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Assignment 5


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Assignment 5

  2. 2. • In the daily express there is:• Worldwide news• The weather in England and also the forecast in Europe• There is Sudoku and challenges• Two pages about celebrities called “day & night”• Letters which readers send• Theres a section where you can “express yourself”• All the channels and what time programmes are on• Sports
  3. 3. HOW IS IT ORGANISED The name is at the top and advertising how much the news paper is On the left in the purple box theres always a sort of question and on the right there is either an advertisement or something about sport or news The first words are always in big writing to stand out and they are always places on the left hand side of the newspaper whereas the pictures are places on the right side of the paper
  4. 4. HOW MUCH ADVERTISING IS IN IT?• There is about 65% advertising in the daily express.• Every page I turned over there was a page of an advertisement on the left hand side.• WHAT DO THEY ADVERTISE? • The target audience for this• They advertise things such as: newspaper would be woman or• M&S clothes stay at home mums as most of the• Wickes sale (home design) adverts are about designing or• BT (telephone, broadband etc.) supermarkets.• ASDA (food) • The articles are kept short to keep• AA (car) their attention• Sharps & you (home design) • Their main focus in this newspapers• Morrisons (food) is advertising because the woman• Nationwide (bank)• NatWest (bank) would be more interested in the• M&S FOOD deals and sales in food stores or• DFS( home sofas) home stores.• No7 makeup• Nescafe (coffee)
  5. 5. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE?• The daily express is available in all corner shops and supermarkets. The price of the newspaper is 50p
  6. 6. The people walking by are blurred out whereas the girl sinking into the pavement is not. This emphasises the meaning of the title and that people do not care.The writing ispositionedon thebottom left The four isin white positionedbackground there toand black keep thewriting to picturemake it evenstand outand to keepit simple asthe picture The girl is positioned On the bottom theresexplains in the middle to a website in smallmore. keep the attention white print to guide on her people to see more information on this.
  7. 7. The title is placed at thetop to emphasise the“high” and to literally putthe title “high” at the top.The title is in whitebackground and in black The 4 is placedfont which is trademark on the right handfor channel 4 advertising side and isbut also to keep it simpleand to stand out against the black smoke to help it stand out but also not to get in The colour of the the way and take photo is really dull which could be the all the attention reason because its about a “storm” they also placed a man there on the Advertisement left side to show for that it may include someone taking Volkswagen pictures of storms but they also dangerously sponsor this documentary
  8. 8. The 4 is again places on theChannel 4 always use the right side but however it is intemplate of putting the title on yellow not white and itsthe bottom left and placing the colourful because this is a4 on in the middle on the right comedy TV showside The picture shows the girl Channel 4 have kept their and the donkey. They are trademark of having a placed in the centre of background and black writing the advert and the girl however instead of white they licking the donkey would have used yellow to show this is a emphasise the comedy “happy comedy show”