Assignment #13


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Assignment #13

  1. 1. Assignment #13 Debbie marques Luara pires Kauana labaldi Maria younes
  2. 2. Things included in newspaper• Horoscope• Lottery• Weather• News• Tragedies• Sports• Competitions• Holiday rentals• Arcade• Bingo• Tv/film reviews• Showbiz• Music• Jobs• Travel• Politics
  3. 3. How Newspaper is Organised Celebrity Newspaper name Date (inform (mentions it is free) quote audience) Quarter of the pager with PictureThe main story of protagonist oftitle, attracts news (supportingtarget the main title)audience, mainlywhat the middleof the newspaperis about. Advertisment of website to watch films (supports the ads next to it) Advertisement about New films out
  4. 4. How newspaper is organisedWeather News Metro in focus Interesting newsLife going out Life tv
  5. 5. How newspaper is organisedPuzzles and Education and Mini ads Metro Sportshoroscope courses
  6. 6. How much Advertisement is in it ? • Most pages inside of the newspaper include at least quarter page advertisement Whole page advert Quarter page advertWhole page advert
  7. 7. What do they advertise ?• Airlines• Tourism/ holiday offers• Phone companies• New products• Health related ads Specsavers Quit smoking helpline• New films / tv
  8. 8. Who is the target audience?• People who use train regularly• 17-45 • Mostly people who go to university, college and work. • Interested in happenings and news around London.• Consumer culture• Working class culture• People living in local communities of London (urbanities) Topics included in• Mostly male readers this newspaper would interest mostly men such as politics and sport
  9. 9. Where is it available?• Train stations• Inside tubes• Metro app• Online• Cafes• Workplaces• Buses• Urban centres across London
  10. 10. Costs and sizes 30,000 for a full page advert £250 for a quarter page advert
  11. 11. Things included in newspaper• News• Science• Money• Femail• Health• Sport• Tv guide• Showbiz• Travel• Food• Books• Horoscopes• Bingo• Politics
  12. 12. How Newspaper is Newspaper Organised Cost of the newspaper nameNewspaperrelease date Picture of one of main news inside newspaper Newspaper subtitle Text supporting Newspaper title picture shown Brief explanation of newspaper title
  13. 13. How much Advertisement is in it ?• Around 35% is advertisment
  14. 14. What do they advertise ?• Furniture shops• Holiday ads• Cars• Supermarkets• Lotto• Food• Banks• Mostly within the upper class‟ interest
  15. 15. Who is the target audience?• 18-50 year olds• Lower-middle class status• Mostly females  53% female readers 47% male readers• Particular section „FEMAIL‟  includes topics in which females are particularly interested• Education  chance of winning prizes• May contain strong language at times
  16. 16. Where is it available?• Home delivery• Online• Kindle• Dailymail app• Mailonline app• Newsagents
  17. 17. Layout design Using a white background emphasises the pureness Showing the bed to emphasise what the shop sells. Very commonShowing the scenario where abedroom as group of friends order a pizza Showing how themost of the product looks likecompany’s can be useful if thefurniture is for audience is thinkingbedrooms. of buying it. Using the living room to emphasise relaxing and not worrying about cooking
  18. 18. ContentFurniture CinemaFast food Skin therapy
  19. 19. Style of fontItalic writingemphasises for a using calm colours and The day it is out onmore mature target the colour white meaning another colour so calm which also White writing on stand out from theaudience emphasises the name of a black rest of the text. the company background for the writing to stand out
  20. 20. Style of font The ‘3 in 1’ in pink so it gets most of the audience’s focus . Colour white to be ColoursWhite and very small very discreet. chosen, emphasisewriting used as it isinformation that the the clear skincompany does not want which is what thethe customer to pay product is for.much attention to.
