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Linqia's Guidelines for Community Managers


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Linqia's Guidelines for Community Managers

  1. 1. Linqia’s guidelines for community managers Choosing the right campaigns. Aligning with relevant brands. Sharing in a meaningful way. Generating mind blowing results
  2. 2. Your members engagearound:Information Images Videos LinksAsk any of your members if they’veclicked on an ad recently and they willprobably say no.
  3. 3. Fabbo!You’ve received your firstengagement campaign throughLinqia…What do you do next?
  4. 4. 5 steps1.  Learn about the campaign2.  Review the content offered3.  Questions? Chat directly with the brand4.  Make a decision. In or out?5.  Curate and share the content with your community See how…. ss and Mon itor your progre your rece ive rewards on engagement!
  5. 5. Step 1: Learn about the campaign The brand behind the campaign About the campaign How your members will benefit Start/ finish dateand the purpose of the campaign
  6. 6. Step 2: Review content Brands often providesupporting information for you to share together with the contentVideos. Images. Web links are tracked.Select ‘Get embed code’ to place in your community
  7. 7. Step 3: Ask questions. Seek more information.Ask a question or make a comment Join other community managers in a discussion The brand/ agencies community manager isnotified and will respond
  8. 8. Step 4: Make a decision. Accept or decline?Accept thecampaign Or decline the campaign and provide valuable feedback
  9. 9. Step 5: Share content with your community.Content appears within the community
  10. 10. Activate other channels to engage with your members.Facebook page NewsletterTwitter
  11. 11. 6 steps for achieving success1 Is the brand right? 2 Will this opportunity be relevant 3 Are you excited to share this and meaningful? experience? It’s important to align brands that your community is familiar with or interested The experience being offered to needs You are the advocate that is in learning about. (i.e pampers for to be of relevance to your members’ introducing the content and discussion moms, Harvard for CEO’s, Pfizer for interests and topics already being within your community. If you believe diabetics) discussed (i.e hiring best practices for in what you are sharing, your CEO’s, exotic destinations for members will react positively. travelers)4 Will you respond to comments? 5 Can you deliver expected 6 Do your members know that this engagement levels? is sponsored content? Members may have comments or questions. It’s important to relay this You’ve placed the content within your In many countries it’s law to information back to the brand through community however members need to communicate to your members that Linqia’s activity stream on your be prompted to engage. Sending out you have been approached by a brand dashboard. notifications, emails and newsletters and may be incentivized. Make it clear delivers high results! and obvious.. (i.e VW have approached us to share…)
  12. 12. Additional guidelines…1 Links: 2 Content: 3 Crafting your message Check that you have used the correct You select which content is It’s entirely up to you how you craft links and that they link to the correct appropriate if there is more than one your message and share with your page item. You can also place multiple items members. Try to be authentic and over a period of time. adapt to your natural tone of voice. Do not copy word for word what the brand has provided!4 Sharing across other channels 5 Ask questions and engage in discussions with brand Do you also have a twitter, facebook, blog or other channel related to your Linqia provides you a space to discuss community? If so, share extensively to and get to know the brand’s drive interest back to your community community manager as well as other as well as increase your response community and group leaders rates. participating in the campaign.
  13. 13. Research around engagement shows…1 Best time to post: 8 p.m.-7 a.m 2 Best days to post: Wednesdays 3 Daily posts: one to two The analysis showed it was best to Although you post regularly throughout Quality, not quantity, counts when post when fans were not at work; the week, its best to publish on publishing to your wall. Posting once between the hours of 8 p.m. and 7 Wednesdays and Sundays to boost or twice a day results in a 40 percent a.m. Post during these "non-busy" engagement. higher engagement rate compared hours to increase likes and comments. with posting more than three times a day.4 Best way to spark a dialogue: 5 Post type: text only ask questions Simple posts achieve the most Ask questions to engage your engagement. The two most effective members. Posts with questions types of retail brand posts contain a generate more than double the single photo attachment or use only amount of comments than non- words. question posts. Source: Buddy Media
  14. 14. Track your progress and collect your reward! % of your Snapshot of members your clicks engaging Monitor your earnings Your total earnings per clickTrack daysremaining View detailed reporting
  15. 15. Just to recap…You’ve received an email Review the opportunity Start sharingand you click on the link to and accept or reject content with your learn more the campaign members Track performance and Feel the love from get paid for results! your members
  16. 16. Thanks. Maria  Sipka   CEO  |  Founder