Assignment 8 draft 3


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Assignment 8 draft 3

  1. 1. Maria younes
  2. 2. Does violence in the media cause behavioural problems?
  3. 3. • The BBFC gives age restrictions to videos,some video games and DVDs • OFCOM regulates broadcasting,•This act was introduced for safety reasons telecommunications and postal industries in the UK.• Only UK releases can be legally sold orhired in the UK, even if a foreign release had • there is a section on “under eighteens”identical content. and what they can views•Video games which have specific content inthem also have to be seen by the BBFC to be •They are there to provide enoughrated protection for adults but also to protect people under eighteen.•Examiners are required to watch 5 hours 20minutes of media to give a rating to them. •They cannot include contents which glamorize violence•Violence remains one of the mostproblematic areas for censorship in the UK • cannot include contents which encourage•Especially when the violence shown shows the viewers to do the samethe viewers that it is “glamorous, fun andrisk-free” • they cannot broadcast contents which include self-harm or suicide.• A Serbian film suffered from forty-nineindividual cuts by the BBFC, which totalled tofour minutes and eleven seconds ofcuts. This was because it displayed sceneswhich were likely to persuade the viewers todo the same
  4. 4. This documentary was about the violence in Guatemala and how the war ended years ago but the violence is still going on. •Citizens stay armed •The global hunger for cheap resources has been another cause of violence •he society suffers from the aftermath of the 36-year civil war. •When the first Europeans arrived in the New World, they created societies based on extremely unjust social orders •Guatemala provides an example of a global ideology Trailer:
  5. 5.  Steven pinker is a physcologist He argues that we are living in the most peaceful time 20th century: 21st century: Hitler, Stalin, Darfur and Rwanda, pol Iraq pot, Mao Our ancestors were far more violent than we are, and there is a huge decline in violence
  6. 6. • in biblical times there was•The death penalty•Slavery•Cruelty as entertainment•They used to stone people todeath•Burning at the stake•Disembowelling (form oftorture, removing organs)•Breaking on the wheel (thiswas a torture device used forcapital punishment)
  7. 7.  A senior investigator got 22 boys from the ages of 14-17 to watch violent clips from 60 videos.  The degree of the violence were from low, mild or moderate and there were no extreme scenes.  The boys were asked to rate the aggression of each scene. The boys were connected to all kinds of sensors. They found that as the boys were exposed to more violent videos, their activation in the brain concerned with emotional reactivity decreased.  As the boys were exposed to more violence they became less responsive  It shows that the boys who had been exposed to the most violence in their daily lives were the ones that became less responsive to the violence.  This shows that the more violence someone is exposed to the more normal is becomes.
  8. 8.  Another case study was one where a parent asked their son what movies appeal to him  The boy answered with: the older the rating for the movie the more it appealed to him.  Since the boy was only 14 it is clear that he has already watched violent movies which were rated higher than his age. This questions whether the BBFC are actually preventing children from watching content which are not for their age.
  9. 9.  They are an African American gang  They were one gang however now they are loosely connected and often open fire to each other.  Entering the gang gives someone the chance to be “respected” and as they live in a low-class society it would be a appealing resort to them  Children as young as 8 join the gangs To enter the gang you have to go through a ritual which usually includes:  A hard beating  Killing someone  Scene: initiation-riuals
  10. 10.  Bands such as “n-dubz” have been blamed for the rise of violence in east London.  A London grime artist was put into jail for life after murdering a rival music producer following a row over lyrics  Channel U has been blamed for broadcasting music videos which include violence and the uprising numbers of violence in todays youth  JME who is a London grime artist said that “Music videos are like tools that young artists use to earn respect from their peers, to represent” this shows that the violence that is being used in these music videos are a way to be able to rise in respect.”
  11. 11.  Research shows that those who as children were exposed to violent TV shows were much more likely to later be convicted of crime.  Girls who watched more than an average amount of violence tended to throw things at their husbands. Boys who grew up watching violent TV shows were more likely to be violent with their wives.  The results of a study released in March, 2002 that tracked 700 male and female youths over a 17 year period showed a relationship between the violence in TV and the way they pick up habits in later life.
  12. 12. •From a physcological point of view violence in the media is just entertainment•The viewers do not consider for a moment that they need to copy what they see •Over the past 60 years it shows that media has caused aggressive behaviour. However these were all laboratory based.•Howard Fienberg pointed out that research has so far failed to identify any concrete link that violence in the media causes crime •Professors such as Craig Anderson admit that “there is presently no empirical evidence on whether playing a violent game increases accessibility of aggressive thoughts.”
