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Community Engagement Case Studies


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Linqia's platform is a scalable way for brands to reach and partner with the hundreds of thousands of smaller interest communities on the web with really passionate leaders – whose combined reach and traffic surpass Facebook, but yet who are largely ignored. The platform focuses on delivering highly engaging content (not advertisements) into targeted groups via the group leader.

Our team has compiled a series of case studies across the social web to demonstrate effective engagement amongst targeted communities.

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Community Engagement Case Studies

  1. 1. Community Engagement Case Studies sourced from Facebook, Cream Global and Linqia Linqia May 2011
  2. 2. SOURCED FROM FacebookDesigual | M&M’s | South Troubador | BMW
  3. 3. Desigual Kiss Tour
  4. 4. About the campaignDesigual’s modus operandi is to involve customers, marketingthrough events, parties, and fun. Desigual’s 2010 theme was the“Kisstour’10”, a series of Kiss Parties in major European cities:Paris, London, Berlin, and Madrid.Since fan participation is already a core value for Desigual,reaching out through Facebook and engaging fans to help spreadthe news of the Kisstour made perfect sense. Friend2Frienddesigned a fun and stylish “I Kisses” application to promoteDesigual’s latest event in its “Kiss Tour’10” campaign; the Paris KissParty. Users could choose from an assortment of kisses—aGrandma kiss, a Lipstick kiss, and a Bubblegum kiss, for example—and send them to friends. After sending a kiss, users were invitedto RSVP to the Kiss Party, which then connected them to theFacebook event where they could receive updates and remindersfor the party.
  5. 5. Campaign PerformanceFans used “I Kisses” to send dhundreds of thousands of kisses Why it workeinviting friends to each of the fourKiss Parties. An average of 5 fun Desigual targeted the rightand frivolous kisses were sent per audience with the right message.user, with each user spending an Young people love sharing funaverage of three and a half content with their friends andminutes with the application. The sending “kisses” was a great way toKissTour 2010 was a huge success, spread the word for the relatedeach one attended by thousands of event. The combination of creatingenthusiastic fans showing their awareness online about an offlinelove—and kisses—for Desigual. activity was the key for the campaign’s success.
  6. 6. M&M’s Find Red Campaign
  7. 7. About the campaignMars Canada, was always looking for new ways to drive awarenessof M&M’s online by delivering the brand benefit of IRRESISTIBLEFUN. Proximity Canada (the agency) heard the Google Street Viewcamera car was going to Toronto and created a first-of-its-kind,digital treasure hunt where they hid M&M’s inside Toronto insideGoogle Street View and challenged Canadians to find them. In 630square km, they provided over 100 clues to help find 3 red M&M’sand win 1 nifty, little Smart car. For four weeks, players receivedclues on the website, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and usingYouTube annotations. In the real world, there were QR code wildpostings as well as package UPC codes that unlocked special clueswith Stickybits.
  8. 8. Campaign PerformanceIn just 30 days, this Canadian dpromotion got: 8.4 million PR Why it workeimpressions, over 7 million QRCode poster views and over The key in this campaign was225,000 Twitter impressions. Total engaging the audience withimpressions came out to over 15.6 phased communication. Offeringmillion. The average time spent on clues throughout the campaignthe site was over 19 minutes. That’s maintained high attention and4 times the industry average. Most created enthusiasm andimportantly, the game was expectation. The reward of winningIRRESISTIBLE FUN...just like M&M’s. a car and the way to win was of equal importance. Combining multiple distribution channels is also an effective strategy in digital campaigns.
  9. 9. South Troubador (Play Stores)
  10. 10. About the campaignThe challenge was to create a unique approach for the Fan Pagecommunity to honor their mothers on mother’s day. SouthTroubador leveraged something we have in common: things wehaven’t confessed to our mothers!So they asked the Page’s community to share secrets they havebeen hiding from their mothers and the brand would help themmake the confessions to their mothers! So, a personal“Troubadour” was commissioned to compose the best confessionsinto songs that were posted for them to share. The brandorganized a “live concert” in stores with the best confessions anda CD was recorded as a giveaway.
