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Music video pitch


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Design
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Music video pitch

  1. 1. Music VideoPitchMarie Hoggart
  2. 2. My Chosen TrackChecking Pulse:- Best GirlChecking pulse are a band best described as a mixture ofParamore, You Me At Six and Forever are the sickest kids.Recently the band completed a UK tour and are always becomingmore and more popular. They have broken their way into the UK Punkscene; gaining themselves a loyal fan base. The band consists ofEmily Wilson-vocals, Adam Hughes-guitar, Henry Hopkins-base andChris Ridger-drums and electronics.Pop/ Punk is a fusion music genre that combines elements of punkrock with pop music, to varying degrees. Examples of bands areGreen Day and Blink 182. Music started in the mid to late 1970‟s. Inthese recent years the genre has become more popular.
  3. 3. Audience ProfileThe people that listen to the genre of music will have their own uniquestyle. People who will listen to the band would be teenagers both maleand female. Their interests would be going to gigs and socialising.Listening to knew bands and enjoying original music; pop/ punk. Theywould read mainly magazines like Kerrang as they have the bands in thatthey will like and the genre they will listen too. The magazine will also givethem the latest trends that band members are following; which they willmore than likely follow. They will have a fashion style of being very scene;wearing items such as skinny jeans, top buttoned shirts and vans. They willalso most likely have big back combed hair and dark makeup. Theywouldn‟t really have interests to go on holiday maybe just if they havetheir money or go with parents. They will have their own unique style andbe individual.Looking closer the readership profile for Kerrang:15-24 year old readers (60% male and 40% female) are sharp, intelligentand rejoice in their individuality. Typical of modern youth, media savvyand marketing-averse, they are active consumers of computergames, media and fashion. On average they buy 31 albums a year.In finding this out I have looked closer to see more what theywill be looking for in a music video.
  4. 4. Expectations From there I realised I had to look at some examples of what was expected to be seen from the genre. So I looked at some of the band Paramore‟s music videos. From the videos I am aslo looking for inspiration. h?v=PoTEnaAI9Fo&ob=av2e
  5. 5. ExpectationsFrom the videos we see the band preforming but also anarrative. When we see the band preforming there is a lot ofclose up shots of the band members but mainly the vocalistHayley Williams. This is one of Goodwin‟s Theory which I will beshowing in my music video. The close up shots are for theaudience to see what the band members are wearing andshowing them perform. When we see the narrative the bandmembers also act this. The movements that are made are intime with the pace of the music. This promotes another ofGoodwin‟s theorys. I like the look that Hayley Williams and Iam talking her style for my music video. As Misery Business byParamore is more like my track I am going to focus morearound that video. For example shots were I see my „vocalist‟singing and dancing to the beat of the music.Then I will have shots of them wearing different,in a different setting doing a narrative. I will haveto work out therefore what parts of what songthis will happen at. The audience of this genre willexpect to see close up shots of the artist and aninteresting video that will be remembered.
  6. 6. Mood BoardThe images below are what I have looked at as part of myinspiration for my final music video.
  7. 7. Style Of My VideoThe image helps in describing whatI am going for. I want my leadsinger to have ginger or red hairand look as if she fits the genre. Shewill be wearing skinny jeans andvans. Her hair will also bebackcombed. Her t-shirt wont betoo fancy. The male members willbe looking similar; longhair, skinnies, high tops. In filming Iwill be using props such as amicrophone and guitars. This willmake it look more realistic. I want toemulate the fashion of the genreand show their unique style. Myvideo will be bouncy and look like areal performance. I will be makingsure that the people I use make itlook like they have been togetherfor years.
  8. 8. Style Of My VideoSo I have taken my inspiration from some of Paramores videos.I want to create a performance and a narrative. I feel that thisis a good idea because it is what is most commonly seen fromthe genres videos. I am going to have the performance oneither a stage or a small room with light affects and differentcamera angles. I am then going to have the narrative filmedin areas such as a house, outside orbusy areas along as it looks realistic.I have chosen my friend ChloeDawson as my lead female singer then from here am picking at least2 males for the other members of theband. They will have long hair and fit the genre expectations. Forexample skinny jeans. I am going toprepare a day that all the people Iam hoping to use can come. I will then do a structured timetable toKeep on track.
  9. 9. Possible Idea‟sI have an idea that I could do for the narrative part of my video;In school, a male and a female are going out, the male leaves anote on the locker saying to meet at a certain place at a certaintime. She then walks in on him with another girl. They argue werewe see close up shots showing the expression of the actors. Thenthe girl cries but another boy who sees what she‟s worth comfortsher and she feels happier as he sees her move on and be happyand he is clearly upset that he‟s lost the “best girl” hell ever have.Or I could do things differently I will start with a performance fromthe band and then go into the narrative. The narrative would befilmed were the singer walks in on her boyfriend with another girlthen they argue. Shows her upset stage she meets someone elseand then she shows that she doesn‟t really care what he thinks. Icould show the male sneaking around for example show himtexting other girls.I am using the lyrics to think of the different ways I could createthe narrative and were abouts in the song.