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  1. 1. Increasing Need to KnowYour Sites Page Rank - What You
  2. 2. Google traffic is not only highly targeted but its also free, which means that if youre not ranking on this major search engine, youre definitely leaving a lot of money on the table.
  3. 3. The ranking algorithm that Google uses is unknown, but we all know that it gives each page a rank that it uses to determine its position in the search engine results.The question that every new webmaster asks himself is, what does it really take to increase a sites page rank so that it ranks better?The following article looks into three effective PR boosting tips that you actually give results when put into action...
  4. 4.  Submit Articles to Directories: There are many good, targeted article directories out there that will help you on your road to getting a better page rank. These places are highly effective when it comes to improving your sites page rank as they allow you to submit articles and get relevant backlinks in return. In order to make the most out of this particular technique, you should be ready to consistently submit articles to various directories until you see results. Since not all of them approve your articles instantly, it will take a while before your articles go live and your backlinks counted.
  5. 5.  Outsource Your Way to Success: If you dont want to do the page rank building work yourself, you can always outsource it to professionals who will do it for you at a price. Sites like and are great places to find talent; youll come across many SEO professionals offering you their PR boosting services at a nominal price.