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Vancouver carpet cleaning

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Vancouver carpet cleaning

  1. 1. Simple and Easy Carpet Cleaning TipsAs a carpet owner one of the most important things you should remember is tokeep your carpet always clean. There are several carpet cleaning ways-complicated and simple -in which you can achieve this. We will stick with thesimple ways of carpet cleaning but effective in maintaining your carpet’scleanliness, beauty and life span. Before we go to the steps on how to effectivelyand easily clean your carpet there are few questions or things you should answeror know about your carpet. 1. You should know what kind of carpet you have. What material is it made from? Is it synthetic, wool or silk? When you know this you will know what cleaning products you can safely use in cleaning your carpet without damaging it. 2. If you have a pet does it stay or walk on the carpet? 3. How often do you vacuum your carpet? 4. How heavy is the foot traffic where your carpet is installed?If you have the answers to the preceding questions you may now continuereading and just see which carpet cleaning tips are applicable to your situation.Hopefully these tips will be able to help you avoid unnecessary wear and stains atthe same time maintain your carpet’s appearance, quality and longevity.Carpet Cleaning Tips:  Keep in mind that the easiest way to prevent dust, dirt and grime from accumulating into your carpet is to should vacuum your carpet regularly.
  2. 2.  For high foot traffic areas you may want to use or place area rugs there. This way your carpet will be protected from accidental spills and stains. If you have a dog or cat that spends a lot of time outdoors you may want to place doggie towels near the entryways where it usually pass. Wipe their paws to prevent them from bring the dirt on them inside. Utilize a protectant to your carpet to help avoid stains from forming. Do not pour water on the stains thinking it will lighten the stain. This will only make the stain do deeper into the carpet aggravating the stain or problem in the long run. For any type of spill on your carpet you should immediately attend to this. Dab or blot the spill using a soft sponge or clean, white bath or paper towel. Mop up as much liquid as possible. Never rub or scrub otherwise the spill will spread or go deeper into the carpet causing a stain to form making it more difficult to take off. You may use household ingredients in removing stain. Vinegar, lemon, club soda and plain cool water are effective in removing stains. You can also try using Oxi Fresh Spotter in between cleaning to treat any accidental spills or spots on your carpet. Twice a year depending on how soiled they get or foot traffic on them you may have your carpets clean by professionals.
  3. 3.  Eliminating bad odor is part of carpet cleaning. To deodorize your carpet you may use those in the market. Choose one which is made specifically for your carpet. Read the labels carefully and follow instructions. Learn more about Vancouver Carpet Cleaning here.


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