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Pbl 2 plant physiology


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Pbl 2 plant physiology

  1. 1. PBL- Plant Movement Group members: Wong Siew Ching D20091034815 Chew Mei Ping D20091034816 Ong Shwu Chyn D20091034817 Yee Hon Kit D20091034822 Ngang Huey Chi D20091034861 TBF 3023 Plant Physiology
  2. 2. Problem Senario Wong got two pots of sunflowers and two pots of morning glories. She placed one of the sunflower plant and morning glories at outdoor and the rest inside her room to decorate her room. After she came back from a trip, she noticed that the sunflower at outdoor had changed its flower orientation. She also discovered that both of the flowers in her room have grown towards the opened window while both outdoor and indoor morning glories flowers petals closed at night and open during the day. She decided to meet Mei, who was a famous botanist to solve her curiosity. As a botanist, how would you help Wong to solve her curiosity?
  3. 3. Facts Ideas 1. Wong got two sunflower plants and two morning glories. 2. One sunflower and one morning glory plant are placed at outdoor while another sunflower and tulip plant are placed indoor. 3. The sunflower placed outdoor has changes its flowers orientation. 4. Sunflower and morning glory which placed indoor have grown toward the opened window. 5. Flower petals of morning glory open during the day and close at night. 1. The plants grow toward the source of sunlight. 2. The orientation of sunflower is not due to outer or human factor. 3. Both types of flowers respond to the sunlight. 4. Both indoor plants grow toward the window which light shine in. 5. Outdoor sunflower plant will orientate its flower petals following the sunlight direction and will stop at the direction which the sunlight last emitted. 6. Petals of morning glory will close if there is no sunlight. 7. Flower respond to heat and sunlight. 8. The closing and opening of morning glory in day and at night are due to some special mechanism.
  4. 4. Learning Issues Action Plan 1. What have caused the different in the orientation of sunflower? 2. Does the sunflower change the flower orientation by itself or other human factor? 3. Why the sunflower changes its orientation? Which orientation does the sunflower follow? 4. Why both of the flowers that put indoor grow towards the opened window direction? 5. Why sunflower will grow/ orientated with the source of light? 6. Why the petals of morning glory will close during night and open in day? 7. Will the petals of morning glory’s flower open if light is given? 8. How long will the morning glory flower petal open during the day? 9. When morning glory is put inside the closed cabinet, will the petal closed? 1. Discussion with group members 2. Surf the internet 3. Seek the advice or help from expert like botanist