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OMiG Digital Summit 2016 - Paul Buckley - Aer Lingus


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Presentation Title: Brands are the new publishers by Paul Buckley - Aer Lingus. At the OMiG Digital Summit 2016.

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OMiG Digital Summit 2016 - Paul Buckley - Aer Lingus

  1. 1. Brands are the new publishers Paul Buckley head of social media, Aer Lingus
  2. 2. #dublin2dc a digital journey celebrating the launch of our 4x Weekly a330 service from dublin to washington dulles
  3. 3. Objectives 1. Drive early-stage awareness of the new route 2. Stimulate consideration and bookings in the lead up to commencement of operations 3. demonstrate the innovative and humourous side of our brand personality
  4. 4. planned unplanned Always on event Key Messages everyday campaign reactive live
  5. 5. plan Announcement Lead-in inaugural
  7. 7. Why? 1. It’s Cheaper – allows us to do more 2. It’s Faster – real-time content has a short life-cycle 3. We have established Trust within the business
  8. 8. Thanks! @PAULBUCKL