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Lei Lydle of Atlanta Bridal


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Lei Lydle of Atlanta Bridal

  1. 1. ----------------- -------------------- Hello, I'm LEI Lydle! LEI Lydle, founded AtlantaBridal, while planning her own wedding in Atlanta. It quickly grew and became one of the most popular sites for Atlanta area brides, providing engaged couples with no-nonsense wedding planning advice and extensive and personalized research on local wedding services unlike any found on any other site. Lei is also a speaker and has been asked to speak at events like Wedding Market Expo, Inspire Smart Success Experience Seminar, and the Association of Bridal Consultants National Convention. Biz Resource: Quickbooks Biz Book: The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield How to Become a Rainmaker by Jeffrey J. Fox Superhero: "SuperMoms" Favorites Hello Biggest Challenges... 1. Finding the right people with the right skills. 2. Dealing with competitors. Top 3 Business Advice/Tips: 1. Get a good business advisor. 2. Get your idea out- refine as you go along. 3. Read and educate yourself. How? Tips for maintaining Work-Life Balance: 1. Turn off everything when you're on vacation. 2. Eat healthy. Exercise regularly. Get enough sleep. 3. Structure your day working on time-blocks. Defining Moment Born from my own need when I was preparing for my wedding-realized there was a need for it for others. Compelling Vision To provide the best resource for wedding planning and other events. Personal Qualities 1. Hard work 2. Perseverance 3. Positive attitude --------------------------------- - -------------------------------- -- Why? "Success is about doing something that helps others ."