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Digital Voucher Application Process. Local Enterprise Office, Galway


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On Tuesday 26th August 2014, Breda Fox, Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office, Galway presented the above presentation with the announcement of Digital Vouchers.

Digital Voucher Application Process. Local Enterprise Office, Galway.

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Digital Voucher Application Process. Local Enterprise Office, Galway

  1. 1. The Voucher Application & the Business Case Breda Fox Head of Enterprise Local Enterprise Office Galway
  2. 2. Action Plan for Jobs “Trading Online - Get two thousand more small businesses trading online ……Less than one quarter of Irish SMEs are trading online which is contributing to Ireland having an online trade deficit where 70 per cent of our online spending is going out of the state. McKinsey research has shown that SMEs who adopt internet trading grow twice as fast and export twice as much when compared to non- adopting businesses. Therefore, online trading represents a significant opportunity for Irish SMEs to reach new markets and grow new business.”
  3. 3. Quote to appear in Calibri 30pt
  4. 4. Online Trading Vouchers Vouchers to a maximum value of €2,500 will be available to small Irish businesses to enhance their online trading presence €2,500….2,000 Irish Businesses will benefit from these over the next 12 months
  5. 5. Who is Eligible? • Small Irish Businesses with a limited online trading presence • Up to 10 employees • Turnover Less than €2m • Trading for a minimum of 12 months • All areas now eligible to apply ( pilot programme was limited to: Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Louth, Sligo, Waterford)
  6. 6. What can the Vouchers be used for? • Digital Marketing Strategy • Development or upgrade of an ecommerce website • Implementing online payments or booking functions • Customer fulfilment systems • Internet related software • Development of an app/mobile responsive websites • Online Advertising (may be part of a Voucher implementation)
  7. 7. Application Process • Applicants must attend one of the information seminars prior to submitting an application • Application Forms may be requested from LEO • Evaluation Committee in each area will review all applications • Competitive process • All applicants will be informed of outcome on conclusion on evaluation process • Voucher with letter of offer will issue to successful applicants • Successful Applicants must then undertake & complete & pay for the work prior to claim submission – within 12 weeks.
  8. 8. What should be included in an application? • Business Name, location, start date, contact details • Business description • A clear indication of what undertaking the project will do to advance your business…(will it handle sales/generate new leads/deliver improved customer service etc) • What aspects of your business will you focus on in terms of this Voucher application? • Online competitor analysis • Who/what will be your target market undertaking? • Explain how this project will help you grow your revenue/deploy increased efficiencies in your business • Internal & External resources you are going to dedicate to the project • What existing digital assets in your business can the project leverage off? • What are the specific deliverables of the project?
  9. 9. What else will I need to include? • Business Trading Details…Turnover etc • Staff numbers both full & part time • Quotes received through your tender process -3 • Amount that your are requesting through the Online Voucher (maximum €2,500)
  10. 10. How will Voucher be assessed? • Will be scored against the following criteria: • Project suitability • Export Potential • Job Creation • Increased Online Sales Potential • Quality of ICT proposal Pilot Programme - issues • Not enough detail on what voucher to be used for • No detailed quotes supplied • Already trading online but only looking for an increased ad-word campaign • Unrealistic projected sales and job creation figures • Too early stage
  11. 11. How do you redeem the Voucher? • Vouchers are redeemed on expenditure inclusive of VAT • 50% of expenditure up to a maximum of €2,500 • Original Supplier invoice along with supplier Tax Clearance Certificate • Supplier must be a registered trading business • Tax Clearance Certificate for applicant business • Proof of Payment • Signed Voucher • One page report of work carried out • All expenditure claimed must be as per Voucher approval/Letter of Offer • Vouchers will issue with an expiry date and must be claimed within this timeframe
  12. 12. Thank You Online Trading Vouchers