Top 5 Tips B2B Social Media Marketing


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JCI Galway Meet Up: Top 5 Tips B2B Social Media Marketing

20:45 Harbour Hotel, Tuesday 10th June

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  • B2B social media marketing with Pinterest

    A well-known email marketing provider for SMBs, Constant Contact, proved that B2B marketers can – and should – market their “intangible” solutions on this visual platform by tapping into their creativity. As of mid-January, 2014, over 20,000 Pinterest users follow Constant Contact’s 104 boards.

    B2B social media marketing with Facebook

    A visit to the Salesforce Facebook business page shows an active and engaged community. Tabs are set up which allow visitors to explore and learn about the company’s offerings, such as their CRM (customer relationship management) solutions, without a single high-pressure sales message. Their posts, which average one per day, ask thought-provoking questions and share their own and others’ blog posts.

    B2B social media marketing with Twitter

    Many B2B companies still treat Twitter as a broadcasting platform rather than a social one. Businesses should utilize Twitter to distribute their content, but need to ensure they do so without blasting their audiences. HubSpot, which provides inbound marketing software solutions, succeeds in wowing its audience (of 354,440 in mid-January, 2014). Along with finding a good balance between tweeting content and audience engagement, their social media team asks questions and engages in conversations on Twitter with the company’s followers.

    B2B social media marketing with YouTube

    YouTube may seem an unlikely choice for B2B marketers, but Cisco Systems Inc. and its 65,175 subscribers (as of mid-January, 2014) beg to differ. Cisco, which is known for its IT, networking and communication solutions, shares videos which engage, educate and inform without overtly selling themselves.

    B2B social media marketing with LinkedIn

    As the preferred B2B social media marketing platform for many B2B’s, LinkedIn delivers several excellent examples. Technology solutions provider Dell Inc. offers its 666,579 (as of mid-January, 2014) a LinkedIn company page which stands out as one of the best. Along with posting regular company and job updates on their page, they offer the opportunity for more discussions through their featured groups.
  • Top 5 Tips B2B Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. Tuesday June 10th 2014 B2B Social Media: Top 5 Tips Follow @marickab and @galwaymarketing
    2. 2. Outline B2B Social Media Marketing – Top 5 Tips 1. Google+ - SEO,; 2. Thought Leadership – Content is still very much King; 3. Social Media Outlets – it’s not just about LinkedIn; 4. Email is NOT dead; 5. Monitor, Measure and Convert.
    3. 3. Persistence
    4. 4. 1.GOOGLE + It’s not dead…It’s really just beginning
    5. 5. Google + :B2B Social Media • SEO value, Google + offers ranking value for posts made on the platform. (Google Authorship) • According to the Global Web Index’s Social Steam Report, Google + has made 225% increase in users ages 35-44, which is the target age range for decision makers • Google Hangouts makes product demonstrations, business meetings, trade shows, and several other B2B applications a simple click on the Google + platform.
    6. 6. Google + :B2B Social Media • Set up Google + Authorship – SEO. • Research and join appropriate communities. • Utilise visuals as much as possible for Google+. • Consider using Google Hangout’s for webinars with clients. (record so can be shown again at a later stage).
    7. 7. 2.THOUGHT LEADERSHIP YOU are the EXPERT!! Content remains' KING!
    8. 8. Socialreach is the new word-of-mouth referralengine
    9. 9. Content Marketing • In the world of marketing, content has always reigned supreme, and it has not changed for 2014. • B2B social media marketing has made marketing focus on quality content. According to the B2B State of Content Marketing study, 58% of marketers are looking to increase their budget for content marketing in 2014. • This refocusing on content reiterates the fact that businesses love valuable content just as much as consumers.
    10. 10. Most Successful Content for B2B Social Marketing Strategy
    11. 11. TH E 10-4- 1 RUL Links to third- party articles Links to companyblog posts Link to a company landing page
    12. 12. 3.SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS? Facebook and Twitter are not for B2B… WRONG Treat every case differently
    13. 13. Provethe CEO Wrong
    14. 14. B2B Social Media
    15. 15. Sharelots oflinks
    16. 16. Top B2B Social Media Examples 1. Dell 3. Hubspot 2. Cisco
    17. 17. @JeffreyLCoh en Social media amplifies the effectiveness of offline marketing. It doesn’t replace it. “ Tweet This! #B2BSM ”
    18. 18. 4. EMAIL IS NOT DEAD Email IS Social
    19. 19. Email Marketing for B2B • Build your email list through existing databases AND SOCIAL MEDIA. • In order to avoid the ‘spam’ label, ensure you provide receivers with quality content that is useful. • Create urgency where possible – ‘Free Google Analytics Guide available for 1 week only’. • Create an archived version of the email for sharing in social media.
    20. 20. Why should you do Email Marketing? 1. For every $1 marketers spend on email, the average ROI is $40. (Direct Marketing Association)14 Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know image Email Marketing ROI 2. More people are reading email on their phones than on the desktop or on webmail (and 85% of them are using an iOS device). (ReturnPath) 3. B2B marketers listed email as one of the top three tactics for lead origination. (Forrester)
    21. 21. 5. Monitor, Measure and Convert Test, Test, Test
    22. 22. Cost of Customer Acquisition
    23. 23. 60%of the salescycle is over – before a buyer talks to your salesperson.
    24. 24. Monitor and Measure • Social Media marketing can be made extremely transparent. • Monitoring and measuring the success of your campaigns, will allow you to make decisions about the tools and platforms that work well for your B2B strategy. • Find out an monitor Cost per Acquisition. • Think; Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking, and Social Media Measurement tools such as; Hootsuite; Tweetreach, Klout, Social Mention and more.
    26. 26. Summary 1. Make sure your using Google+ Authorship for SEO. 2. Position your company and staff as ‘Thought Leaders’ – Content Marketing is STILL key. 3. Test and research what Social Media worsk best for your B2B Marketing strategy – Do not dismiss Facebook and Twitter stright away. 4. Email IS Social; create enticing emails and provide value. 5. Monitor, Measure, Measure and Measure!!
    27. 27. Reading • The B2B Social Media Book – Become a Marketing Superstar. • From a Hubspot, Inbound Marketing Strategist
    28. 28. Check out the following links • B2B Social Media- networks/ • Top 5 Tips, B2B Social Media - 5-top-social-media-marketing-tips-b2b/ • B2BMarketing -
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