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Aral Sea PPt
Aral Sea PPt
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The sea ppt



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A presentation about the sea created by pupils

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The sea ppt

  1. 1. THE SEA: The sea A presentation realized by the children of class VA Scuola Primaria G.P.D. Colleferro Rome- ITALY
  2. 2. The sea is a big quantity of salted water. The colors of the sea are: Light blue if the sea is less deep Blue if the sea is deep. Dark blue if the sea is very deep.
  3. 3. The coast is the point where the land and the sea meet.
  4. 4. The coast can be low (sandy coast)…
  5. 5. …or high (rocky Coast).
  6. 6. Island is a part of land surrounded by the sea.
  7. 7. The harbor is the place where the ships stop.
  8. 8. The motions o…f saena da rteh thee t widaveess. and the tides.
  9. 9. The waves are produced by the wind.
  10. 10. The tides change the depth of sea. We can high tide and low tide.
  11. 11. In Italy there are four seas : Adriatic sea: it is a deep sea with sandy coasts Ligurian sea : it is a deep and small sea . It has high and rocky coasts . Tyrrhenian sea : it is the biggest sea and it has some promontories like the Circeo . Ionian sea : it is the deepest sea with sandy coasts and high and rocky coasts
  12. 12. The animals of our sea are: the crab, the dolphin, the jellyfish, the octopus, the sea turtles and many others
  13. 13. The fishing. Many fish are caught in the Adriatic Sea and near Sicily where there are swordfish, tuna and sponge.
  14. 14. These are some places of our last holidays at the sea.
  15. 15. Isola dei conigli (the rabbit island) -Sicily- Mediterranean sea In this island the sea turtles lay their eggs.
  16. 16. Ponza Island- Tyrrhenian sea
  17. 17. Anzio –Rome- Tyrrhenian sea
  18. 18. B Y E F R O M I T T A A L L Y Y