  13. 13.  Case study: in 2003 a boy killed his best friend and drank his blood and ate part of his skull. Studies show that this was influenced by the film “Queen of Damned” and that told him to kill his best friend to gain immortality. Also the case study from the shooting in the school columbine show that they were heavily influenced by violent video games
  14. 14.  The purpose of the documentary is to find out whether violence in the media does cause behavioural problems in children It is also to find out the different debates and what the public think about this  The purpose is to also find out the different opinions of parents and whether their children have been affected by this
  15. 15.  They would learn whether violence really does cause violence and how much percent  What different physcologists say about this  Why do people think that it does/does not cause violence  How the media shows violence nowadays compared to before.
  16. 16. Who is your audience? My audience is parents who would have  children who consume a lot of the media and who spend a lot of time watching movies or play video games.  Class: middle-high class  Age: 35-50 as they may have children who are old enough to be watching films, music videos or play video games. Secondary audience: My secondary audience may be teenagers/young adults from the ages of 18-25. this would be because they may want to know about what they are watching and consuming and whether it is affecting them. Niche or mass?: My audience would be niche as I am only aiming it at parents.  Target audience to channel/time shown: As my documentary would be shown from 8pm, parents would have come back from work and probably sat down to watch some TV.
  17. 17.  This documentary is informative and observatory This documentary informs parents on whether they are spending their money on the right stuff for their children It gives different point of views from professors Its observatory because it finds out the different opinions on whether violence in the media causes crime and observes the different case studies involved.
  18. 18.  Episode 1: Violence in video games Episode 2: Violence in music videos Episode 3: Violence in the news and worldwide issues.
  19. 19.  They should want to learn about this topic because if violence in the media does cause crime then parents should be aware of this Also for the parents who are providing money for their children to buy their video games/music to learn whether or not they are doing the right thing Whether this topic is just being over-thought about.
  20. 20.  I would put this documentary on channel 4 because channel 4 usually shows documentaries about this sort such as: Lifers which was about people who have been convicted for murder and they have to spend life in prison I think that it should be viewed from 8 onwards because it would educate the parents and the teenagers would not want to watch this
  21. 21. Which conventions are you using?  I am using the convention of a voice-over  Interviews with experts  Interviews with the public I would be developing this because I would be asking a range. Such as from teenagers to parents  Hand held camera I would also have archival footage I would be developing this as I would be using different scenes from times where violent in the news was much more (the holocaust, Hitler)  I would also be filming my interviewees from the shoulder upwards. (talking heads)  Use of text and titles  Visual coding I would be developing this as when I interview the experts they would be wearing appropriate clothing such as when I interview the physcologist they would be wearing smart clothing.
  22. 22. Structure of my documentary  2 min introduction- in the 2 minutes of the introduction I will have a voiceover and i will talk through the different types of violence that there is such as the evolution in the news, tv, video games, music videos I will also be showing archive photos and different photos from the topic I will be talking about 1 min introduction- I will then introduce my topic which is going to be violence in video games and how it affects children and I will introduce the different debates I will be exploring.  2 min- in this 2 minutes I will be talking about the different debates that come into this topic such as:  Whether violence in the media really does cause behavioural problems. I will be interviewing different people and asking people on the street what they thought. Also I will ask different experts on what they think.  1 min- I will then talk about the violence in video games and also interview different people about this subject  I will talk about the different debates like whether the parents pay for their childrens video games also whether the children spend too much time on these video games to actually cause trouble  Last 10-20 seconds: I will introduce my next episode which will be violence in music videos.
  23. 23.  This documentary would be participatory as the presenter will be involved in everything. The presenter will go out and interview.  They would sit down and talk with the experts  They would also be the ones talking about the statistics.  Mise-en-scene for presenter:  The presenter would wear casual/smart clothing as this documentary is a serious topic and the presenter must also come across as serious. Their hair would be simple and also their accessories would be minimal.  The presenter should also be confident while asking the questions  Their body language should not be too loud they should stay calm and responsible.
  24. 24.  Public interviews: I will be asking people who have children for example if there was a couple walking with their child who would look around 13-16 years old I would also be asking teenagers themselves to see if they are aware of it Expert interviews: I would be asking physcologists and sociologists.
  25. 25.  The Game ft. Lil Wayne- My life  I would choose this song because it talks about violence and how people have died through violence. Dzpo