  11. 11. Campaign PerformanceIn less than 2 weeks, Play Stores dattracted more than 600 wall Why it workeposts, 38% increase in fans, morethan 600 posts and monthly visits The engaging approach had allgrew to 4,508. At the end, each participants identify with themom received a present from the challenge. We all have mothers andheart of a son who doesnt have secrets that we’ve neveranything else to hide. confessed. This recognition, the fact that it’s something completely new and different, together with some good sense of humor, is what makes the campaign so attractive. It’s the kind of content that people would share with their friends on Facebook or in other networks.
  12. 12. Don’t blog about this (BMW)
  13. 13. About the campaignFor the first time in automobile history fans had the chance to winan exclusive test drive in a yet unreleased prototype via the BMWFacebook page. The theme of the campaign was that whenever acar manufacturer like BMW develops a new car, there’s always astruggle with people leaking spy photos and gossip. This problemwas turned into a marketing solution by placing a campaignmessage “don’t blog about’ on the actual prototype. Theaddress lead viewers to an unbranded blog with mysteriousimages and videos about the new car. This generated userdiscussions all over the web on prominent sites all over the worldlike The New York Times, Top Gerar and Spiegel. When interestfinally peaked among the hardcore buffs, the secret was taken outto the public by shifting the hype to Facebook with the world’sfirst unreleased prototype test drive competition.
  14. 14. Campaign performanceIn less than three months, 30,000 dcurious BMW buffs entered the Why it workeFacebook sweepstake, and theBMW Facebook site gained 420,000 It’s a new and different way ofnew fans. The campaign also promoting a new car model, andgenerated 200,000 picture views also people like secrets. Mysteryon flickr, and more than 500,000 gives room to imagination. The factvideo views on Youtube. that any Facebook user can win a test drive in an unreleasedThe New York Times, Top Gear, prototype of BMW makes it all evenSpiegel and other acclaimed sites more exciting.around the world blogged about It’s a great example of a problemthe message. transformed into an opportunity, and even into a new communication channel.
  15. 15. SOURCED FROM Cream GlobalCampari | Kaizers Orchestra | Samsung | INTEL
  16. 16. Campari 150
  17. 17. About the campaignIn 2010, the Campari brand celebrated its 150th year. This wasan ideal opportunity for the brand to celebrate its anniversarywith its target audience of young sophisticated drinkers andcreate a closer relationship with them.Through a special Campari site, fans could apply to participate inthe 150 Diferentes project and tell their own story. The beststories would be selected and the successful fans would becontacted. A customised Campari branded car toured key states,recording footage for the documentary.As videos were produced, they were released on a brandedYouTube channel. A Facebook page and an official Campari Twitterprofile communicated news and updates to fans. The Facebookpage acted as a forum for fans to comment on the videos as theywere posted.
  18. 18. Campaign performancePositive response to the campaign dresulted in the online straetgy expandedto include a TV commercial. Why it worke79.6% of the those surveyed visited theCampari Facebook page more than once. Campari enabled the consumers to create the communications. Instead of theThe documentary content proved popular: company talking about the brand and itsthe Youtube channel received more than 1 history, they engaged their consumers tomillion views. share their Campari story. With this approach it’s more personal and the37.6% of the general public viewed more consumers feel important and engaged.than five Campari videos launched by the This results in a much greater probabilityaction and 53.8% of the interviewed for them to share this experience withpeople showed some of the videos to friends and communities than if it wouldfriends. be communicated from the brand itself.The outcome on Camparis image revealedthat 38.8% of the researched people saythey are very identified with the project,and 45.9% believe that the brand wasviewed as innovative.
  19. 19. Hjerteknuser (Kaizers Orchestra)
  20. 20. About the campaignKaizers Orchestra is one of Norways top artists, and they weregetting ready to release a new single as an introduction to theirupcoming album.One month prior to the single release date, and before the songwas heard anywhere on the radio, the sheet music was madeavailable on posters, music and fan forums, and even the verytorrent download sites that were part of the file sharing problem.The only way to hear the new Kaizers Orchestra single was to playit yourself. Norwegian music fans were challenged to coverKaizers Orchestras next single, Hjerteknuser (tr. Heartbreaker),before they had even heard it. Fans started posting their covers ofHjerteknuser in different styles and genres.
