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Nin Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nin Presentation

  1. 1. Publishing in Europe Before the Printing Press Presentation by Marie Dillon
  2. 2. Papyrus Fragile Made from reeds
  3. 3. Paper Paper was rare Vellum Parchment
  4. 4. Parchment Made by a parchmenter To make: Soak in water “Dehairing liquor” Soak in water Stretching frame Allow to dry
  5. 5. Alternatives to Parchment and Vellum Carved books into wood Problem: they wore out
  6. 6. Book Publishing Books copied & illustrated by hand Scriptorium Antiquarii Rubricatores Miniatores Illuminators
  7. 7. Sources publishing.html bury_Abbey_Cloister_Door.jpg content/uploads/2010/08/TorahScroll-300x284.jpg TBM/frame3.jpg