspace) which elaborate on why people are collaborating, searching for similar interests and creating new practices. And as you know, I graduated on that topic and focussed on the management paradox. Moreover, because such teams are per definition very informal, reluctant to management interference and have interests in setting their own agenda. At the same time, management recognizes more and more the importance of such teams but are most of the times not used with these new kind of teams and their involvement will result in destroying the value of the team (1) or will result in a team which operates out of the scope of management involvement (2). As you can imagine, both scenarios won't have a good impact on the teams and the organisations involved.
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Hot Spots

  1. Hot Spots A catching perspective on making innovative things happen Co-creation by Marja Baljé en Marieke Schoenmaker
  2. Do you recognize….. Such a moment where you and others collaborate in a exceptionally creative manner?
  3. Such a moment where the energy within and between people flare up?
  4. Where the most innovative ideas are developed?
  5. Where work is defiant and thrilling …
  6. Resulting in more valuable products, services and processes?
  7. Such a moment is A Hot Spot
  8. Collaborative thinking …
  9. Exceeding boundaries …
  10. A catching objective …
  11. Productive power …
  12. Hotspots are crucial for the health of the organizations we work for
  13. The good news is … You can design Hot Spots
  14. Imagine … How can you empower your own leadership?
  15. The Hot Spots design cycle 1.Contain Hot Spots 2. Map the system 3. Link to the company objectives 4. Determine The driving power 5. Take Action!
  16. 1. Imagine … Where are the Hot Spots in your organization?
  17. 2. Imagine … Do you know the energy topography of your organization?
  18. 3. Imagine … Is there a relationship between this energy and your company’s objectives
  19. 4. Imagine … Which instruments do you use to create a learning loop?
  20. 5. Imagine … Is there a culture to experiment, learn and act?
  21. Food for thought …
  22. It takes two to tango <ul><li>I trust the people with who i work. </li></ul><ul><li>There is a culture of give and take. </li></ul><ul><li>We work together spontaneously. </li></ul>
  23. Jump across boundaries <ul><li>People from outside my group share their knowledge and expertise. </li></ul><ul><li>They are enthusiastic about the collaboration with my group </li></ul><ul><li>I participate many moments in projects and with teams outside my group. </li></ul>
  24. <ul><li>I am enthusiastic and involved with my work. </li></ul><ul><li>That work is meaningful and matches my drivers and values. </li></ul><ul><li>It is in line with the vision and ambitions of our organization. </li></ul>Does this sounds promising?
  25. Let we work together on people, planet and profit Hot Spots!
  26. Marieke Schoenmaker [email_address] Enjoy! “ Life is one big opportunity for growth” In collaboration with Inspired by Lynda Gratton, professor at the London Business School and writer of the book Hot Spots Marja Baljéé [email_address] Please share your experience with organizations where these Hot Spots principles already have done their work