  21. 21. Organisation of information Titles placed in the middle to get audience’s Titles placed on the attention middle with the product so gets audience’s focus.Placed at thebottom so it is not Writing placed atas visible to the the bottom of theaudience screen to be more discreet to the audience Placed at the bottom but due to the blue back ground, get the audience’s attention
  22. 22. The blue skycreates arelaxingsensation Layout design logo Having jus a blue background logo will emphasise the companyUsing a and also get the audienceconvertible blue attention jus on the title at thecar persuades the topaudience to getone as it looks Having the people in theglamorous kitchen makes it look realistic and will persuade people to buy a new kitchen Using the kitchen emphasises what the shop sells
  23. 23. ContentCars BanksFilms/ Furnitureprogrammes
  24. 24. Style of font White writing to emphasise the name of the bank, eye catching to audienceUsing white writing Smaller writing at thewith the font used bottom using Arial font which makes it morein all Peugeot cars ordinary White large writing was used to emphasise the target audience which would be a more mature audienceBold writing was White font was used toused so it was stand out on the blackfocused more by back groundthe audience
  25. 25. Organisation of information Having the titles at the top of the screen will transmit the aim of the commercial to the audienceName of car make Smaller writing atin capital letters as it the bottom with theis the most Phrase slogan persuading theimportant. audience in white at the bottom of the Channel it is going to be on screen to make it placed on the corner of the visible screen Having the promotion with a red background gets the audience eye Half of the screen used with the information to make it clear to the audience
  26. 26. Listings magazines Time outThe Listing
  27. 27. What kind of things are in‘The Listing’ magazine ? • Clubs • Gifts • Health • Beauty • Accommodation • Business • Community • Organisations • Food and drink • what’s on • Homes and gardens • Useful phone numbers • Activities
  28. 28. Who is the target audience ?• Mature audience from ages 30-60• Mass audience• Lengthy articles• Mature style of font (no decorated writing)• Magazine cover : concurs which represents the season we are in• Colours used on the front cover are very autumn like, use of browns, yellows and oranges wouldn‟t attract a young audience• Adverts included would be more for couples and families Adverts for homing Holidays Dental care Restaurants
  29. 29. How is the magazine organized ?• Double page spreads are found towards the middle of the magazine• First page included contents and homing adverts• Towards the end the adverts are more about restaurants and business• Most of the magazine is adverts however of different topics such as business, beauty, health etc.
  30. 30. The Listing magazineWhere is it available : Through the post Online Local households Facebook Twitter LinkedInPrice :from £30 plus VATProcedures of getting features :Call phone number included on website
  31. 31. What kind of things are in TimeOut magazine• Tickets and offers• TV guide• Restaurants• Bars & pubs• Hotels• Around town• Museums & attractions• Music• Art• Theatre• Dance• Books poetry• Clubs• Sport & fitness• Shopping• Properties• Competitions• Dating
  32. 32. Who is the target audience• Teenagers 18-30• Interest in Clubs and gigs• Interests in music and nightlife• Enjoy going out with friends• Have interest for tourist attractions
  33. 33. How is magazine organised• First page is about the week in London followed by pictures and adverts in between.• Double page spreads come after.• Then mentions things that can be done in London.• Followed by film, art, music and shopping.• Last page includes what will be shown on TV during the week.
  34. 34. TimeOut magazineWhere is it available :Train stationszones 1 and 2, larger stations on zones 3 and 4MuseumsGalleriespostCost of double page spread: £8,400Price of mag: Free Through post : pay postage
  35. 35. Stage two: double page spreads
  36. 36. Layout Name of person mentioned on article Main person’s picture taking up whole pageColours usedmatching thecolours used on thepicture Information Main about the focus on person on Little this picture description character of who he is
  37. 37. catching ? • Name in bold writing • The picture taking up a whole page • Font in black , crabs attention • On the picture quite a lot of things are happening behind him however the main focus is on him, gives a 3D effect
  38. 38. Style of font • Black font on white background makes it stand out • White writing in purple background matches the tie on • Title in bold and mature writing makes it easier to read
  39. 39. Photo manipulation Focus on main actor Looks serious emphasise role he plays Character stands out although in a busy background
  40. 40. Organisation of information • Text very well organised into paragraphs • Has some purple writing in the middle of whole text to emphasise a quote. • Has a little picture at the bottom that also connects to what the article is about
  41. 41. Layout Image of person trying to shoot the man juxtaposes the colours usedUnusual Title in sameimage kind of fontused as previous advertMix ofblues White text withmake it red backgroundseem calm makes it stand out more
  42. 42. catching ? The helicopter flying behind the man in white get the audience attentionUse of bluesmakes isrelaxing attherefore getpeople’sattention Red background makes writing more visible for reader and gets audience attention
  43. 43. Style of font • Black bold writing gets stands out • Mature and clear font makes easier to read • Font used the same as previous advert , therefore common in this magazine
  44. 44. Photo manipulation • Man trying to escape in a beautiful back ground • Juxtaposition between beauties of the sea with the man on the helicopter trying to shoot the man in white • Rarely see this in real life, not very realistic
  45. 45. Organisation of information • Not too much text • Easy to read • Organised clearly therefore makes reader want to read it
  46. 46. LayoutMale sitting Bouquet ofon the floor flowersmysteriously juxtaposes the fact that it is about malesWhite text made Manyto stand out yellows andhowever a lot of purples usedthings are going whichon , on the symbolises warmth
  47. 47. catching ? • Don‟t usually see a male sitting down in that kind of position • Room is looking very posh and welcoming with all the yellows • The colours grab attention and the flowers as they is a lot going on at the same time
  48. 48. Style of font • Bold white writing to make it stand out , however can be a little difficult to read • Font is the same as previous adverts , font used throughout magazine • White information given on background to make it easier to read
  49. 49. Photo manipulation • Juxtaposition as male are not usually associated with flowers • Position in which character is in is not very male like • Setting looks very welcoming due to the yellows used.
