Conversions through insights with Derek Liddy Head Of Digital Continuum


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Conversions through insights with Derek Liddy Head Of Digital Continuum

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Conversions through insights with Derek Liddy Head Of Digital Continuum

  1. 1. Conversions Through Insights Derek Liddy September 2013 Online Marketing in Galway
  2. 2. Common frustrations… • “We’re currently doing everything – it would be great to know what we could do better” • “Just invested in a new website but we’re not seeing the return” • “I’m just not sure where to start” 2
  3. 3. Answers often come from… 3 Understanding the Customer better Understanding better how to optimise digital activities/tools A bit of both
  4. 4. But what does it help to know? The more you know the better you can optimise your online activities… Are your online Customers the same as your offline ones? How does my Customer research before making a decision? What online activities are working best for you? Where do your Customers spend their time online? What’s your unique online value proposition? Where do your online customers hear about you? Is your traffic up or down and why? What’s going right/wrong in your online buying process??
  5. 5. 4 steps to understanding your Customer 3 Ask Track Listen Act 1 2 4 3 Adopt and mix of qualitative and quantitive approaches to get a balanced view
  6. 6. Ask 1 • What are overall business objectives? • How can web help deliver on objectives? • What are customer needs and concerns? • What is your Unique Value Proposition? Talk to colleagues • What are their needs and concerns? • What’s working? • What could work better? • What made them come to the site the 1st time? Talk to Customers • What was reason for visit? • What best describes their role? • Did they find what they came for? • How would the rate the usability? Website surveys • How do people navigate the current site? • What frustrates them? • What confuses them? • What do they like? User testing # 1 One of the easiest approaches is to just ask directly what people think of your company, your website and how you compare to your peers
  7. 7. 1 • Where do they come from? • What devices are they using? • What keywords did they use? • Who’s linking to you (and your peers)? Sources of traffic • Where do they start/end their journey? • How do they move around your site? • What engages them and what doesn’t Onsite journeys • Do you have seasonal fluctuations? • Do offline activities effect online behaviour? • How is onsite search used? • What combinations of online marketing work? • Do visitors convert only after repeat visits? • What sources of traffic convert best? • Do certain page layouts convert better? • Where do they fall out of the buying process? Conversions Explore the behaviour of your existing website visitors to help you decide on how best to cater for them (and attract more like them) Track# 2 Trends
  8. 8. 1 • Is there a spike in conversations about you and if so why? • Could Customer opinions help you improve your onsite content and reshape your online marketing approach? Marketing & PR • Wouldn’t it be good to add insights into your Customer Service knowledge base? • Isn’t it preferable to respond to a customer issue in real time and take it off-line? Customer service • Get early warning re product issues? • Wouldn’t it be great to get ideas for product improvements? Product research • If you heard conversations that signal a potential sale, could you use this? • Would hearing about competitor issues give you added insights? Sales You may have asked your Customers their opinions but there’s a goldmine of information out there if you can listen (and react when necessary…) Listen# 3
  9. 9. 1 • Clear and differentiated online value proposition • Customer journeys that lead to sales • Landing pages that retain interest • Appropriate localised pages • Effective call to actions • Inbound marketing that generates leads • Intuitive online shopping experiences On-site • Content marketing that generates traffic • Inbound marketing lead generation • Search Engine Optimisation • Search Engine Marketing • Targeted display advertising • Retargeting and automation Off-site Equipped with the Customer insights, you know how to meet Customer needs online while also delivering on your organisational objectives. Act# 4
  10. 10. In summary: • Invest in analysing your current online activities and presences • Talk to Customers, front line Colleagues and important internal Stakeholders • Use Analytical insights • Listen to what is being said about you and Customers • Challenge the rationale for your current approach • Build digital insights into all decisions going forward • Try and promote a culture of digital insights being as important as your marketing (if not more important) 10
  11. 11. Contact Derek Liddy E T 086 2441238 @derekliddy