Inspirational scenes


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Inspirational scenes

  1. 1. Maria younes 12v
  2. 2. The text is verybold and effective itstands out morethan will smith In the poster Will Smith is ondoes. I found that his own without the dog we seethis was the most throughout the movie witheffective poster I him. This emphasis thehave seen because it loneliness of him but also thesums up the whole determination to carry in just apicture.
  3. 3. However on the DVD cover it is much different than the poster. Asthe background is very black and will smith and the dog are in the“light of hope”. Also the light is coming out of the title and the lightwhich shines upon will smith emphasis that he is the “legend”.
  4. 4.  My first inspirational film that I have chosen is I Am Legend. As the film is more to the action/horror side the target audience is mainly boys aged from 18 and over.
  5. 5. I found this scene very effective The lighting in this scenebecause it shows the whole shows the danger of whatpoint of the movie. could happen. All around himThe background is blurry andwill smith and his dog are clear. is dark and by opening theIt shows that they are the only little window the light shinespeople there and that they only on him and blinds him.have each other.
  6. 6. This scene I found was the mosteffective scene. Will smith is The lighting in the scene is dimclutching on to his gun and the but also it has a bit of light. Theangle of the camera shows each blood on his white shirt has beenaspect of this scene. From the way stood out clearly from the angle ofthe dog and will smith are cuddled the camera.up together to the awkwardposition they are sleeping in.
  7. 7.  What I have realised is that throughout the movie Will Smith has the same expression on his face. His facial expressions always shows the frustration and anger and loneliness. Through his clothes too you can recognise that everyday he wears the same clothes. Also in every scene he has his gun and his dog with him which shows the only things he has left in the world.
  8. 8.  My second inspirational film is a drama which is 8 mile. It features Eminem which is more targeted at teenagers. Most teenagers now a days go through the same thing which is, A young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, wants to make the most of what could be his final opportunity but his problems around gives him doubts.
  9. 9. AroundEminem thelighting is His hand standsextremely dark out the most andwhich from knowingrepresents the what the movie isdarkness and about theloneliness audience willaround know that he isEminem. writing down his lyrics.
  10. 10. In this scene you can see the extent ofhow poor Eminem’s life is, by the waythe house is and the lack of things theyhave. The wide camera shot shows eachpart of the house This scene reallyinspires me because although he has areally hard life and does is not stablefamily wise, he is still determined to getto where he wants to be, and his hard lifeis not stopping his dreams.
  11. 11. The close up of this scene isvery effective because itshows the true emotion ontheir faces. Also the close upshot is showing the mothershands holding on to thechild showing just howprotective she is over herchild.
  12. 12. By blurring out everyone else in this scene ourfocus is only on Eminem and the expressionon his face. Eminem through the whole moviedoes not show any expression.
  13. 13. Through out the movie Eminem does not have any facial expressions.This shows the strong heart that he that he is not affected by anythingaround him, and nothing can stop him from getting to where hewants to be.