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Marissa levin of Successful Culture


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Marissa levin of Successful Culture

  1. 1. ----------------- -------------------- Hello, I'm MARISSA Levin! MARISSA Levin, founder of Successful Culture is a 20-year entrepreneur, best-selling author and national speaker. She equips others with the mindset, tools, and strategies they need to overcome their barriers to growth. Tapping into two decades of business-building and leadership, Marissa coaches and advises other entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders on how to create a mindset and culture of intention, accountability, and execution. Biz Resource: Linkedin Biz Book: The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz Superhero: "Lois Lane & Wonder Woman" Favorites Hello Biggest Challenges... 1. Cash flow 2. Time management 3. Staying positive Top 3 Business Advice/Tips: 1. Find a community of support- women entrepreneurs. 2. Stay current & relevant in your industry. 3. Don't fear failure. Dont fear anything- co-exist with fear. How? Tips for maintaining Work-Life Balance: 1. Self-discipline and following through. 2. Set boundaries. Learn to say "no". 3. Set your priorities & work around them- work, family, personal time. "Success is being a great role-model as a parent & as a business owner." Defining Moment My company refused to pay me my worth, so I quit and followed my passion. Compelling Vision To help entrepreneurs realize their greatest potential and become great leaders as well. Personal Qualities 1. Optimism 2. Tenacity 3. Ability to connect with others at a deeper level --------------------------------- - -------------------------------- -- Why?