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Dealer handbook

  1. 1. Dealer Handbook© YikeBike Ltd 2013
  2. 2. contents Disclaimer: This document is a working handbook for dealer candidates. The information is intended for the selection of right partners for YikeBike. Products and services described within this handbook may vary without notice. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 introduction story mission values our business YikeBike HQ world presence YikeBike models specifications YikeBike ® colours partnership partnership structure appointment process partner application form frequently asked questions
  3. 3. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  4. 4. introduction Thank you for your contact and interest in the YikeBike. We are very interested in developing a distribution network in several regions but are also conscious that we must find partners who are both capable and willing to develop the market in the direction we want to pursue. It is important for us to learn about your business and business capabilities and how you would intend to market the YikeBike via our Application Form. Of most importance to us is a high level of customer support. As part of this we require that partners are capable of technical service in their region. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 We are looking for partners with a good understanding of emerging technology and niche market trends. We have a unique product and our customers are unique and we need to nurture that uniqueness. The purpose of this handbook is to introduce you to the YikeBike Partner world and understand the expectations we have. Maria Kay International Business Manager YikeBike Ltd.
  5. 5. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  6. 6. mission URBAN FREEDOM Our big hairy goal which is crazy is that we have created something that could become the most commonly owned transport item in the world. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  7. 7. story The world’s smallest folding electric bike Launched into production in 2010, the YikeBike is officially the smallest and lightest folding electric bike in the world. It’s the ultimate urban freedom transport machine. When folded, the YikeBike can be carried like a briefcase or over your shoulder, and can be safely stored beside your desk or in your apartment. With an effortless unfold in less than 20 seconds and with the current specifications, you can be travelling at a speed of 23 km/ h for a distance up to 14 km on a single charge, and then recharge it to keep going further. The YikeBike redefines the travel options you have in any urban situation; it’s a pleasure to ride and a real head turner. Here is a video that enlightens the YikeBike Story. Did you know that: Since its creation, the YikeBike has received numerous international accolades. Most notably, YikeBike was ranked 15th among the 50 Best inventions by Time Magazine. It was also listed among WIPO’s most notable inventions next to the likes of BlackBerry, Google, MagneticResonance Imaging (MRI), SpaceShip One, Viagra, and an anti-HIV vaccine. The YikeBike was also enshrined in The 2011 Guinness Book of World Records as the lightest and smallest compact electric bike in the world. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  8. 8. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  9. 9. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  10. 10. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  11. 11. values We value the way we do business. Our concept for doing business is supported by the following values: • Be fair • Respect the individual • Open Communication • Encourage each partnership • Keep your promises • Share your Knowledge We endeavour to treat all our partners equally and we endeavour to have your respect in the decisions we make in running our business. We try and focus on the needs of each individual market. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  12. 12. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  13. 13. our business The heart of our business is the continuing support we give our partners and our customers. We have created a unique brand and a unique product. The key to maintaining our success is that we work very hard at it. YikeBike Ltd. manufactures the YikeBike ® as well as genuine parts and accessories. Portability Usability Visibility Presence Inspiration Design Reliability Stability © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  14. 14. YikeBike HQ We are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. YikeBike Ltd. holds all the rights to the brand and manages agreements with all partners. YikeBike develops and manufactures the smallest, lightest, folding electric bikes in the world. The result of five years of research and development, YikeBike combines exceptional performance, design and safety with economy, convenience and portability. YikeBike is backed by the two largest venture capital firms in New Zealand, Pioneer Capital Partners and K1W1, and the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 ​PO Box 42111, Christchurch 8024 New Zealand ​ NZ Phone: +64 (0) 3 669 2401 US Phone: +1 (650) 488-7780 ​Web: FaceBook:
  15. 15. world presence We have developed a network of partners in the 40 countries: Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Czech Republic France Germany Hong Kong Hungary Israel Italy Japan Kuwait Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Poland Portugal Republic of Korea Russian Federation Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand UAE USA Ukraine United Kingdom Venezuela Vietnam © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  16. 16. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  17. 17. YikeBike® models © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  18. 18. YikeBike® carbon model © YikeBike Ltd 2013 Standard colour
  19. 19. YikeBike® synergy model © YikeBike Ltd 2013Note: frame colour option is extra Standard colour
  20. 20. YikeBike® fusion model © YikeBike Ltd 2013Note: frame colour option is extra Standard colour
  21. 21. specifications Drive Electric brushless DC motor Brakes Electric anti-skid, regenerative Battery Lithium Manganese ► 1h 30 mins min recharge with optional fast charger ► 4 hours recharge with standard desktop charger Speed 23 km/hr (14.3 m/hr) Power 450 Watts Lights Hi-vis built-in LED Range ► 14 Km (8.7 miles) ► 28 Km (17 miles) with 1 additional battery pack Fold size Compact 43 litres Fold time 15-20 seconds Height limits Over 162 cm (5 foot 4 inches) and under 193 cm (6 foot 4 inches) Wheels Pneumatic – 20” front and 8” back Weight limit 100Kg (220 lbs) © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  22. 22. YikeBike® carbon model © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  23. 23. YikeBike ® synergy model © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  24. 24. YikeBike® fusion model © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  25. 25. YikeBike ® colours All YikeBike models have a 6 colour option. The frame and rim will be painted as per photo. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  26. 26. YikeBike box Each YikeBike box comes standard with: • YikeBike • Desktop Charger • Shoulder Strap • Toolkit • Manual
  27. 27. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 dressed