  21. 21. Campaign performanceThe three best cover versions were dfrequently rotated. Why it workeKaizer Orchestras Facebook fanbaseincreased by 100% as a result of more This is a fantastic example of anthan 500 000 actions in social media and engagement campaign in many coverage worth more than 1 million Kaizers Orchestra encountered a commonEuro. problem within the music industry today,Kaizers Orchestras concert at one of and came up with a great and innovativeNorways largest venues, the Oslo solution. They targeted the right audienceSpektrum sold out with no advertising. and through the right channels. TheyThe Spektrum has a concert capacity of created curiosity and engaged people bynearly 10,000 people. letting them be a part of their music. Even the people who didn’t contribute couldWithin 48 hours of the launch, participate by voting and sharing theHjerteknuser reached #2 on the content.Norwegian iTunes top 10 chart, making itKaizers Orchestras fastest selling singleon iTunes ever.The album Violeta, Violeta reached theno.1 spot in Norwegian charts In the firstweek of its release.
  22. 22. Samsung 3D TV
  23. 23. About the campaignFor the first time a worldwide YouTube game-take-over wasintroduced on YouTube, whereby the video content was broughtto life, allowing the user to interact with it. On the Samsung 3Dbranded channel, visitors could play a game whereby the personwho clicked on the most butterflies would go in the draw to win aSamsung 3D LED TV.
  24. 24. Campaign PerformanceThe 3D outdoor activity attracted significant dattention across numerous social media Why it workeplatforms. More than 2,000 additional sitesand blogs (eg Cream, MSN, Adage,Independent, NotCot) across 120 countries This is a great example of online-covered the event, reaching an estimated 50million people worldwide. offline communication. The innovative 3D outdoor projectionResearch by MeMo2 proved that 18% of theDutch population had seen or read about the created buzz around the product3D projection. This accounted for 2 million to be later shared online. Thepeople, compared to the 1,000 spectators YouTube game-over was eye-who attended the live event. catching and initiated interaction.Samsung garnered its highest TOMA However if the interaction did notincrease (index 193), highest brandpreference (index 125) and highest ad recall deliver a fun user experience, the(index 183). seeding effect would have beenIn terms of sales, Samsung increased its LCD significantly lower.and LED TV market share in the Netherlandsby 25% and 30%, respectively.This campaign was shortlisted in the Festivalof Media Awards 2011 in the "Best Event /Activation" category
  25. 25. Intel Swarm
  26. 26. About the campaignIntel was looking to enhance its partner marketing strategy with Delland drive sales in Singapore, where e-commerce penetration is low.The target audience was wary of purchasing computers online due tothe perception that you could negotiate a better deal in a retail store.The solution was to gather a swarm of Dell consumers and createperceived benefit for them whilst purchasing Intel-based systems.The idea was simple - the more buyers, the lower the price! TheSwarm deal was pubilicised throughout social media - on a micrositewith live Twitter feeds, email, mobile, Facebook and on key blogs.Consumers could "follow" products they were interested in buyingand a live counter appeared on the site showing buyers and price thatDell could offer for that number of people. Those who were in twominds could nominate a price when they would join a Swarm andreceive a reminder when the price had reached that level.
  27. 27. Campaign PerformanceAll of the PCs were sold out within dthree weeks even though it was a Why it workeweek before the PC fair - a timewhen users hold out in anticipation Intel identified a problem andof good deals. There was a 15% rise found a solution. This is already anin pre-qualified leads with 80% excellent start howeveropting for further communication. communicating the solutionA second swarm with improved efficiently is what made thefeatures in Canada eclipsed the difference. People feeltotal Singapore sales within the comfortable in groups. The “localfirst week. community” sensation created by Intel for its customers made them feel more confident buying which encouraged interaction with the brand.
  28. 28. Best practise toeffectively engage Do’s and dont’s
  29. 29.
  30. 30. About WoolAndTheGangWool and the Gang is the story of a family, a know-howtransmitted to the next generation, re-invented, self taught, abond between gang members, a gang of knitters, guys and girlsfrom 7 to 77 years old, all tied together by a piece of yarn…
  31. 31. Do Don’t•  Reach out to appropriate groups •  Reaching out to groups not related (communities related to fashion, or interested in the product knitting, hobbies) •  From the outset sell or offer a•  Spark conversations: discount /special promotion without •  Have you ever tried knitting something yourself? engaging prior: •  What is your favourite knitting •  30% discount on pattern? •  Which knitting pattern do you find •  Buy 1, get 1 free most difficult? •  The spring’s knitting kits are in. •  Offer valuable content: Check it out on •  Video Tutorials •  News (knitting trends, fashion events...) •  Engaging with poor content (low•  Seek member feedback quality videos, conversations only•  Reward participation: oriented toward generating traffic to •  Special discounts a site/sales...) •  Free samples
  32. 32.