  50. 50. Organisation of information • Information very well organised • Font that would be hard to see in white a black background was put to make info more clear • Has some red and yellow text in the middle of writing to make info stand out.
  51. 51. Layout Title in white toWhole page match the snowwith picture on theof main background ofperson/ the picturemodelCostume Text put at therepresenting corner sowinter as this is reader can alsothe November focus onedition picture
  52. 52. catching ? • Both pages have her as the main focus • Mise-en-scene looks really beautiful • The fact that she is in a mini dress when there snow behind her
  53. 53. Style of font • White and bold font stands on the background used • The colour white lets the reader also focus on the picture as well as the text • Some text is highlighted in red and other in green in order to make it clearer to reader
  54. 54. Photo manipulation The winter clothes, everyone is interested in seeing the kind of fashion The fact that although there is snow on the background she is still showing her legs The clothes she is wearing looks very warm and comfortable Realistic
  55. 55. Organisation of information • Put on the corner of the page so focus is mainly on the female • Clearly organised text • Information some is highlighted in red and other in green so it is separated.
  56. 56. The listing magazine What kind of things are in the newspaper?  Community  Organisation  Home & Gardens  Eat & Drinks  Health & Beauty  Business  Useful numbers
  57. 57. Target AudienceAge:30-50|Ethinicity:all living in Britain| Religion: all| Why?  A lot of text, a younger person wouldn’t have the patience to read it all.  Advertisement about nursery which would normally relate to adults with children.  The information is from London.  There is content for all culture.  The cover of the magazine is not so attractive so it would attract a younger audience.  Mass audience
  58. 58. How is the magazine organised? First page:includes the content page and home fixingadvertisement. Second page and third page:news about the community. middle:organisation numbers and advertisement, whats goingon. Penultimate:useful numbers. Last:Large advertisement.
  59. 59. Where could my article be placed? My article could be placed here as it is in the middle it’s the place where there isnt a lot of advertisement therefore a double page spread could be put into here It is only after the page about the community which is good so that people are still engaged in reading.
  60. 60. What is mostly seen in the magazine? In the magazine, there is a division about what is seen there isnt a specific topic that is concentrated. It obviously has a lot of advertisement about everything. It can be seen that their target it to help others.
  61. 61. How can my documentary fit into this?As the magazine is concentrated in helping people this could help someone figure out if they are going through the gender dysphonia problem.My documentary would send out information which is clearly throughout the whole magazine.As there isnt a specific topic in the magazine it shows its opened for everyone and it has a open mind, therefore it would be good to place my documentary there as there wont be a lot of discrimination.
  62. 62. What do they advertise? Advertisement about:  Furniture  Health  Home caring  schooling  Beauty  Food  Restaurant.  Party
  63. 63. Where can this magazine be found?Where is it available? Price? Procedures. £30+VAT call number Online placed on the Post website. Local Households. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn£900 to have a doublea double page spread inThe magazine.
  64. 64. Time out magazine What kind of things are in the magazine? Tickets and offers.  Restaurants Bars & pubs Hotels & Around town Museums & Theatre attractions Music & Art advices & Books poetry Clubs Sport & fitness Shopping Properties Competitions Dating
  65. 65. Target Audience.AGE: 18-25| REGION: LONDON| NATIONALITY:BRITISH/IRISH/SPANISH/ITALIAN/PORTUGUESE ETC. INTEREST:MUSIC AND NIGHT LIFE.WHY? Advertise about gigs in London.( young people go to gigs.) All nationalities as London is a multi cultural place where people from all over the world come, therefore it is target at a mass audience.