  28. 28. YikeBike partnership © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  29. 29. partnership All partners are initially required to purchase a minimum of 3 bikes. We recommend one of each model plus a third of your preference to be used as a permanent demo bike. You will want the other two on hand to be able to fulfil immediate orders. Outline of current partner expectations: • We expect partners to start with a minimum of 3 YikeBike - New Partner Package. • We expect partners to stock a minimum of 3 YikeBikes at all times (this is because there will be 3 models in 2013). • We expect new partners to commit to a minimum purchase of 12 YikeBikes per calendar year (Initial 3 plus 3 every 4 months). • Your discount pricing for each calendar year will be based on the sales volume of the previous year. • We expect partners to stock spare parts for immediate service of YikeBikes - warranty parts will be replaced by YikeBike free of charge. • Partnership will be automatically renewed for the following year if minimum quantities are fulfilled. • We expect partners to have good Social Media presence in line with YikeBike guidelines . We will set you up with a dedicated Facebook Page and we are hoping to be able to help with a dedicated website in line with our branding guidelines. • We will provide Marketing Material set up which can be personalized to your business and printed locally valued at US$5,500. • We will provide dedicated promo videos. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  30. 30. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 inspiration
  31. 31. partnership cont. What can you expect from us? We want our partners to feel like that their YikeBike Partnership is a strong long-term relationship. Your Success is our Success! We will give you all the tools necessary to market the YikeBike in your specific market. • Dedicated Contact Page • Facebook Page • Marketing Material • Service Training Tools • Videos • Dedicated Partner Website • Partner Forum • Branding Guidelines We like to think that all our Partners form a Global Partnership where everyone shares information, ideas and experiences. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  32. 32. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 portability
  33. 33. partnership structure evaluation period The evaluation minimum period on all MoUs – (Memorandums of Understanding) is 1 year. To qualify as an Authorize YikeBike partner a minimum quantity of 12 YikeBikes has to be purchased within the evaluation period. If at the end of the evaluation period the partner has not been able to meet the criteria, YikeBike has the right to cancel the partnership. pricing Standard commercial pricing is provided separately, and is subject to change without notice. All prices are quoted in USD and are exclusive of shipping costs, VAT and import taxes. payment terms • 100% on estimate confirmation (for lead times less than 8 weeks) • or, 50% on order and 50% before shipment (more than 20 units and lead times greater than 8 weeks. shipping standard shipping quotes are CFR – sea freight, air freight or courier shipping. Unless otherwise stated all shipping prices are exclusive of duty, Vat or any landing charges. We have created distribution centers in the United States and in Austria (Europe) in order to bring the cost of shipping down as shipping individual YikeBikes via courier can be an expensive affair. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  34. 34. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 visibility
  35. 35. partnership structure returns Returns are only possible with prior approval from and only for unused new units with complete original packaging. Return shipping and 5% restock fee to be paid by the partner. Returns are only accepted within 14 days from receiving the goods. warranty and servicing YikeBike offers a 12 month warranty for all parts and labour. We expect partners to report VIN number to Approved YikeBike partners are to buy spare parts stock and YikeBike will replace warranty parts. Approved YikeBike partners will be responsible for servicing any YikeBike products brought in for servicing. representation and marketing material Until a signed Approved Partner MOU is in place, Partners should not represent themselves as official Authorized YikeBike Partners or advertise YikeBikes for sale online or in advertising. YikeBike provides support on Marketing Material via a DropBox folder. This folder has all material needed by an official YikeBike Partner to start his/her YikeBike business. contact Maria Kay International Business Manager YikeBike Ltd. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  36. 36. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 usability
  37. 37. appointment process You have received this handbook after expressing interest in distributing the YikeBike. Our initial contact is generally via email and because of our location in New Zealand we rely heavily on email communication. We ask you to fill out our Partner Application Form and provided us with a better insight into your business and how you see our future partnership. We advise that filling out the application form does not entitle you to represent YikeBike. We withhold the right to decline your application at any stage. In certain countries we have appointed Official Partners which will manage your partnership with YikeBike. They will be the suppliers of your stock. You will not become a YikeBike Partner until you are officially approved, have signed our MoU - Memorandum of Understanding and have confirmed your initial Partner Package. Once you have been appointed we will send you a Partner Document - Your success is our Success! so we can prepare your dedicated contact page and announce your partnership to our Partner Network and customers. We aim to have this process finalized to coincide with the arrival of your Partner Package. From this moment on you will have access to our dedicated partner website and you can then start spreading Urban Freedom! You will become an Authorized Official Dealer once the Evaluation period is over and/or you have achieved a high volume of sales. © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  38. 38. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 easy
  39. 39. partner application form With this application form you will help us answer the following questions: • What can you tell us about your organization and yourself? • What prompted you to start this project now? • What experience do you have marketing new products and how will you apply that to YikeBike? • How will you be evaluating different marketing options? Please fill in this form which will help us summarize your application with us. partner application form We thank you in advance for your time in filling in the information required! © YikeBike Ltd 2013
  40. 40. © YikeBike Ltd 2013 presence
  41. 41. frequently asked questions what is the initial investment needed? Partner packages start at US$5,720 excl. of shipping, duty and income taxes. We would estimate the initial immediate investment to be US$7,000. how long does the application process take? The application process can take as little as 7 days. Many of the factors that we rely on are actually dependent on how quick you are in providing the information needed and your confirmation of your Partner Package. when can I expect a response to my application? We endeavour to respond to all distribution requests within 24 hrs. We will respond to your application form within 2 working days. can i have an exclusive partnership? We do not entertain exclusive partnerships in certain markets, such as the US and Europe. We will not allow exclusivity until we have done some business together and after a successful evaluation period for both sides. © YikeBike Ltd 2013