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Create Captivating Content in 6 Simple Steps


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So you want to blog do you? You want to share your knowledge about your industry, business and passions with the world? I highly recommend it as it will be extremely beneficial for your online marketing.

Our SlideShare will guide you through the six simple steps to creating engaging content that will satisfy your customer’s needs and ensure they visit your website in the near future to learn more.

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Create Captivating Content in 6 Simple Steps

  2. 2. Helps people find your business Gets people talking about your brand Develops authority in your industry Creates a platform for promoting your products and services (occasionally!) Helps build trust & relationships with customers Creates opportunities to share industry insights with your peers & followers Great content...
  3. 3. Your content needs to be interesting. You need to charm your readers, draw them into your story, from beginning to end, or they may not return. However....
  4. 4. HOW DO YOU DO THIS, YOU ASK? In simple steps LET'S GET STARTED!
  5. 5. | Step 1 | CHOOSE A TOPIC Your topic doesn’t have to be original. But it must include a twist to make it interesting.
  6. 6. Use emotions. Something from the heart. A story from your own experiences. Create a twist by...
  7. 7. Narrow down your topic around one main concept. Keep it clear and concise. NEXT:
  8. 8. | Step 2 | DETERMINE YOUR AUDIENCE Figure out who your audience is and what they want. Do they want excitement, knowledge or humour? Are they hoping for a strong emotional experience?
  9. 9. | Step 3 | CREATE AN INTRIGUING TITLE Learn to create headlines that capture attention. You could have a compelling blog post but if your title is dull, you’ll lose your audience before they even start.
  10. 10. Your title should give enough away while concealing the rest to encourage further reading. Here are three ways... you can create an intriguing title.
  11. 11. Use Word Play Types of word play include puns, obscure words and meanings or clever rhetoric. For example: Apple recently used this clever headline for their new iPad: “Change is in the Air”
  12. 12. 1, 2, Punch It Up Combine two regular subjects with the third being out of the ordinary. For example: Health, Fitness & Robbing a Bank. Suddenly your readers are wondering what the third subject has to do with the rest. It creates intrigue.
  13. 13. Adapt Song or Movie Titles Use famous songs or movies titles and adapt to fit the title of your content. For example: “10 Marketing Lessons I Learned from The Walking Dead”
  14. 14. | Step 4 | CREATE AN INTRIGUING INTRODUCTION The opening is the hook that grabs your audience’s attention. The best place to look for an interesting introduction to your content is your own experience.
  15. 15. Here are a few examples: did something new like travel or starting your own company. What did you learn? The first time I.... The best... Loss... a time you experienced loss. How did you persevere? way to deal with difficult clients or the best advice I ever got. What was the outcome? Your biggest risk... with your new job, business or idea. What lessons did you learn?
  16. 16. | Step 5 | FOLLOW THROUGH WITH GREAT BODY CONTENT The body is the meat and potatoes of your blog post. It's where you can tie in your story to back up your introduction & provide the useful takeaways for your readers.
  17. 17. Use this Three main points supported by three pieces of information. by rule of thumb to avoid overloading your audience.
  18. 18. | Step 6 |USE THE CONCLUSION TO PROVIDE FINAL POINTS It is the moment of fulfilment that summarizes your content & answers all the questions presented throughout your story. Make sure you stick to your message – don’t let your content get muddled for the sake of a longer post!
  19. 19. Remember: End your post on a high note Use words of encouragement, giving final advice, and of course, remind your readers of what you can offer in ways of assisting their endeavours. Then do it all over again! The more you write the better you get.
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