  66. 66. How is the magazine organised?1st Page:Weekend in London and pictures and some asverts.Next pages:Some double page spreads. ( my work would fit here)After:Possible places to go in LondonInformation about Art, music and shopping.Last page:TV shows for the whole week.
  67. 67. Where is it available?• Train stations• Museums• Galleries• By postPrice:FreeCost for double page spread:£8,400
  68. 68. Stage 2.
  69. 69. GQ magazineLayout Title is big and Main picture bold. taking the full page. Sub title, giving a bit of information about the topic. The full text separated in Small pictures Picture columns to give discription. evidence.
  70. 70. How is it affecting and eye catching?• The title is bright and bold• The picture takes the whole page therefore brings much more attention.• The colours used• The positioning of the pictures• It is clear therefore doesn’t make you confused.
  71. 71. Style of font. • The font is black. • The font colours are all matching to the rest of the article including the picture. • The font is in bold .
  72. 72. Photo Manipulation. • It is focused on the main person. • Person is in the middle. • The background is interesting to interest the audience. • The editing of colours are all the same. • Emphasises a stereotypical type of man.
  73. 73. Organisation of Information.• The text is all organised and clear• The colour purple is used in quotes to emphasise that areas.• The pictures are used to give more sense to the article.
  74. 74. Picture discription A close up shot of the same model.Whole person in apicture ( the model) title Picture discription subtitle
  75. 75. How is it affecting and eye catching?• The pictures are standing out therefore makes you more interested.• There is a lot of text• The text there is bold and clear.• The setting of the picture
  76. 76. Style of font• Bold and white that stands out with the darker background.• The background in the font of the subtitles makes it more attractive.• The font title is eye catching as it is bold.
  77. 77. Photo manipulation• 2 different types of shots• The person placed in the middle• Good mise-en-scene• A bit unrealistic because of the snow and short dress.• Good setting.
  78. 78. Organisation of information.• First you see the pictures• Than the title• Than the subtitles
  79. 79. The helicopter in the middle Main pictures showing the takes over both subject of the pages. article TitlePicturediscription Subtitle
  80. 80. How is it affecting and eye catching?• The picture is interesting and makes you pay attention to it.• The font used is clear and bold.• The colours used are attracting even though they are very relaxing.
  81. 81. Style of font.• Big and bold• Clear• The same font used in every adverts• Separated.
  82. 82. Photo Manipulation• Interesting because of the man in the water and also because of the helicopter.• Unrealistic• Showing anger but with a calm background
  83. 83. Organisation of information• 1st you see the man in white• 1st you see the man in white• Then you read the title• Then you read the title• Then you pay attention to the helicopter• Then you pay attention to the helicopter• Than you read the subtitle.• Than you read the subtitle.• Organised.• Organised.
  84. 84. Assignment 5 : Researchof newspapers adverts.By: Luara Pires
  85. 85. Information about the sun.What kind of things are in the newspapers? News about celebrities and their lifestyle. Lottery advertisement. Sports news. Real life Information of what is happenings. happening around the world.
  86. 86. How is the newspaper organised.Front page. Price near the name, so that the person can see the price as soon as they get the The name of papers. the newspaper on the top. Advertisement right next to the price and name as it catches andThe main story title attention thereforeon the left hand side the person looks atof the paper, big and the advertisementblog , with clear on the side.writing and colour,to stand out. Main picture placed to theA little introduction right hand side of the pageto the article to so that there would be nocatch readers distraction on the title or theinterest. picture, this makes readers pay attention to both. Subtitle.
  87. 87. How is the newspaper organised.Inside the newspaper. Boxes to A lot of picture separate to give text. evidence. Big and bold font for title mid left hand Subtitle for side. each box of text.Main picturebig andstands outright in the Smaller pictures don’t catch so much Text put allmiddle. around. attention.
  88. 88. Week schedule.Monday: Sun Woman (diet and fitness)Tuesday: Including Sun Woman (fashion) and Jon GauntWednesday: Including Sun Woman (2pg spread), Jane Moore and extendedSports coverageThursday: Including four page health section and Ally Ross on TVMidweek Supergoals: During the football seasonFriday: Including Fit Squad, Fergus Shanahan and Something for theWeekendSaturday : Including Lorraine Kelly, Gardening, Jeremy ClarksonSupergoals: On Saturday (during the football season)The Favourite: During racing seasonBuzz: TV News and listings, plus LifestyleSun World: TravelSun Women: Party GirlsStreet Chic: Erica Davies
  89. 89. Advertisement in The Sun.• The sun newspaper is only 45%, they concentrate more on the showbiz and celebrities. Here is a page of advertisement.
