Vaudville and burlesque


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Vaudville and burlesque

  1. 1. Vaudville <br />It started in 1870 but it was <br />Vaudville would include; <br /><ul><li>Musicians
  2. 2. Dancers
  3. 3. Comedians
  4. 4. Trained animals
  5. 5. Magicians
  6. 6. Freak show
  7. 7. Concert saloon
  8. 8. The clothes they would wear were very simple and looked like every day clothing
  9. 9. Burlesque</li></ul>It started in the late 17th century <br />The clothes they would wear would be very revelling.<br /><br /><br />So Sunday can you tell us a little information about Vaudvill theatres<br />Well Tim I have got some information about Vaudvill theatres there would have a variety of acts such as Musicians, Dancers ,Comedians ,Trained animals acts ,Magicians, Freak show, Concert saloon<br />Interesting <br />