Revising for the exam 1


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Revising for the exam 1

  1. 1. REVISING FOR THE EXAM 1 February 2011
  2. 2. 1. Escribe una descripción de las siguientes personas.
  3. 3. Exercise 1.• Nombre: Lucy.• Edad: 18• Nacionalidad: Italiana• Hermanos: 2 hermanas.• Residencia: Naples.• Comida favorita: espaguetis con tomate.• Personalidad: cariñosa y dulce.• Físico: alta, delgada. Pelo ondulado, largo y rubio. Ojos grandes azules. Nariz pequeña.• Habilidades: habla francés y sueco. No sabe tocar la guitarra.• Vivienda: casa adosada.
  4. 4. Text 1. Her name is Lucy. She is eighteen years old. She is from Italy. She lives in Naples.Her favourite food is spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  5. 5. Text 1 She is sweet and caring. She is tall and slim. She has got long, wavy, blond hair.She has got big blue eyes. She has got a small nose.She can speak French and Swedish. She can’t play the guitar. She lives in a terraced house.
  6. 6. ¿Cómo ordenamos los adjetivos?HAIR (el pelo)largo + forma + color + hair long wavy black hair.EYES (los ojos) tamaño + color + eyes big , brown eyes.
  7. 7. Text 2.Nombre: Pedro.Edad: 48Nacionalidad: AlemánHermanos: 1 hermano, 1 hermana.Residencia: BerlínComida favorita: carne asadaPersonalidad: gracioso y agradable.Físico: bajo y gordo. Pelo corto, liso ycastaño. Ojos pequeños verdes. Narizlarga. Orejas grandesHabilidades: sabe jugar al ajedrez.No sabe hablar español.Vivienda: casa pareada.
  8. 8. Text 2.His name is Peter and he is forty-eight years old.He is from Germany and he has got one brother and one sister. He lives in Berlin in a semidetached house. His favourite food is roast beef. He is funny and friendly.
  9. 9. Text 2. He is short and fat. He has got short, straight, brown hair. He has got small green eyes.He has got a small nose and big ears.He can play chess but he can’t speak Spanish. He lives in a semidetached house.
  10. 10. 2. Write sentences about these people’s abilities. They can dance. She can swim. He can’t sing.
  11. 11. 2.Write sentences about these people’s abilities. He can cook. They can’t drive. She can’t run.
  12. 12. Write sentences about these people’s abilities. They can’t ski. She can play the piano. He can’t ride a horse. He can’t paint.
  13. 13. Exercise 3.
  14. 14. Exercise 3. There are five rooms in this house: a kitchen, adining room, a living room, a bathroom and abedroom. In the kitchen there is a cooker, an oven,somecupboards, a pan, some plates and cups, a dishwasherand a radio. In the dining room, there is a table, four chairs, a chestof drawers, a vase with some flowers and two pictures. In the living room there is a sofa, two armchairs, abookshelf, a television, a coffee table, a lamp, a sidetable,some books, a stereo, a rug , a telephone and some pictures.
  15. 15. Exercise 3. In the bathroom there is a bath, a shower, twotowels, a washbasin, a toilet, a mat, a picture some toiletpaper and a mirror. In the bedroom there is a bed, two nighttables, two lamps, a telephone, a chest ofdrawers, a wardrobe, a television set, a picture, a matress,a duvet and two pillows.
  16. 16. Exercise 4.There is a blue sofa in the center of theroom. On the wall there is a picture. On theright of the sofa there is a bookshelf. In thebookshelf there are some books andpictures. There is a lamp next to thebookshelf. In front of the sofa there is acoffee table. On the coffee table there is avase with some flowers, a book, a glass and abottle. On the left of the sofa there is aplant. In front of the plant there is a cat. Thecat is on the carpet.
  17. 17. Exercise 5.• Which floor is Lucy on? She is on the third floor.• Which floor is Mary on? She is on the fifth floor.• Which floor are Susan and Helen on? They are on the fourth floor.• Which floor are Kate and Peter on? They are on the second floor.
  18. 18. Exercise 6.
  19. 19. Exercise 6.• Who is Betty to Alice? Betty is Alice’s daughter.• Who is Betty to Caroline? Betty is Caroline’s niece.• Who is Caroline to Ann? Caroline is Ann’s aunt.• Who is Caroline to David? Caroline is David’s mother.• Who is David to Betty? David is Betty’s cousin.• Who is Jack to David? Jack is David’s father.• Who is John to Peter? John is Peter’s nephew.• Who is Mr Smith to David? Mr Smith is David’s grandfather.• Who is Mrs Smith to Betty? Mrs Smith is Betty’s grandmother.• Who is Peter to John? Peter is John’s uncle.• Who is Peter to Mrs Smith Peter is Mrs Smith’s son.
  20. 20. Ex.7 How would say in English…? Quieres saber si hay un escritorio en tu habitación. Is there a desk in my room?• Quieres saber si hay una bañera o una ducha. Is there a bath or a shower?• Quieres saber si tienen sábanas, mantas y una almohada para ti. Have you got any sheets, blankets and a pillow for me?• Quieres saber si saben hablar español. Can you speak Spanish?• Quieres saber a qué hora desayunan. What time do you have breakfast?• Quieres saber a qué hora cenan. What time do you have dinner?• Quieres saber si hay una parada de autobús cerca de su casa. Is there a bus stop near your house ?
  21. 21. Exercise 8. Laura sets the alarm clock for quarter pasteight the night before. When the clock rings shewakes up and she gets up a few minutes later. Then, she goes to the bathroom and takes offher pyjamas. Next, she has a shower with hotwater. She washes herself and dries herself with atowel. She combs her hair. Then she goes to the kitchen. She makes herbreakfast. She has milk and marmalade on toastfor breakfast. Next, she does the washing up andshe goes to her room.
  22. 22. Exercise 8. She tidies her room and makes her bed. Then,she puts on her coat.Next, she says goodbye toher parents and she goes to school by bus. In the afternoon, she has lunch, doeshomework, works on her computer and drinks acup of tea.In the evening, she goes shopping with her friends,watches TV and has dinner. Finally, she goes to bed.