  90. 90. What do they advertise?Filmadvertisement. Film advertisement.Filmadvertisement. Lottery advertisement
  91. 91. Who is the target audience.Age : 15-24 highest readership:1055Gender : Male and female : celebrities gossip/sports news.Status: Lower to middle class statusEducation: at least attended hight school.It is for a younger audience as thelength of the articles are quite small.
  92. 92. Where is it available? • online. • On the newsagents. • Through post. • Café’s • Train stations. • London • Ireland • Poland • Scotland
  93. 93. Size of adverts Large. They take various sizes from small to large… The bigger it is the more expensive it is. small.Medium.
  94. 94. Research of newspapers adverts.
  95. 95. What kind of this are in the newspaper? Title. Pictures of inspiring people in society. Newspaper Title.Newspaper title. Other stories inside. 2nd story.Story title. Main story.Main story. Main picture.Main picture. Advertisemen Quotes.
  96. 96. How much advertising is in it?There is roughly 15-20% of advertising in this newspaper, as they concentratemore on sending news and information. They have a small space at the bottom hand corner of the page.
  97. 97. What to they advertise? The advertisement in this newspapers are usually all about -shops such Dfs -Universities. -Trips - They tend to be more cultural.
  98. 98. Who is the target audience. • The target audience of the guardian is from 24-60 as this is the age university is completed, therefore the reader has good knowledge and only up to 60 as this is roughly the age workers get retired. • Middle to higher class. • The price of the newspaper is £1 and during the weekends it is £1.20 it is quite expensive, and not accessible for many.
  99. 99. Where is it available?• The guardian is available in London:• online.• On the newsagents.• Through post.• Café’s• Train stations.• London
  100. 100. Size of adverts.• Adverts in The guardian tend to be very small at the right bottom corner of the page.
  101. 101. Channel 4advertisements .
  102. 102. The titles are big and eye catching as all of them are inblack with a white background.The symbol of channel 4 is situated in in the middle at theright.The picture takes over the whole advertisement.Information such as the time is given aswell.
  103. 103. Context of text.• There isn’t a lot of text as they want the picture to send out the message.• There is always a title usually at the top• The date and time is usually put , when they are permanently defined.• Sometimes there is some text in the middle of the snap giving out hints.
  104. 104. Style of font.• The font is very clear and bold.• It is usually white as it has a black background• Or if it is a white background it has a black font• They always use the same font, as it a font owned by channel 4, so people can recognise it immidiatly.
  105. 105. Graphics• One thing channel 4 has, that is very noticeble in their graphic effect, usually the images are shown in the logo of channel 4, therefore the person know the channel and sees the advertisement.
  106. 106. Photo manipulation.The photos tend to have a greyish effect on them along with blurred effects sometimes, this is all done to create excitement and mystery for the audience, so they can get curious of what is shown to them.
  107. 107. Organisation. Picture on t he Picture on t he whole page. whole page. Title TitleTime andinformation Time and Channel 4 logo information. Channel 4 logo
  108. 108. Advertisement.The undatables Content of text: • Not too much text • Small fonts • Calibri writing Photo manipulation: • People in different angles • Some standing, some seating • Show differences • Also shows similarities because they are all together • Simple colours Organisation of Information: • Equally organised • Side of page
  109. 109. Advertisement.Derren Brown Investigates: The Ghosthunter Content of text: • Not too much text • Small fonts • Calibri writing Photo manipulation: • People in different angles • Some standing, some seating • Show differences • Also shows similarities because they are all together • Simple colours Organisation of Information: • Equally organised • Side of page
  110. 110. What is a Listing Magazine?• A listings magazine is a magazine which contains information about the upcoming weeks events such as• Broadcast programming,• Music,• Clubs,• Theatre• Film information; examples include Time Out magazine in the UK and TV Guide in the US.• These are normally published either with a Saturday or Sunday newspaper or are published weekly or fortnightly to give information about upcoming events. They also normally include columns about TV and culture topics.
