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Front cover analysis


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Front cover analysis

  1. 1. Front cover analysis
  2. 2. Sell line. The sell line grabs the Main image. The main image on Masthead readers attention and another reason why this front cover is of a famous indie singer they should buy the magazine. The word who almost everyone who likes ‘SPIN’ The masthead on the ‘free’ ‘top 40 albums’ are written in bold to magazine would know of or like. the image ‘SPIN’ magazine is be more appealing to the target audience is of ‘Florence welch’ in a mid shoot. Her bold and big, is pale face goes in well with the background behind a red and her red hair compliments the background which is background on the ‘SPIN’ masthead. She is a contrast to the looking directly at the reader giving a more actual front colour . gentle ,soft look The font is very simple and clear to read showing it’s ‘Left’ side third importance to the The left side third here is magazine. meant to be on the left but with ‘SPIN’ magazine we see a different layout to theCover line. the ‘traditional’ way. Thistypography of the cover disadvantage of having it thereline is very bold and big. is that if the magazine wasThe words ‘FLORENCE stocked up in a store theand MACHINE’ are buyers won’t be able to seebigger than the rest what’s in there. But thebecause of the advantage is that you will readimportance of those it first before you turn the pagewords and how because it shows a list off allappealing it is to the the headline of what is audiences. It alsolinks in with the picture.
  3. 3. ‘Left’ side thirdMasthead The left side third here is meant to be on the left but is not because of the kind ofThe masthead on the magazine ‘NME’ is they are rebelling and‘NME’ magazine is not ‘outmoded’ which links in with thebold, clear and kind of target audience they have. Thesimple which makes plus sign ‘+’ a symbol showing of whatit easy to read. The else is inside the magazine it is also acolour stands out modern way of writing the ‘word’ thisreally well against the shows that the magazine is in theblue background . present and young and.The font is verystrong andconspicuous more Main image. The main image on this front cover is of Gerard Way who is inManley instead is my chemical romance . The image looksitalic. very colourful, the artist is looking directlySell line. The to the camera looking marginally angry and which fits in with the nature of thesell is line is written story, “We loathe what Goth has become”,in red and black this story is interesting and slightlycolours which is the controversial and fits in with the magazinecolour inform . The genre too. The bold colours used are inred typing is very sick with his character.bold and stands outfrom all the rest of Cover line. The cover line is in white which links to the masthead,the typography. The this is showing how important they both are. The word ‘my chemicalword ‘free’ and romance’ is a band and famous to is eye catching and is typed in bold big‘poster’ are written letters but also simple to read, the cover line “Gerald see’s red”. Is abold to grab the smart way to start of the article because it fits in perfectly with thereaders attention image of his eccentric hair colour and the nature of the cover story itself.