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Minutes 4th november 2011 (c)


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Minutes 4th november 2011 (c)

  1. 1. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MusicalDate –Friday4th November 2011 – Period 4 – A136Participants – Marie, Nazish, George, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, Michael, Parnyan,Rajan and ZahraAbsent –KhatraMinutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed When should all the 11 scripts, written by individuals(present today), be ready and emailed to George by. Went over the revised script break down and its summary, together. Ensured everyone was clear and understood what to include in their scripts by going through each scene break down with the person the scene was assigned to. Discussed the new changes made by George and Nazish in each scene break down to clarify any confusion. Individually discussed any points/problems in our own scene with George.Action agreed By whom 1. Everyone in the team, including the two people who didn’t finish their scripts – Michael and Parnyan, should complete George their scripts for assigned scenes by period five. Individuals allowed working on and editing their scripts at lunch and in the first twenty minutes of period 5.