  111. 111. What kind of things are there in a Listing Magazine?• Advertisement – e.g.: house selling• Community• Organisations• House and Gardening• Eats & Drinks• Health & Beauty• Business• Useful numbers• Activities to attend• What’s on?
  112. 112. Who is the audience/target audience? How do you know? Who is Target Audience?• Age: 30-50• Ethnicity: English, Irish, Welsh• Jobs: Retired, gardeners• Hobbies: Gardening, health interests• Gender: Male and Female• A mature audience Why?• Lengthy text• No styled writing• Cover being a concurs representing a season• Darker colours• Fonts are big• Activities and advertisement are for an older audience – activities like: ……… Advertisement: Timber Restorations
  113. 113. How is the magazine organised/structured?- Has a welcome - Community participations - Organisation -Eats and Drinksfirst page and activities • Activities, church • Recipes, butchers, resta • Events, house times, health urants, food and organisations, community activities, social wine, party booking choral, art crafts centres clubs, offers, country offers etc… - Organisation - Healthy and Beauty - Business - Organisation• Activities, church • Gym, health • Advices, solicitors, TO • Activities, church times, health classes, clubs, treat LET, accountancy times, health activities, social ments, dental, mass vacancies activities, social clubs, what’s on ages. clubs,- Home and Gardens - Useful numbers• Window • Numbers of plumbers, electricians, funeral services, restorations, ti services, schools, doctors, charities, churches, police ps on plants, furniture station, library, leisure, health, transport, councils selling, etc…
  114. 114. Where could your double-page spread, which is an article that features your documentary, fit it? My multicultural representation could fit in between the Community sections because• Relates to the community• Talks about the people• Involves media in a broad audience• Its an overall topic• Appropriate for people in a community What are most of the pages about in the magazine?Community pages because:• Relates to the audience• Talks about the community• Offers• Help for the society
  115. 115. By looking at the adverts, what do they advertise? (products, services?) In The Listing Magazine they advertise more “Services”. Advertise:• Plumbing and heat services• Plastering• Interior designers• Cleaning windows• Timber restoration• Chimney sweeping• Funeral services• PC helpers
  116. 116. Where is the magazine available? Price of a double page spread?• Prices for advertising your business start from just £30 (plus VAT). Niche or mass audience? Why?• Niche audience as it goes for an older audience• The subjects are very limited
  117. 117. • In the daily express there is:• Worldwide news• The weather in England and also the forecast in Europe• There is Sudoku and challenges• Two pages about celebrities called “day & night”• Letters which readers send• Theres a section where you can “express yourself”• All the channels and what time programmes are on• Sports
  118. 118. HOW IS IT ORGANISED The name is at the top and advertising how much the news paper is On the left in the purple box theres always a sort of question and on the right there is either an advertisement or something about sport or news The first words are always in big writing to stand out and they are always places on the left hand side of the newspaper whereas the pictures are places on the right side of the paper
  119. 119. HOW MUCH ADVERTISING IS IN IT?• There is about 65% advertising in the daily express.• Every page I turned over there was a page of an advertisement on the left hand side.• WHAT DO THEY ADVERTISE? • The target audience for this• They advertise things such as: newspaper would be woman or• M&S clothes stay at home mums as most of the• Wickes sale (home design) adverts are about designing or• BT (telephone, broadband etc.) supermarkets.• ASDA (food) • The articles are kept short to keep• AA (car) their attention• Sharps & you (home design) • Their main focus in this newspapers• Morrisons (food) is advertising because the woman• Nationwide (bank)• NatWest (bank) would be more interested in the• M&S FOOD deals and sales in food stores or• DFS( home sofas) home stores.• No7 makeup• Nescafe (coffee)
  120. 120. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE?• The daily express is available in all corner shops and supermarkets. The price of the newspaper is 50p
  121. 121. The people walking by are blurred out whereas the girl sinking into the pavement is not. This emphasises the meaning of the title and that people do not care.The writing ispositionedon thebottom left The four isin white positionedbackground there toand black keep thewriting to picturemake it evenstand outand to keepit simple asthe picture The girl is positioned On the bottom theresexplains in the middle to a website in smallmore. keep the attention white print to guide on her people to see more information on this.
