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You want to gift something to you r valentine heree my list to choose from .......

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  2. 2. For those couples who can never seem to keep away from one another Smitten Mittens has made the Hand Hugger —he fleece glove for two. You know how romantic it can be walking together on a cold Valentine's Day night, the feeling of snow in the air, and all you want to do is hold hands with your sweetheart. But it's just not the same when you can't have actual skin contact. Hand Hugger to the rescue. Now you can commence your outdoor promenade bare hand to bare hand, all the while staying warm with one big mitten. Don't get too hot with love though—hand sweat is not a turn on Two Handed Hand Huggers
  3. 3. Probably not the first time you've seen a heart shaped jacuzzi tub, but have you actually been in one? Doubtful. So what are you waiting for? If you've ever tried to have a romantic Valentine's Day rendezvous in a jacuzzi tub with two people, you know how uncomfortable a standard tub can be. But, the heart shaped design in a tub like this one (from Aquatic Luxury Series ) makes it quite apropos—and a little bit sexy—for two lovebirds Hearth Shaped Jacuzzi
  4. 4. They do say the way to the heart is through the kitchen, so might as well make sure your kitchen expresses your loving tendencies from cooking to clean-up. Imagine, four hands under running water, framed in the shape of the stainless still heart below. The EDDA love sink is the perfect gesture to let your loved one know you're still thinking of them, even after the Valentine's Day meal is over The Heart Shaped Kitchen Sink
  5. 5. They say half the fun is trying to get into this thing, and that is probably not an understatement. But once in, The Two Person T-Shirt is probably quite an adventure: being trapped with someone in such a tight proximity, having limited movement, have no where to really..put things. Then again it could also be a Valentine's Day bedroom experiment gone horribly wrong. If someone says the wrong thing you end up being stuck with someone who you only want to be away from. And I bet it's a lot less fun getting out of that thing than getting into it Two Person T-Shirt
  6. 6. To get your hands on these seemingly extraterrestrial roses you'll have to make a special order to FloraHollandBV in the Netherlands, but I bet it would be worth it to see your valentine's face literally light up when you flick off the lights and hand 'em a bundle of these. The normally white roses are sprayed with a chemical that is harmful to neither plant nor person, but causes the flowers to emit the eerie green glow seen in the picture. Though popular in their home country, I'm sure once they can make them glow red they would become a worldwide Valentine's Day cliche. Like we need anymore Glowing Roses
  7. 7. Imagine pulling up to pick up your date on Valentine's Day in this hot rod. Designed by the special effects and design house Asylum ,The Danacol Heart Car is the ultimate, if not over the top, gesture in V-day gifting. It's a perfect little two-seater for the cute Valentine's Day couple, but one might want to consider that it could lose its appeal outside of the first two weeks in February. But if you can afford to buy this novelty car in the first place, chances are you don't really care about that The Heart Car
  8. 8. If the two person t-shirt wasn't enough to get you going on Valentine's Day, certainly Fundies will add that bit of spice to the evening. They might seem to be an apparent gag gift, but they could also be kind of fun and even sexy. I mean, how could they not be considering what they do, right? Fundies - Two Person Underwear
  9. 9. The couple that excretes together, stays together. If you are comfortable enough to plop down on the toilet with your loved one, I'd say your bond is strong enough as it is. But, perhaps this is the kick in the pants your relationship needs. Take your intimacy level to the extreme and see one another in one of the most vulnerable acts of nature there is, and you're sure to see your partner in a whole new light. TwoDaLoo - Two Person Toilet