  33. 33. About BetFairAt the heart of Betfair is the pioneering Betting Exchange, wherecustomers come together in order to bet at odds sought bythemselves or offered by other customers, thereby eliminating theneed for a traditional bookmaker. Betfair also offers a range ofother sports betting products, casino games and poker.
  34. 34. Do Don’t•  Reach out to the appropriate groups •  Reach out to groups not related to (communities related to sports, in sports particular football) •  Primarily selling or offering a•  Engage with a conversation or game: discount /special promotion without •  What is your bet for the game engaging prior: X? •  Receive a €10 voucher for your •  What should be the team X’s strategy to win the game?... first bet •  Treasure-hunt: Find the two •  Open an account and receive a tickets for the derby. Follow us 30% bonus on your first bet on Twitter starting on Day X for •  Engage with poor content clues. (information that can be found•  Offer valuable content: elsewhere or not relevant for the •  Exclusive interviews community) •  Fun facts •  Spark conversations that clearly•  Reward participation: manipulate the person to open an •  Win a ticket account on •  Meet your favourite player
  35. 35. Inbloon
  36. 36. About InBloonInBloon offers near-space flights that takes the travelers to theedge of our atmosphere. The experience consists of a four hourtrip in a pleasant, intimate environment, flying up to an altitude of36 km to enjoy a spectacular view of our planet and theopportunity to learn about Earth in a unique way.
  37. 37. Do Don’t•  Spark conversations: •  Reach out to groups not interested •  What’s the most unique in space travel or adventure experience you’ve taken in your •  Primarily selling or offering a life? discount /special promotion without •  How do you imagine space? engaging prior: •  Why are we so fascinated by •  Discount on the balloon-trip space? The objective is to inspire•  Reward participation: people to talk about inbloon. A discount of 10% doesn’t make a •  Win a miniature bloon ship big difference on a trip worth •  The chance to watch a flight live €110 000 and isn’t relevant to•  Share content the target audience who are •  Interview with the founder and already affluent. his vision •  Engage with poor content (low •  Exclusive video that has not quality videos, conversations only been released to the general oriented toward generating traffic to public a site/sales...)
  38. 38. BrainJuicer
  39. 39. About BrainJuicerBrainjuicer is an unconventional agency passionately devoted tohelping their clients better understand and predict peoplesbehaviour. Their goal is to re-invent market research and for thistheyve created entirely new tools that dramatically increaseaccuracy, lead to richer insights, and inspire more successfulmarketing.
  40. 40. Do Don’t•  Identify groups around social media, •  Reach out to groups not related to research, communications with the service offering. prospective decision makers •  Primarily selling or offering a•  Offer valuable content such as discount /special promotion without webinars, educational videos, white engaging prior: papers, reports •  Focusing the content on•  Engage in conversations and spark BrainJuicer and their different debates products would not be engaging. If Brainjuicer say they are innovative and different, this must also be shown in the campaign, if not the whole concepts fails. •  Offer poor quality content
  41. 41. Criterias for Partnership Linqia is currently working closely with limited selected brands & businesses who are willing to pilot the platform with engagement campaigns within targeted communities and groups
  42. 42. Partnership Criteria d/ business CampaignAgency/ bran  Mindset   Engaging strategy Be enthusiastic and committed to Compelling story focused on piloting with Linqia engagement and not selling/ promoting  Track record a product or service Have activated existing campaigns Clearly stated business outcomes across social channels (not just facebook   Content ads) Valuable and interesting to members  Resources   Budget Community/ campaign manager Minimum budget of €1,000 Must be responsive Commitment for on-going campaigns  Budget with at least €3,000 per month Commitment for on-going campaigns   Other with at least €3,000 per month Reasonable time frame (min 2 weeks) Commit to payment terms Available groups either already  Other registered to platform or relatively easy Ready to activate a campaign in the next to identify and invite to platform week
  43. 43. SPAIN
Thanks. Arnaud