  122. 122. The title is placed at thetop to emphasise the“high” and to literally putthe title “high” at the top.The title is in whitebackground and in black The 4 is placedfont which is trademark on the right handfor channel 4 advertising side and isbut also to keep it simpleand to stand out against the black smoke to help it stand out but also not to get in The colour of the the way and take photo is really dull which could be the all the attention reason because its about a “storm” they also placed a man there on the Advertisement left side to show for that it may include someone taking Volkswagen pictures of storms but they also dangerously sponsor this documentary
  123. 123. The 4 is again places on theChannel 4 always use the right side but however it is intemplate of putting the title on yellow not white and itsthe bottom left and placing the colourful because this is a4 on in the middle on the right comedy TV showside The picture shows the girl Channel 4 have kept their and the donkey. They are trademark of having a placed in the centre of background and black writing the advert and the girl however instead of white they licking the donkey would have used yellow to show this is a emphasise the comedy “happy comedy show”
  124. 124. What is in Time Out? Film London Film Festival Theatre TV guide Comedy Cabaret Restaurants Dance Bars & Pubs Books & Poetry Hotels Clubs Alternative London Alternative Nightlife Around Town Gay & Lesbian Museums & Attractions Sport & Fitness Shopping Kids London by area Music Classical & Opera Art
  125. 125. Who is their target audience Their target audience would be British people, or people who have come abroad to study who are into social events and Their audience may be niche; students who go to university as music events and socials would interest them more. As there is a section on clubs and nightlife it would show it is directed at students.
  126. 126. How is the magazineorganised1. The week in London2. Then double page spreads about different things such as movies3. Then things you can do in London4. Then art, film, music and shopping5. And then they have “time in” where they show different TV shows in the week
  127. 127. Where would my double pagespread fit My double page spread would fit in at the end where they have TV shows which are going to be shown this week.
  128. 128. What are most pages about •Most pages are about things to do in London. •Also upcoming events and what different events are going to be going on. •It is also mostly about the different things that have been going on that week
  129. 129. Where is the magazineavailable British Museum •Time out magazine is also available Comedy Store for free on Tuesday mornings at zones 1 and 2 tube stations and also Design Museum at larger stations within zones 3-5 Foyles stores HMV •It is also available on the internet where you can sign up and they will Kew Gardens send you a copy home for you London Dungeon Museum of London National Gallery National Theatre Tate Modern Waterstones
  130. 130. How much does a double pagespread cost? A double page spread would cost £8,400
  131. 131. Titles are big and in Layout design capitals The background is white so its easy on the eyes for people to read. Question is in bold and then the answer Picture is set perfectly in the middle with the writing around it The page looks quite feminine as its simpleDominant with its colours (pinkpicture Website link and white) Advertisement on the leading the side audience
  132. 132. How is the layout effective The layout is effective because although the image is big and placed in the centre, it does not take the whole attention. The reader is able to see the writing around it as the background is white and very simple and easy on the eye. The pink background on some text boxes give the convention and stereotype that this page is for woman
  133. 133. Style of font The numbers are big and are in pink this gives the reader a clear guidance of where to read next The rest of the text is in black. It goes in contrast with the white background and makes it easy to read.
  134. 134. Style of graphics and photomanipulation The photo is in the middle and the text is going swiftly around. This makes it easy on the eye for the reader and does not cause too much distraction on the photoThey added in a picture of who the person is that isbeing interviewed. They placed this right beforethey added the interview in order for the audienceto get a clear vision.
  135. 135. Organisation of information • you are able to focus on the information however you are also able to clearly see the photo •The information is divided into small paragraphs with numbers beside them, this guides the readers eyes. •To show a different interview which is not relevant to the main one they have placed a pink background in order for the reader to know the difference.
  136. 136. The colours thatThey used photo shop in order to they have used aremake it look like as if everything inthe photo is floating. This could be very colourful and itfrom the title saying “leave him could link to theirspellbound”. target audience which is teenagers from 13-15 The font is very simple and not something too dramatic this is very easy on the eyes as the colour of the text boxes are what attract the eye most. The first thing that you see is The dominant picture is the big title on the left side on a page itself. The and then the picture and then picture annotates as you look on the other page everything which is the colours of the text boxes written on the other begin to guide your eyes page
  137. 137. The first thing that you see is “big big” they put this in This double page capitals to emphasise the spread is not very word. text heavy and is mostly dominated by pictures.As she isconfessing thatshe is a big nerdthe picturemanipulationmakes her look The colours arequite very coordinatedmischievous andwith a bow tie in and it makes ither hand it look very simplemakes her look and organised.”posh” Everything is red