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OMiG 2nd Meet Up 29.5.2012 - Introduction


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OMiG 2nd Meet Up 29.5.2012 - Introduction

  1. 1. + Second Meet Up Session “Getting Invloved with Online Marketing in Galway” Tuesday 29th May 2012
  2. 2. + Introduction Online Marketing in Galway formed in August 2011 with the view of finding like minded people to share information amongst each other and spread this information to smaller businesses or those who need it with little or no marketing resources. OMiG is not a consultancy, we aim to be a network and an educational resource. Who we are (Emma, Maricka, Inga, Eimear) so far, plus guest speakers and the entire network. With the help of great guest speakers, sponsors i.e., support from Harbour Hotel and other various people this second meeting was made possible tonight.
  3. 3. + OMiG is a Network  OMiG needs companies and individuals to contribute their knowledge and experiences.  Two heads are better than one – developing the network on the feedback from members and contributor members will make the network better.  OMiG, will create a central place for small businesses including start ups in the West of Ireland to act as the umbrella network for Online Marketing and Networking activity within the West of Ireland.
  4. 4. + Guest Speakers 1. Michelle Frawley – Mediasavvy  Online Marketing Glossary 2. Salvatore McDonagh – Web Marketing Ireland  The "Sales Funnel“  The "Why, What, and How to" of getting Return on Investment (ROI) from online marketing. 3. Ronan Kavanagh – Spam Titan  Online Marketing Case Study 4. Carol Murphy –  Transition from Print to Online Media
  5. 5. + Splitting out the Seminars/Guest Blogging(Thought Leadership)  After todays meeting, we will send around a forms based on the topics agreed – first we will assess demand and then we can look into dates and times of seminars.  Individuals/Businesses register their interest in the Seminars and Blogging Thought Leadership (areas) they would like to get involved with.  We will work through a structured timeline – going from starting a website to optimising a website (the logical steps for a start up when approaching an online strategy).  Get in touch with everyone and share the timeline, get suggestions and set dates for Seminars in the future.
  6. 6. + Getting Involved Questionnaire
  7. 7. + Future Seminars Discussed/Blog Post/ Thought Leadership Themes Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing) Integration of Online PR & Offline and Email marketing Online Marketing Setting up an Social Media Online Store (e- Strategy Commerce) Video Marketing Search Engine (Online Video, Optimisation Production, Viral Videos etc) Company ‘ABC’ Getting your – New Start Up that wants to Website Business Online develop an Optimisation (The Basics) Online Marketing Strategy
  8. 8. +