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Victoria Gibson

  1. 1. ----------------- -------------------- Hello, I'm VICTORIA Gibson! VICTORIA Gibson is an online business mentor who coaches liked- minded women towards achieving Breakout Success online. After a successful corporate career in commercial property and marketing, Victoria staked her claim on a lifestyle that would provide prosperity, fulfillment, and flexibility – on her own terms. She founded Facebook Ad Queen, and within one short year grew it from a domain name to a thriving six-figure enterprise. She then expanded with, providing end-to-end Facebook marketing solutions for global companies, big and small. Biz Resource: Facebook Ads Biz Book:The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Thomas Superhero: "She-ra" Favorites Hello Biggest Challenges... 1. Trying to get clients in the beginning. Hassling around! 2. Building relationships to these clients. Top 3 Business Advice/Tips: 1. "Fake it till you make it". Act as if your business is already making 6- figures! 2. Learn to use FB ads to spread your message out there. 3. Systemize your business- create tools/processes. How? Tips for maintaining Work-Life Balance: 1. Be flexible with your time to spend with your family and kids. 2. Be careful with your health. Take time to take care of your health and try to be the in the best shape of your health. "Success is tied with monetary gains from your business but also the freedom that having a business provides." Defining Moment After a corporate a career, decided to take my commercial knowledge and life experience, and bring more purpose to my work, and balance to my life. Compelling Vision Helping people succeed in the business of Facebook Marketing. It’s what I’m good at, and most of all, what I enjoy. Personal Qualities 1. Ability to hassle 2. Passionate & commercially-minded 3. Entrepreneurship creativity --------------------------------- - -------------------------------- -- Why?